When the middle-aged monk heard this, he turned his hand and took out a small silver-white banner and shook it violently at the foggy forbidden array for a few times, and the horse cracked a prototype fellow with a diameter of ten feet.
"If you don’t want to cultivate the heaven of love for a month, grab more monster elixirs." The female elder coldly ordered the three princesses. "Go in and wait for what?"
The three little princesses heard the news and quickly waved to the pro-guard, and sixty of them filed in succession. "
At the eye, there is a green prairie. The three little princesses are constantly scanning each other’s camp with their own vigilant eyes in Sineitai.
Three elders of the Saint Palace also entered the Lanling Forbidden Area, but they hid their bodies as forbidden areas. "Elder sister, do you want to do it now?" The second princess TaBaJiamin turned her attention to the little princess TaBaJiayi’s relatives with a face of smiles appealed.
"Elder sister, second sister, what are you doing?" TaBaJiaYi asked a face of alert jade hand a slight turn will be a pale green small complications in the hand.
Sixty-three people in the little princess’s field also sacrificed their own lingqi, and all kinds of offensive and defensive lingqi reflected each other in the dim sunlight.
The silver bow in Liang Yi’s hand is also full, and the arrow points to the second princess’s pro-guard captain.
The special spirit bow guardian who can force 30 thousand Jin
Little sister, over the years, you have enjoyed the family’s favor and never argued with you. You like to pretend to be pure and buy people’s hearts. Elder sister didn’t expose you. "TaBaJialing said with a face of unbearable words," It’s good for you to replace the number of places in the Saint Palace. It’s not good for a generation to spoil you, is it? You should also pay something, shouldn’t you? "
"No, elder sister, we can get along, can’t we?" Tuoba Jiayi finally lost his pure appearance and cried with a full face, "Why don’t we jointly let the second sister do this saint and our strength should be on his hand?"
TaBaJiaMin afraid big princess listened to TaBaJiaYi advised turned to deal with their hurried way "elder sister this xiao ni finally revealed to face if we don’t let her into the passion saint afraid we sisters have no good life.
"I’m sorry to have a good life as a sister after my sister met us!" Big princess said with a wave of his hand, the jade arm fiercely waved a deep and remote blue flying sword, dragging Zhang Xu’s light to point to big princess where Liang Yi was located, and suddenly moved in the field, screaming and screaming at all kinds of spiritual devices to hit each other’s camp.
"Whew!" Liang Yi clenched the bowstring with his right hand and suddenly loosened the dark arrow. A strange light flashed at the archer, and at the same time, his figure receded to the side and rear with an incredible degree.
Chapter 132 Shoot the spirit carving
The only one in the second team who can threaten the spirit bow of the monster beast in the then period was taken care of by 40 pro-guards and two princesses on the other side. Ten arrows and spirit weapons were fired at Liang Yi.
If another monk in the construction period is afraid, he will disappear on the spot, but Liang Yi is not the same. He doesn’t even have a shoulder star sword. Just relying on his own degree, he let the other party’s first wave of attacks fall to the place. Liang Yi’s original location was smashed out of a big hole by all kinds of spirit and arrow feathers. By the way, two Liang Yi are close relatives.
"Whew!" Liang Yi flew back again and let the spirit fly like locusts. While he was busy, he took time to shoot the second arrow at the second princess’s guard captain. Liang Yi’s first attack was stopped by several clever men beside the guard captain, but Liang Yi shot the second arrow when he didn’t give them any breathing space.
"Yi", the captain of the guard, responded in the future and was shot at. He wore a few pieces of extremely defensive armor and almost didn’t swing it out at all.
"retreat! The little princess TaBaJiaYi waved her psychic helper to block the attack and ordered her hand to retreat.
Just now, a wave of attacks was mostly absorbed by Liang Yi, but in the past, no one was injured by the pro-guards. It was bitter that two pro-guards beside Liang Yi had just released their lingqi and were nullified by the other side.
