Tao cat and Corleone couldn’t help being one leng.

Tao cat was lost and said, "No, how is it possible for a Mahayana level to practice three kinds of avenues and three kinds of avenues to finish dzogchen and then re-enter the Mahayana period?" This is incredible. Can anyone else in the virtual world achieve this level of power? Isn’t it equal to practicing Mahayana for several Mahayana periods? How is it possible? "
Sun Haoshuang’s eyes flashed through his golden mouth and said, "The ancient sage of Terran said,’ Old’ said,’ Daosheng Yi’ pointed out that the avenue is the avenue one by one, and now Pengfei’s cultivation technique is actually a kind of practice of three times and nine times, that is to say, the real Mahayana monk, the real Mahayana dzogchen, may be the ancient practice of the old devil."
Tao cat and Luo Pengfei were silent together.
Sun Hao got up from building a wooden branch and looked up and laughed. "I have always been confused. I don’t know if I should go to Mahayana. I don’t know if I should go to repair Mahayana. Now I am talking to two predecessors, but I have dialed the clouds and confirmed the direction. Hahahaha, what a nine-nine-one practice with me is the same …"
After laughing, Sun Hao bowed deeply. "Thank you for your doubts."
Tao cat and Luo Pengfei looked at each other.
Luo Pengfei first got up and bowed slightly to Sun Hao and sighed, "Aquilaria, I didn’t know today that I have a huge difference with you, that is, you always dare to think and fight, but although I claim to be afraid, I am actually stuck in a rut. You said that this kind of practice Pengfei can’t even think about it. This is the gap. This is my heart."
Tao cat’s mouth murmured, "I think it’s my own little Hao who makes me feel ashamed."
Sun Hao burst out laughing. "It’s hard for two Taoist friends to help each other in this move. I don’t know whether it can be achieved or not, but agarwood thinks it has several advantages. Maybe it can really achieve this great ambition. Once I can achieve this goal, it will no longer be a dream to break through the void. Of course, it’s not difficult for agarwood to do this. It’s also necessary for two Taoist friends to help each other."
Tao cat and Luo Pengfei bowed down to face Sun Haolang one by one and said, "I would like to join the Taoist friends in the grand event."
The three men stood upright and looked at the magnificent building wood, smiling at each other and smiling from the building wood.
Sensing that the main soul and the two deputy souls will build a wooden tour to drag Sun Hao, several points are also flying in unison and roaring in different positions.
The huge roar startled the number of birds, and unconsciously, many birds and many ecology have been derived from the building wood.
It is true that the direction of practice has set a grand goal of practice. Sun Hao once again sat cross-legged and smiled and said to the two deputy souls, "In this case, let’s discuss together before it is too late. I should first practice what the three avenues should be."
Luo Pengfei brightened up at the moment and said in his mouth, "You choose the ultimate path in the early stage of Mahayana and aloes in the middle stage of Mahayana. I strongly recommend the path of reincarnation. I remember that you went through all the evil paths of reincarnation and I led you to realize the path of reincarnation in a short time."
Tao cat fingers repeatedly pinched half a ring and then said in his mouth, "I feel that Samsara Dao is indeed a pretty good choice, but I feel that you should have a better choice than answering the question in turn."
Luo Pengfei’s eyes glared. "Niubi, do you mean that your causal path is more appropriate?"
Tao cat slowly shook his head and said, "I’m not saying that there is another way to tell the truth. The two causes and effects are the most illusory and extremely difficult to understand. I don’t suggest that the ultimate way of the first practice is the cause and effect way."
Luo Pengfei spent a stay.
Sun Hao moved his mouth in his heart and said, "In addition to the two Taoist friends’ avenues, Dapeng Golden Winged Bird has also practiced a kind of avenue and has a way of understanding that is no less than that of the two Taoist friends."
