You can easily earn hundreds of millions of artists by shooting a film and television drama. Fang Siyi really didn’t watch the money.

This is also the reason why although there are many female artists in Drea, there are still many people who want to transfer here!
There are so many resources that almost all flag artists can’t consume them. So far, Fang Siyi has never lost. It is conceivable how attractive Drea is to ordinary artists!
With a big tree of Drea, a cool body and a top flow star in the circle, Fox turned an artificial room, which was quite colorful.
Flag also has its own artist.
It’s not that no one has complained about the vampire’s behavior towards the fox, Drea, but there are no eggs
I know everything I can say, why Fox is so favored, and his status is very low. A natural person speaks lightly.
Even Yingbao was full of fear when he faced the little fox to tell the truth.
A woman who can’t ask you for emotional intelligence and IQ just gave birth to a daughter.
Fortunately, it’s a daughter, otherwise Yingbao doesn’t know if she will become terrible.
Now, I’m afraid even Yingbao Fang Siyi is quite the same as Fox.
You know, Fang Siyi had so many women before, but Yingbao’s position has always been unique!
This is also the reason why Yingbao is inexplicably upset recently.
Fang Siyi didn’t know this, but perhaps it was because of the scary spirit that Fang Siyi consciously took the initiative to please Yingbao.
In the form, Yingbao was relieved a lot.
This damn guy!
It’s really angry and funny for Fang Siyi to please Yingbao almost obsequiously.
Reba, the matter has been uncovered in this way.
After all, Yingbao is not a showdown with Fang Siyi, which is just a complaint.
Now that Reba has been collected by Fox, Yingbao is naturally happy at leisure.
It’s better than being bad.
I have to say that after opening up, the two people get along more and more sweetly.
Two people’s footprints have been left in the winding streets and alleys.
I was also found by fans, photographed and went to Weibo.
Really abused a pair of fans.
"Mom asked me why I didn’t eat at night. I said I ate too much dog food."
"Seen show love have never seen such a show! Oh, my god Does this still make it impossible for us to live in single dog? "
"Have I found that Yingbao seems to have become much thinner than before?"
"It seems that our guide has not abused dogs with Yingbao for a long time."
"Who made Fang Dao make money? Now the most profitable entertainment company in the entertainment circle is Drea, right?"
"Don’t forget Hua Yi …"
"Forget it! Huayi inexplicably went to the shadow and almost didn’t make people laugh to death. One after another, I didn’t know what the two mr.wong thought. "
"The light is also very good."
"But there are no popular artists in the light. Do entertainment companies want to see a large scale or have a master artist?"
"Meng Xin doesn’t understand"
"With Meng Xin, Seeking Big Brother to Solve Confusion"
Naturally, someone answered, "The division of entertainment companies is not the same as that of ordinary companies. Even if a company has an artist who is a top-notch popular artist, then the scale of this company is not small. In the past two years, it has been said that an actor or actress is a medium-sized company! Nowadays, the entertainment industry can make money. There are not many entertainment companies, and DRA is the most profitable and famous one. In recent years, the hit TV dramas have all come from DRA. "
"So Drea is already a big company?"
"It’s not that although the market value of Drea is high, it’s just that medium-sized companies haven’t reached the scale of large entertainment companies."
"How big is that?"
"A dozen billion."
"aye? Drea has earned more money over the years, right? "
There are also people who share the box office income and ratings of popular science films.
However, this one really scared everyone!
It is estimated that the rise of Drea in recent years is a simple film revenue has reached as high as 3 billion!
Not to mention the benefits brought by various hit dramas.
Moreover, flag artists are also well-known in the entertainment circle, and their value is also quite high.
Except Yingbao and Fox, Ya Ya is definitely one of the most popular actresses held up by Fang Siyi!
There were Reba and Li Yitong.
However, it is difficult for Reba to lose some popularity because of the imbalance of word-of-mouth starring in several films in succession.
And Li Yitong has just debuted, and the future is still unknown.
As big as soy sauce, Miss Yang Rong is almost a passerby.
However, although the popularity of the big dollar is no longer popular, its reputation has always been small. In addition, over the years, it has become more and more outstanding and is not loved by many passers-by and fans.
Yang Rong Fang Siyi, who has been playing soy sauce for a long time, has never given up all kinds of resources. It is also good to fly, but his natural personality is somewhat weak. Yang Rong has only been in the second-tier ranks for so long.
It’s a poor actress in Drea.
Someone was scared again after this calculation.