The dry figure in the rock wall has long since disappeared, where it is rough and uneven.

Ma Sanzhi stepped back a few tens of feet away, holding Bodhi in his hand, silently realized this strange gesture and then seriously realized his practice.
But for a moment, Ma Sanzhi’s mind was completely attracted. This is an extremely terrorist attack, and the practice is extremely powerful.
Not limited to fists, fingers and legs, the body can attack everywhere, and every inch of skin can burst into terrible power.
"What is this secret method?" Ma Sanzhi was surprised. This method is very strange but extremely terrible.
His flesh is as strong as iron. If he practices this method again, it will be even more horrible. This attack method is too suitable for him. Although the King of Six Wars is weak and dying, he still has a breath. His shocking practice experience still helps Ma Sanzhi greatly! Old deathlessly knows Ma Sanzhi as well as his physical condition, otherwise it is impossible to teach the first move, which is very consistent with Ma Sanzhi’s situation!
However, it seems that this is just a gesture, and it is not complete. Even so, Ma Sanzhi has a glimpse of its mystery, and the subsequent development will surely make the gods cry.
"Hands-on style is already so horrible …" Ma Sanzhi was frightened, and he felt that this must be a secret method.
In the next few days, he worked hard and learned silently, and he felt more abstruse than ever.
Chapter 44 Sincere and touching!
Although the formula is very abstruse, it is very short, but it is not more than one word. Ma Sanzhi realized these dozens of words for seven days in a row, and he has mastered this manual style. The Dark Wolf King, the Golden Monkey King and others also followed Ma Sanzhi to practice this extraordinary attack avatar, but they realized that things were not as profound as Ma Sanzhi!
However, it seems that the King of Six Wars never rang again, and his voice didn’t get a response several times. Silence was as silent as death. Some people wanted to persuade Ma Sanzhi to go home, but Ma Sanzhi felt that the extremely weak King of Wars should teach himself more moves. He didn’t give up, but this cemetery stood by and waited for the old man to teach him again. His heart to learn art was really touching enough!
In recent days, Ma Sanzhi vaguely felt a little uneasy, and the magical call in the depths of the cemetery became more and more intense. His flesh seemed not to belong to himself and he wanted to be called. For half a month, the king of the Six Wars didn’t have any audio and video, which was really a great test of patience. Why might ordinary people want to wait for a person in a gloomy cemetery for so long?
At first, everyone thought that the strange call was issued by the King of Six Wars. I didn’t expect that the call meant something else!
Dark Wolf King "What the hell is the monster * * * * Are you so coquettish? Are you a great beauty? Do you look bright? It’s a beautiful woman as beautiful as flowers and jade, and she looks bright. If she is old, she will push you down and fight once! "
Ma Sanzhi has become more and more aware of his hands-on enlightenment, and he feels that the metaphysical attack is strong and makes him feel scared.
He vaguely felt that if the power of the complete secret method is really earth-shattering, it is a kind of attack and cutting, which is too powerful!
On the 2nd day, Ma Ligu, the King of Six Wars, woke up and turned out in a weak voice, "Do you … realize whether you have passed …"
"Senior, you finally woke up." Ma Sanzhi breathed a sigh of relief. He was worried that the other party would die before he was given this beautiful trick! The other party is in a bad state and may die at any time. Ma Sanzhi quickly responded, "I’ve got a preliminary practice." Ma Sanzhi can’t talk as little as possible so that the old-timers don’t consume too much physical strength and listen to him too much!
"Out of the hand …" Ma Ligu depends on the results.
Ma Sanzhi got the message and didn’t keep a trace of his body with the coup. At this moment, he couldn’t help but have a strong fighting spirit and wanted to break through the sky.
Everything is due to this kind of occultism, which makes people’s temperament change with it. If the God of War is possessed, a powerful fighting force will surge out.
"Very … good …" Ma Ligu saw Ma Sanzhi’s silence, but he was satisfied with this kind of terrorist attack and cutting hermetic and said these two words.
"What can I do to help you, senior?" He felt that the other party must want something from teaching him the secret method.
Ma Ligu seems to have regrets. "You are too weak …"
Ma Sanzhi didn’t want to refute that his predecessors didn’t say much, and he didn’t want him to care about these and wait for the other party to continue.
A dry figure appeared again on the rough rock wall suddenly without warning! The frail old-timer can see his ribs clearly one by one. His legs are as thin as firewood, and there is no flesh and blood in that shadow. He is just a skinny humanoid frame, which looks a little scary.
Shadow continuously poses in various postures, and at the same time, a formula enters Ma Sanzhi’s mind. Those postures are dazzling. The old-timer doesn’t say anything, and it seems that he can’t say anything about his weak state. He doesn’t care how much he can understand through his own drills, but it depends on Ma Sanzhi’s own business!
Although there is no divine power fluctuation, Ma Sanzhi feels the pressure of terror. Ma Ligu is really like a god. Even though it is moving, there are countless auras emerging from the stone wall to cover him.
At this moment, everything in him has been ignored, even the demon call in the depths of the cemetery seems to have weakened to the extreme.
Ma Ligu’s reflection on the cliff shadow has a spirit of giving up the world and being the only enemy. That kind of fighting spirit makes people tremble, and it is simply the embodiment of the peerless killer.
Ma Sanzhi was so surprised for the first time that he was completely intimidated by this secret method. If the gods were not strong enough, the roots would not be mastered.
The Golden Monkey King, the Dark Wolf King and other departments have also seen the old deathlessly practicing in person, but they have not been able to grasp the true meaning!
Because of this complicated attack and cutting technique, every inch of the whole body is the most powerful weapon.
In the end, Ma Ligu’s body is getting slower and slower, complicated and changing, simple and ever-changing.
As dry as firewood, the body is simplified, and the whole person is like a road, which has remained unchanged for ever.
"All changes are means, and the last one is the source!" Ma Sanzhi looked at the frozen figure, and the flesh felt like it was going to collapse, and the soul was not solid and seemed to be going away.
"It’s terrible. It’s a magical power that has already been borne by people. I’m afraid it’s hard for heaven and earth to find such an attack again!"
"This kind of secret method has a formula to return to one source and can perform all kinds of methods …" Ma Sanzhi recalled what he had just experienced and felt in his heart.
The other party seemed to hear Ma Sanzhi’s words, and the rough rock wall shook and the shadow fell down.
Ma Sanzhi a impatient "predecessors predecessors you what? Can’t you hold on? Do you need a stone to increase your power? I can give you a lot of lingshi to ensure that it is enough for you! ~ Please accept it! "
But the extremely weak King of Six Wars didn’t respond, and it didn’t seem that Ma Sanzhi gave a lot of lingshi! Maybe his injury has hurt Xiuxianyuan, and he won’t respond because he can’t recover by relying on Lingshi!
The dark wolf king "this guy is very hard. He has fallen to the ground many times when he taught you, but he can’t die!" It’s amazing. It’s hard for me to understand that he is as weak as he was born. A normal immortal root can’t support this old immortal. He must have terrible fighting power when he is in the right time. He will be invincible in the same level contest! "