Time? Luo Pengfei frowned slightly and said in his mouth, "Time is really terrible, but in my inferno classics, time is stronger than unipolar road, which is a kind of high law. This one-way road is a little different from the ultimate road, but it can’t lead you to practice in the early Mahayana. I have to have the ultimate road to lead this kind of occultism."
Shidao! Tao Tianji said in his mouth, "The time is very high in the three thousand avenues, but it can’t rank in the top ten. However, if another avenue of agarwood appears, it will definitely rank in the top ten and keep up with the times."
Luo Pengfei’s eyes lit up and he said, "Yes, I also remembered that Niubi said that it should be Shidao when the road is right, and Shidao is the real ultimate road. It is said that after the completion of Shidao, you can travel through the past and the future."
Sun Hao asked in a daze, "What is the biggest difference between Shidao and Shidao?"
Tao cat said softly in his mouth, "Many things will change with time. If Taoist Shi controls the time when practicing, it will be quite limited …"
Chapter 2551 Early Three Roads
X23us. com is the fastest when the time is combined.
Time is a more abstract concept, which is the continuous and sequential expression of material movement and change.
It is expressed by length, width, height and size relative to an objective form of matter, usually referring to four directions.
The explanation of the Tao cat was simple. As soon as he finished talking, Sun Hao couldn’t help but suddenly find a bit of feeling in his heart. The horse stretched out his hand to let the Tao cat stop explaining himself and fell into memories.
I remember that when I first met Tie Kun Peng, it was very scary when I caught a change in fishing. If it weren’t for the border shepherd, I might not know how I died.
That is to say, when I saw the body of the golden-winged bird burning like a flame, I got a cruel comparison, that is, with the practice of the golden-winged bird in Dapeng, it was bound to face the danger of its own flame burning, and the golden-winged bird in Dapeng set itself on fire after repairing it.
The reason is that the flying speed of Dapeng Goldfinch exceeds the time limit, that is to say, every Dapeng Goldfinch can easily understand the time, but it is difficult for them to change the time and bring great challenges to themselves.
Now a word from the cat’s chance suddenly made Sun Hao understand the crux of the problem.
Harmony is the unity of opposites, and reality is different when it is different.
It won’t stay the same for a long time. One second is like this, and one second is completely different.
Perhaps it is this time, difference and change that has brought disaster to Dapeng Golden Winged Bird, which simply pursues speed.
Imagine that when Dapeng Goldfinch broke through violently, the obstacle appeared for a period of time. If a big knife appeared in the original imaginary moment, wouldn’t Dapeng Goldfinch bump into it?
The weakness of Dapeng Goldfinch may be that he has mastered the times rather than the times, and the result is naturally quite sad.
After reaching this conclusion, Sun Hao sighed in his heart, but at the same time he couldn’t help but feel slightly shocked. It seems that every step of his practice after Mahayana really needs to be well-intentioned, or he might have destroyed himself.
After half a ring, Sun Hao took a long breath and said, "I understand, Master, your opinion is that I should build Shidao first. This is indeed a good choice. I do have a lot of spiritual experience and it may not be difficult to become a Taoist."
Luo Pengfei nutcracker ready to speak.
Tao Tianji has said, "It’s not unreasonable for me protoss to divide the avenue into attribute roads and knowable roads. Let’s put it this way, Laomo Avenue and I are both illusory attribute roads, which is extremely difficult to practice, while Shidao Avenue is able to perceive the attribute roads and it is also the kind of road that can be perceived as one of the most powerful roads. When you practice, Avenue is probably the most correct choice."
Luo Pengfei seemed to be very reasonable when he heard it. He stopped arguing and acquiesced in the idea of Tao cat.
Sun Hao nodded and said, "OK, I practiced the ultimate Tao at the beginning of Mahayana, so what kind of unipolar Tao and basic Tao should I choose to practice next?"
