But at this moment, the explosion was as clear as crystal, and the palace turned dark in an instant!
This darkness suddenly falls over the palace, and it is as dark as ink, and it is true that Yuan runs in his eyes and can only vaguely see the figure of the monk!
"What is this?"
"Damn it, the palace gate is closed!"
"It’s so strange and dark that I can see through all the monks!"
"Break through the entrance of the main hall and leave quickly!"
Many monks panicked and shouted in the hall, and then they saw the figures in the dark one by one moving towards the palace gate, giving off a powerful real wave and bombarding the palace gate suddenly!
All kinds of attacks are played in the dark without any luster, but there is a shocking noise to tremble in an instant. This palace is shaking repeatedly!
But what is shocking is that this closed palace door has been attacked by hundreds of monks and it is still tightly closed without any break!
"damn it! What’s going on here? This palace gate closes automatically? "
"Is the so-called treasure root here a gimmick but actually a trap?"
"Let’s work together to break the palace!"
Many monks have a little panic in their hearts. At this moment, all kinds of comments are even more frightening.
Fortunately, there are such a large number of masters as Sanxiao Jianzong Wuxing Zongzong, who are quite dignified in Jianyou and Huochen. At this moment, many people have echoed them.
"Dear friends, I’m afraid I’m trapped in this palace with no good intentions. We’ll join hands to break the palace gate first!"
Two scorching sun rings suspended above Huochen’s head give off blazing light, such as two rounds of scorching sun, which makes silk mercerized in the palace, and then greets nearly a thousand monks at the same time!
Nearly a thousand monks shot at the same time in an instant!
Terror is really fluctuating, and the whole world is in turmoil!
If Wan Lei roared nearly a thousand attacks and hit the moment at the same time, the dark palace was brighter than it was!
But what is desperate is that the bombardment of the palace gate by such a fierce and almost incomparable force only makes the whole palace tremble without breaking its roots!
"magic weapon!"
"This palace is a whole and it is definitely a magic weapon!"
"I’m afraid this whole palace is at least a magic weapon, which is even more than a magic weapon. Now we are in this magic weapon!"
Many monks are young and handsome, and they can cultivate their natural vision to this day. At this time, they quickly recognize that this palace is a magic weapon!
Thinking of being in a magic weapon at this time, many monks are gloomy as water!
"Everyone together! Don’t keep me waiting for nearly a thousand monks to make a move. This palace is a fairy, and if I keep attacking, I will be destroyed! "
Slightly silent, the five elements of Zonghuochen’s foot is suspended in the hot sun, and the face is cold and violent again.
Hearing this, many monks have a bright eye!
"Huochen Daoyou makes sense. I’ll wait for nearly a thousand people to join hands to make a move, and the fairy will collapse!"
"Life is with you!"
Nearly a thousand monks kept it again this time, but their power was more than doubled!
It is conceivable that many monks who are trapped in a magic weapon no longer retain their strength to break the magic weapon and leave here.
Nearly a thousand attacks hit an earth-shattering torrent at the same time, which can wash away everything and rush towards the palace gate when it runs through!
Loud noise, roaring and vibrating eardrums!
Even Xia Qi feels the mighty sound wave like magic sound penetrating the brain!
When all these attacks bombarded the palace, many monks heard a broken and crunchy door of this palace!
This crispness made many monks ecstatic!
Many monks looked at the palace gate by the light of two scorching sun rings in the morning of the fire, but they saw that the palace gate was cracked and there was a wide crack in the arm, and light shone in!
"Continue to sell! It takes three times to break the palace! "
Many monks are in high spirits and want to break the palace again.
"Gurgling …"
But before many monks continued to make moves, they saw the cold pool in the middle of the palace. At this time, the cold pool suddenly gurgled and the cold came out from the cold pool, which made many monks immediately feel that even the blood seemed to be frozen!
It’s getting colder and colder when the cold overflows from the cold pool, but what’s even more shocking is that the crack just broken seems to be trying to absorb the cold. In an instant, the crack actually absorbs the cold and is slowly closing!
This scene makes many monks feel cold!
"Quick shot!"
"Try to break the palace quickly!"
"Don’t let the cold repair the palace, or I’ll all be trapped here today!"
Many monks panic than one by one, and they bombard the palace gate with the means of pressing the box!
The roaring road attack is like a long dragon attacking the palace door, and the crack finally no longer heals but slowly cracks again.
"quick! Hurry up and break this cold pool. The cold is accelerating to overflow! "
One by one, the monks cheered up and attacked the palace gate, expanding this crack and shining more and more light outside.
However, when many monks attacked the crack in the palace, no one noticed that the dark palace was filled with a little red fog, and many monks breathed and breathed into their hearts.