Zhang Liang gave Zhuge Liang a happy smile, which made Zhuge Liang look a little more red. This makes people want to laugh. At ordinary times, Zhuge Liang gives people an image of a wise man who is laughing and planning weakly. Now it is really funny to see this kind of shyness.

"Kong, this is that you are wrong, relationships-particularly those founded by men and women are human nature. This is a great event. Why are you hiding? Why do you want to say it boldly? Don’t worry, go after you boldly. Take this Huang Yueying back and I’ll be your officiant."
Ning Caichen also jack a wave of his hand to cheer Zhuge Liang, but this is to make Zhuge Liang’s face redder, like being held back, but everyone couldn’t help laughing at this scene.
"Ha ha, I can’t believe that Kong Xiong still has such a side. If outsiders see the famous Wolong, it’s quite possible to say something again …"
Zhang Liang joked that others couldn’t help laughing when they heard the words. Only Zhuge Liang had a red face, but soon he seemed to have figured something out himself, and he couldn’t help laughing.
However, they didn’t have this problem, and they would get back to business after chatting and joking.
"Today, the development of the State of Jin is unified, and the steaming is also a day to make the country rich and the country strong, but that’s not enough. If I can’t go out, even if I can’t grow up, the birds in the cage will never spread their wings and fly high. That day, I will go out and the State of Jin can really leap forward for nine days, and we must also go out. Our whole State of Jin has also lost our ancestors, and their blood can’t be wasted. We must liquidate …"
"However, we should also realize that our own strength; the reality of the State of Jin is not enough to face those enemies; and the State of Jin needs to become stronger; stronger and stronger enough to face all enemies; and that day is the time when the State of Jin really walks out for this seal."
"In addition, we will announce the boundary markers and our current situation to the sky." Ning Caichen hesitated to make a decision. He decided to announce the boundary markers and ancient things to the sky.
"I’m afraid this will cause public unrest and anxiety," Chen Gong worried.
After all, now the state of Jin reigns, and the enemies of the whole world suddenly tell the sky in ancient times and the situation of the present flood. They have been hiding this big enemy, and there are powerful enemies outside the sealed star, always eyeing it. It is difficult to make people’s hearts turbulent if this news goes out.
"Born in sorrow and died in happiness, it is necessary to know what it is sooner or later, and if you don’t even have the ability to bear this, you can’t even face up to your own enemies. What is better to live than to die? The enemy is strong and not terrible. The terrible thing is that you have not defeated the enemy’s heart."
"And I never believed that ancient things were as the Lord said. My ancestors betrayed this universe and it was my fault."
Chapter 75 boundless hone
The next morning, when the sun rises, many people haven’t got up from a night’s sleep, but by this time, an explosive news has come from the capital. On the contrary, they have great enemies to avoid. This star where they are now is isolated from the outside world, and the seal is to avoid them.
According to Ning Caichen’s meaning, the imperial court moved quickly in ancient times, the vast expanse, the boundary pillars, and the great enemy … In ancient times, the secret secrets and their present situation in the state of Jin were all said one by one. They did not really have the world’s enemies overlooking everything. On the contrary, they still had great enemies. It is hard to imagine that they had avoided these great enemies. In ancient times, their ancestors sealed this independent star and kept it immortal.
This is an explosive news, which spread all over the state of Jin in just a few days. Although some high-level officials of the state of Jin had already known and guessed some ancient things and the present situation of the state of Jin, after all, it was a minority and it was not broadcast. Most people and others in the state of Jin did not know the news, as Chen Gong and others feared. The news shook the whole state of Jin and caused great commotion. Actually, the news was too shocking and impactful, because most people in the state of Jin now saw that the state of Jin was king’s landing and the world was enemies, but now they told them that they still had great enemies to avoid. They had been living in
"Is this the ancient secret? Is this the ancient ending?" "We were losers in ancient times." "God, I don’t believe this is definitely not true. There must be some mistake."
The news that the sky shook was amazing and came too suddenly. Except for a few people, most people couldn’t react, while others didn’t believe and questioned, but these questions soon disappeared because many powerful martial arts and magical powers personally sent troops across the stars to verify, and finally they all saw the boundary pillar.
"We are really ancient losers who have been living in this star with the protection of our ancestors."
The news is doubtful again, but more people are bitter and unhappy. Some people are hesitant and uneasy, and a pessimism suddenly rises in their hearts.
"What should we do if our ancestors failed? How can we deal with these enemies? Are we going to be trapped in this world until we die? Are we hopeless? " This is because some pessimists feel uneasy and can’t see the future, and a kind of despair fills their chests.
"How can blood feuds not be reported!" Some people yell like this!
Tianyin seems to be divided into two parts. One part is pessimistic people. It seems that even their ancestors and their emperors have failed. What can they do? They can’t see hope. Some people are bloody and eager to avenge the first world war.
However, these two tenors didn’t last long before they disappeared in an adaptation of Man Jiang Hong.
"Angry at the railing, drizzling in the rain, looking up at the eyes, screaming in the sky, and having a fierce life fame, the dust is hundreds of millions of miles away, the clouds and the moon are not idle, and the young man’s head is sad, and the ancient hatred is still not extinguished when the snow ancestors hate it? Driving a long car to break through the Milky Way, lack of ambition and hunger, eating thieves, laughing and thirsty for enemy blood, waiting for the beginning and regaining the old mountains and rivers. "
At this moment, the whole state of Jin was lost. When I saw this poem, I couldn’t help but feel that my body and blood were numb. It was like this moment that I was agitated and said, "Stay back to the old mountains and rivers from the beginning!" It is to let several people have a boiling passion.
"Stay back to the old mountains and rivers from the beginning!"
Some people yell at the sky and feel that their blood is burning all over. This moment is that people who were originally pessimistic are infected and feel a blood beating and boiling.
"Ancient revenge is still not snow ancestors hate when destroyed? How can a blood feud not be reported? "Li Bai was dressed in white and had a three-foot sword in his hand.
"Although Bowen is a scholar, he also has a bold heart." Liu Bowen gently said with a folding fan.
"I will follow my position all my life and break through this star universe to fight against all enemies." Ran Min’s eyes are bright and shining.
Li Bai, Ran Min and Liu Bowen got together in Jixue Palace. All three of them have graduated from Beijing University, and now their strength in Jixue Palace is not what it used to be.