Although Wu Xier is good in length, I feel that she is in the eye of the white clouds.

Is this called Wang eating mung beans to see the right eye? I feel that the taste of white clouds is unique.
"Master, how did you see Wu Xier in the white clouds? Do you think Wu Xier is a stunner?" I asked Wang Dalang.
"Cough, cough, stunner, fart" is drinking tea. Wang Dalang is choking on tea because of my problem.
"Little Ran, how can there be this problem?" Jiang Yan glanced at Wang Dalang and coughed more than that. It was hard to hide his gratitude to glance at the teacup in his own hand.
When I heard Jiang Yan’s inquiry, I told Jiang Yan what I had just seen.
Jiang Yan told me that Wu Xier’s appearance is not a fancy in the white clouds, but that Wu Xier is a device.
The first time I heard this term, I couldn’t help but chase Jiang Yan and give me a good talk.
Jiang Yan smiled awkwardly and said, then let Xie Yiming tell me.
I raised my eyebrows and looked to sit next to me and keep quiet. Xie Yiming was surprised that Jiang Yan could not speak frankly, but that he, a disciple, could solve my doubts.
Xie Yiming laughed and said that he was very happy to help me out.
Xie Yiming’s pronunciation falls to the ground. Jiang Yan and Wang Dalang are coughing to cover up their embarrassment. They are not looking for a regular shelf seller on the first floor of the live incense mounting shop.
Seeing the reaction of Jiang Yan and Wang Dalang, I was more interested in the so-called device.
I asked Xie Yiming to give me a solution now, and Xie Yiming said later.
I left Xiangbiao Store in the evening and returned to Jiubojia Road. I asked Xie Yiming again.
Xie Yiming laughed and began to give me a solution.
Xie Yiming said that if you want to understand the device, you must first start from Taoism to collect yin and replenish yang.
Collecting yin to replenish yang and collecting yang to replenish yin is a Taoist cultivation method.
It means that men and women achieve the balance of body yin and yang through sexual intercourse, which belongs to the concept of sexual intercourse in ancient China Taoism.
Taoism’s meaning of collecting yin and nourishing yang is that men have sexual intercourse and don’t let loose the number of women but not the number of laxatives.
Because female sexual intercourse with high ha can strengthen male vitality, male sexual behavior should be prolonged as much as possible to achieve the purpose of collecting yin and nourishing yang
In Thailand, the most common and often heard is the combination of men and women and many wives and concubines around Thai head-dropping teachers. People are convinced that the head-dropping teacher has combined the technique.
It is said that once men and women are married by each other, they will love each other. Once they leave each other, they will miss each other very much and want to fly to each other.
Xie Yiming’s theory is that Taoism picks yin to replenish yang or that men, women and women are collectively referred to as men’s cultivation in Thailand’s head drop surgery.
After listening to Xie Yiming’s explanation, he asked Jiang Yanqi before thinking of me. I was embarrassed.
"Dear, I am willing to be your instrument." Xie Yiming looked at me with burning eyes.
"Stop that now, you said that Wu Xier is not a fool, and it should not be allowed to succeed in the white clouds. Besides, there is so much choice in the white clouds that why did you take a fancy to Wu Xier?" To cover up my embarrassment, I put the problem of possession into a serious academic discussion topic.
"If Wu Xier wants something from Baiyun, then she will send the door to let Baiyun succeed; The number of people reading in Baiyun is naturally able to see that Wu Xier is different from ordinary people. "Xie Yiming pronounced it with a low smile.
"What’s different from ordinary people?" I didn’t mean it in vain.
"It is said that a man who is good at this can tell at a glance whether a woman is dissolute or not and whether her constitution is prone to frequent high ha." Xie Yiming’s face was also awkward this time.
When I heard Xie Yiming’s doubts, I was covered with black lines and gorgeous wounds.
They all say that they should be ashamed to ask questions when they stop learning, but the result of my rushing to ask questions today makes me feel ashamed to ask these four words carefully.
Nima digs her own hole and jumps to bully me. Is it true that I read less? I am vomiting blood in my heart.
When Xie Yiming and I arrived at Jiubo’s house, Jiubo just carved a woodcarving bird, which was almost the same shape as the bird on my wrist.
It is almost the same because the two birds are exactly the same except for their eyes, but the bird at my wrist has a right eye and the bird carved by Jiubo has a left eye.
Jiu Bo smiled happily and handed Xie Yiming the woodcarving bird and a red rope he had just carved, saying that Xie Yiming would wear the bird so that he could feel where I was and whether I was in danger at any time and place.
Xie Yiming said happily to Jiubo, thank you for taking the woodcarving bird and directly cutting his wrist on the spot.
I was deeply shocked by what Jiubo said. I learned it in minutes.
I asked Jiubo that I didn’t feel anything special when wearing this bird, but Xie Yiming could feel my position when wearing that bird.
Jiu Bo laughed and said that the bird he gave me was an object that could be tracked. I naturally felt that it could be perceived by another person.
Jiubo told me not to ask him anything without waiting for me to ask again, because this is not a sentence or two to explain clearly.
Jiubo said that his school of things is going against the sky. Although he has completely mastered the Chinese things, he has not yet understood the connection there.
I glanced at the woodcarving bird at Xie Yiming’s wrist again and asked Jiubo if he could get me another bird that could sense Xie Yiming’s position.
Jiubo smiled and shook his head and said that the object he gave Xie Yiming was because Xie Yiming was a male man who needed to protect my safety at all times. Naturally, he must know my exact location at all times. There is no need to get another such object on my side.
Seeing that Jiubo refused to talk to me, I was even more cheerful, although I was a little depressed. Jiubo could send such an object to Xie Yiming.