Luo Pengfei shrugged and said, "It’s not hard to find the goal according to your practice experience. Choose Kendo for the unipolar road, and it’s not difficult for you to choose Yin-Yang Avenue or Wuxing Avenue for the basic road."
Tao cat pinched his fingers again to calculate.
Sun Hao thought about it and said, "It really looks like this, whether it’s Kendo, Yin-Yang and Five Elements, or I have practice. It’s not difficult to understand, but there is a problem of speed and matching. If I understand monoplane and basic lane too fast and practice too fast, I’m afraid it will affect the ultimate Taoist imperial power and cause unnecessary trouble."
Tao Tianji said with emotion at this time, "I have developed a very bad habit. I like to calculate everything. Xiaohao, you have taught me a lesson. You can judge and reason according to your own situation. It is good that you are not suitable for practicing Kendo and Yin-Yang Five Elements Avenue. You can’t choose your best direction to practice at the same time."
Luo Pengfei shrugged his shoulders and said, "It’s better to get it according to my inferno theory than to ignore it directly now, but it’s aloes after all. It’s up to you to decide what to do."
Sun Hao said with a smile, "The difficulty of practicing Yin and Yang Avenue in the basic road is not too small, and the understanding of Yin and Yang also involves things. The ranking of Yin and Yang Avenue is not weak, and Yin and Yang Avenue is still a lot of basic roads. I chose Yin and Yang Avenue as the second avenue, which should not affect the speed matching. So what are the good unipolar roads recommended by the two Taoist friends?"
This classification of the avenue is more from Luo Pengfei’s understanding of this. When he heard this, he couldn’t help but say with a smile, "Are you stronger or weaker?"
Sun Hao smiled and said, "It’s hard to judge the strength of a single pole. Even the same single pole has different spiritual effects. Tell you what, Devil, you can recommend several single poles that can be level with kendo according to the strength of my kendo!"
Tao cat laughed. "Xiaohao, this is even a little difficult. Kendo is a very strange way of practice. It will be determined according to the strength of the monk’s swordsmanship. But even the weakest kendo should be able to rank in the top 100 Xiaohao on the 3,000 Avenue. Once you enter the Daodao, you will be able to compete with Kendo in a world-shaking way. Even the unipolar way is few and far between."
Luo Pengfei smiled and said, "Yes, kendo is very strong. Generally, it is indeed better than non-kendo, but it is not without, for example, Lei Dao. If this thing can be practiced to the extreme, its destructive power will be even non-kendo."
Lei Dao’s lethality is absolutely super strong. Once it is repaired, it is absolutely not weak. However, as Luo Pengfei said, compared with Kendo, Lei Daowei can mainly reflect its destructive power. In addition, there may be a huge gap between him and Kendo. In a sense, it is weaker than Kendo.
Luo Pengfei clearly understood this point and said in his mouth after serious thinking, "Ordinary unipolar ways are really hard to match agarwood, but there are so many special unipolar ways that even if they are refined, they will be quite good, such as the right path, kindness, hegemony, kingliness and cunning …"
Tao cat frowned deeply and said, "Wait, wait, wait, demon king, you said that these Tao are actually attribute Tao, but it is quite difficult to practice. Although their ranking is uncertain, it may not be too low if it is repaired."
Luo Pengfei shrugged and said, "Is it less difficult for agarwood to compete with Kendo in unipolar words? However, these unipolar paths are not complete. There are ways to grow up in synthesis. For example, the way to practice kingly way is to go to be a mountain king to guard some races and naturally develop some kingly breath … "
Hearing Luo Pengfei’s words, Sun Hao couldn’t help but suddenly remember that Zuwu told himself that guarding a big family often has some special benefits. It seems that being able to help him understand the Tao may be one of the benefits.
Wanted to think Corleone said slowly, "The paradox is not what I like. First of all, I should rule out kindness. I shouldn’t practice it, and I shouldn’t rule out the right path. But it shouldn’t be difficult for me to be fair and upright in my life …"