Well, it seems that he taught it?

Okay, it doesn’t matter.
Flemming from the bathroom and finally returning to the living room.
Say "hello" to sitting at the table with tears, and then run to one side and pick up the painting and pen.
"So this is probably before the change, and this is probably after the change for seven nights. My brother there is probably very familiar but can be well drawn … huh? You probably don’t know this? "
"Sakamoto Sakamoto doesn’t know."
Finally shook his head.
"There is no knowledge in the study materials, but I have not seen it now and have shared it with my sisters. Everyone knows it."
"share? Sisters You are probably really strange sometimes. "
"This don’t say I probably continue to teach you …"
With tears watching all this.
At this time, she didn’t know what kind of expression she should make because two ten-year-old girls actually painted … painted …
This shrine is really strange!
Chapter two hundred and twenty-nine Bold ideas
In the shrine
Seven nights to teach Zuo Tian tears.
Two little girls are talking about painting, and they are still seven-night models.
Too lazy to care about them.
"I will teach you how to sense natural energy today."
Seven nights said so.
This is the most important thing. It is easy to say that both absorption and stimulation of the ability to produce tears should be carried out smoothly.
After all, if you can absorb natural energy, you may stimulate your ability to awaken.
If you can’t feel it, there is no good way.
Then seven nights can also make some drugs to try.
But in general, seven nights is unwilling to make those
Let’s not talk about it for the time being
"Inducing natural energy mainly depends on spirit, which can also be said to be an intuitive class. Well … you close your eyes first."
Sitting in front of seven nights with tears should be a close your eyes.
She doesn’t know what to do for seven nights, but she believes in seven nights.
Ask directly after she closes her eyes.
"What do you feel now?"
"What does it feel like?"
"Don’t think about anything. Is there anything strange?"
"Um … no"
"So …"
Seven nights raised his hand and slowly reached to Zuo Tian’s tears, but he didn’t touch it at a certain distance.
"Well …"
"Relax, don’t think about anything and don’t deliberately look for different relaxation."