Hangyu glanced at the altar again.

From the cracks, there is a thick smell of choking sulfur.
It feels as if the crater is facing a hot volcano that is about to erupt.
Judging from the smell, there is a very terrible one that is likely to come at any time.
Wang Jun people, who have obviously never seen such a scene, have some absences when they are faced with the horrible smell constantly emanating from the altar, so Hang Yu seized this opportunity and immediately made a look at several people in Xu Tianhua.
"Don’t make a move"
Xu Tianhua received Hangyu’s awakening and nodded to them. They obviously realized the seriousness of the matter. The succubus ran away and the dark elf found two helpers from nowhere. It was really careless.
After all, four people don’t come by hand and carry a lot of scrolls and special potions. If you fight four against two, you may not have no chance of winning, but the chance of winning four against four is very slim.
The dark elf swordsmen left a deep impression on everyone at one meeting.
Now that so many days have passed, his strength will definitely recover. Now if he fights, he will definitely be stronger than at that time. There are more than a dozen elite monsters and Wang Junwen’s anti-bones, plus the horror in the altar.
The momentum emitted by that thing is too scary!
Even without that detective ability of a dog.
I can also feel his strength.
Wang Junwen’s eyes are crazy
Although I don’t know what’s happening in this place, Wang Junwen knows that the power of the Secret Witch Hermit Society will come to this world soon, and he will reap more benefits from it. The strong followers of the Secret Witch Hermit Society in the future will definitely dominate Jiangcheng and the world.
"A few adults, I have brought people as you ordered."
Wang Junwen walked over with people and bowed his head respectfully with humility.
The succubus witch’s enchanting eyes swept through several people fairly smoothly, and Chinese said, "You did a good job this time."
Wang Junwen’s face lit up
He hung his head lower. "It’s my pleasure for the Secret Witch Hermit to be strong. Is this …"
"Our arrival ceremony is almost successful." The succubus shows his pride. "This time, we will summon the Secret Witch Hermit Society, the Four Demons and the Inflammation Demon. All human beings in this city will become like ants in front of him."
Hang Yu heard this sentence in a careful heart.
Inflammation demon king?
Is it a king figure?
Don’t sound like the dragon king, the ruler of the earthworm kingdom!
This secret witch hermit club is so profound that there are more than one king sitting in it? Judging from the smell coming from the other side through the cracks, this guy is the overlord level peak and half-footed into the king level even if he doesn’t finish reaching the king level.
Too strong!
For humans,
Almost invincible!
If the demon king comes to Jiangcheng, it will inevitably bring bloodshed!
The succubus said, "This crack has stabilized. We are all ready for the altar ceremony. We just need you to bring this sacrifice."
The succubus doesn’t seem to be hiding anything.