Fat hurriedly ran to the counter to get six long pens to write a few lines and waved to fat, "Go, go, don’t bother my meal again."

Fat Qian Qian thanked him for leaving and left his daughter to wait on the "fairy" meal for 6 years. I couldn’t help admiring that Fat was a good father for fear that his daughter would suffer. On second thought, I wonder if hooligans would flirt with the little jasper drama in front of myself and couldn’t help laughing.
6-year-old looks can be regarded as middle-aged, but there is a contradictory temperament. The fat daughter is at the beginning of her love life, and her little face is flushed at her side for 6 years.
A little while later, two guys came to the table of "Young Master" with plates in their hands, and quickly put a plate on the table with the past and smiled, "Guest, this is your dish with skin inside."
Three Lai’s look at the big braised skin "-fried pork skin"
"This is an exception, everyone has skin"-fried pig ears
The three people were embarrassed and listened to the fat smile. "When the shop saw a few people who like leather vegetables, they added two things to Zhang San."
"This is called skinning, which should be to the taste of three guests." Fat brought a roast pig’s tail to the three people, and then brought a bowl of skinning pig’s trotters soup with a big smile and said, "This is no skinning. Please wait."
"Young Master" suddenly looked embarrassed, crustily skin of head and ordered some drinks. After a while, the two minions slapped the table and shouted, "Boss!"
Fat heart secretly scolded "God of plague" and hurried out of the counter to the "young master" and smiled apologetically. "What can I do for you, guest officer?"
"Young Master" pointed to the table for six years and shouted, "Call that little buddy to accompany me for a drink!"
After 6 years, a mouthful of wine almost spurted out, and the wine lamp shook its head and smiled bitterly. Then it ordered the fat daughter to say, "The wine is a little cold, so you can heat it up."
"Little you are tired of living!"
Fat dragon and thin tiger get up and drink and scold their faces.
"Don’t be rude" and "Young Master" stopped them. When he saw the golden sword at the table for six years, he was not afraid to offend too much. "This friend, young master Jin Buqun’s brother-in-law, is the leader of Jin Dasheng, the sixth commander of Qingfeng Mountain. How dare you ask your friend what his name is?"
6 I heard it for a long time, and suddenly I was in distress situation. I couldn’t help but think of some introductions of later generations, such as the bag of the secretary-general and the footman.
"My name is six years". After six years, I didn’t want to move my avatar, so I quoted a large number of people who drank the wine and knew the real name and surname of the demon emperor saint. But this young master Jin Buqun is obviously not one of them.
Jin Buqun saw the attitude of 6-year-old love and disregard, but his heart was furious, but he also became more afraid and smiled. "Six brothers’ wine is on my account. Please don’t mind your own business."
"Very good." After playing for a long time, I decided to tease this unscrupulous girl and pull the waist gourd and shouted, "Fat, fill this gourd. It’s rare for someone to treat it until it overflows."
Fat is worried about hearing the smell of the green gourd, suspicious, and then goes back and listens for six long hours. "Just put the wine here, don’t you want Master Jin’s wine money?"
Jin Buqun doesn’t care how much wine a small gourd can hold. It’s hard to cheat.
Fat put the gourd on a table, picked up an altar of wine, and poured a silver thread into the mouth of the gourd, which sank into the mouth of the gourd without seeing any waves.
After 6 years of applause, he praised, "Fat, your skill in pouring wine is really amazing."
"Practice makes perfect." Fat lifted his round head and grinned for six years. The jar in his hand did not move. To be continued, if you want to know the aftermath, please board 6.
The third volume Fairy things Chapter two hundred and six The fourth brother
The stars demon emperor The third volume Fairy things Chapter two hundred and six The fourth brother
The heavy snow gradually subsided, and many pedestrians passed by the tavern. I caught a glimpse of the fat shopkeeper holding a huge jar and pouring wine into the small gourd. I couldn’t help but stop in front of the door to watch the excitement. Soon, more than ten people gathered with great interest, and there was a lot of magical discussion about the green gourd.
Another jar of wine is so fat and tired that it’s not light, panting, and fine sweat seeps from the forehead of the jar. In a blink of an eye, dozens of jars have turned their eyes to the green gourd, and they can’t help but marvel.
"Ten more altars!" Fat shouted and told the man to take the wine again.
Magic weapon! Fairy! ! !
Jin Buqun has some knowledge, and his eyes are full of fear for six years. He dare not speak out again, hurriedly throw his purse and take two dog legs to squeeze the crowd and flee.
Fat sleeves gently tucked away the sweat on his forehead, picked up the green gourd, felt as light as a thing, and praised the magic weapon of the fairy family. It was really wonderful to send the gourd to the table for six years and even thanked him.
After 6 years, I smiled gently and continued to enjoy the wine in my glass. Suddenly I remembered that I didn’t have any money with me, so I couldn’t help but look fat.
Fat is a businessman’s welcome, and he is the best at observing words and feelings. After seeing it for six months, is there any irrationality? He quickly said, "Fairy grace helps people eliminate disasters and solve problems, and also invites immortals to enjoy more wine and food to show their wishes."
Watching pedestrians have stepped into the wood to talk about the green gourd and the miraculous tavern business suddenly became hot. More than a dozen tables were full, and three guys, together with their fat and busy daughter, were still waiting for a table for six years.
It’s a good place to observe the life in the pub while drinking wine for 6 years and realize the world of mortals with all kinds of people in the pub.
Winter has gone and spring has come for six months, and I have stayed in the small city for more than five months. Now it is early summer for six months. I come to the fat pub to drink every day, and I come from sunrise to sunset to watch the world of mortals and exercise my mood. Sit quietly in the mountains and Woods at night to temper the Yuan God.
For 6 years, I have never given more than half the money for wine, nor have I seen it every day. After 6 years, I still have good wine and good food to serve.
On this day, when the sun rose for 6 hours, it was bathed as usual with a faint Jin Hui stepping on the morning sun, and the fat daughter was sitting in front of the pub waiting to see him coming, and quickly greeted him with a light way, "Brother 6 is here, please come in!"