"Chasing" big princess Net waved to the hand pro-guard for an order, but the pro-guard captain appeared nearby and slowly collapsed to the ground. Liang Yi, who has launched 200 Zhang, once again pulled his hand in the spirit bow. Captain big princess pro-guard is also a special spirit bow with a skill of 30,000 Jin, and is also the only one in big princess’s hand who can kill the monster beast in the then period.
"Come back and stop chasing!" The two princesses are almost hysterical, and Liang Yi shows her degree. The hands of the two princesses can also be left behind. The archer is good at attacking from a distance, and the root of the spirit can’t reach it and can be passively beaten.
"Stop shooting!" Three arrows killed two pro-guards, and Liang Yi was trying to make persistent efforts to kill a few, but he was stopped by Tuoba Jiayi.
"Shoot off the two biggest spirit archers at the edge of the city is enough. Your hand spirit arrow is still reserved to deal with the monster beast! The little princess seems to be very satisfied with Liang Yi’s strength. A quiet face hangs up a pure sweet smile again, but this sweet smile makes Liang Yi feel a little annoyed. The scene of the three sisters turning against each other just now has already made Liang Yi alert, and the sisters turned against each other. This "Lord" can’t be good to serve.
The two princesses’ pro-guards have been put together, and shooting with a bow will certainly not work. Liang Yi will put away the arrows in his hand.
"Hehe, there are two natural divine archers missing. They want to kill the then-class monster beast, and they can slowly grind it by relying on a large array!" The little princess Jiayi said with a smug face, "Thanks to the captain of the stars, you will be rewarded when you go back to the palace this time!"
"Thank you, little princess!" Liang Yi flattered way
"Out" Tuoba Jiayi is very proud of the remaining ten pro-guards and waved his hand to take the lead in the depths of the royal sword grassland.
A little princess Jiayi, who was covered with green shrubs, pointed indifferently at a small cliff more than two miles away and explained something to everyone. The cliff had a diameter of tens of feet, and just after the hole, a monster beast flew in from the outside.
"There is a thundercloud carving in this lair in the early days of then. You take your team to the past quietly to draw the monster out, and then all the bowmen will kill it with one blow!"
Liang Yi couldn’t bear to look at the rescue day wind. He pleaded, "Does the Princess Hall let them bring a set of trapped arrays in the past, so that the security will be much higher?" If the spirit archer misses the rescue day wind team, he will face disaster.
Tuoba Jiayi: "No, we’re in a hurry now. How can there be so many time arrays to grind slowly?"
"Brother Star, I believe that you also believe in the spirit bow in your hand!" If you help the wind, you can’t care. You patted Liang Yi’s shoulder and took his squad to dive toward the cliff. Everyone posted the little princess’s intermediate hidden symbol. It’s not difficult to hide the monster beast gods in the early days of then at a small distance.
Liang’s anecdote is a wry smile. What kind of letter is this? I’m afraid they are hanging in their hearts. If we can take out the green eagle bow, let alone the little monster beast in the early days of then, even in the late days of then, it may not be impossible to kill with one arrow. Unfortunately, Liang Yi must hide his strength now.
Soon after the rescue of the Tianfeng squad, Liang Yi and the little princess also followed the rest of the pro-guards far away, with a distance of one hundred and fifty feet between the two sides.
See time almost Liang Yi inconsistent record took out five spirit arrow in his hand.
"Whew" when approaching the cliff less than 300 feet, the wind suddenly pulled the spirit bow in his hand, and a spirit arrow with a slight roar went straight to the cliff mouth.
"Yo" spirit arrow just close to the mouth of the cave, the thundercloud carving was aware of it.
A white blade rushed out of the hole and chopped hard in the rescue day. The wind shot an arrow and then he saw a gray shadow coming out of the hole.
When the gray shadow net shot out of the hole, it spread its wings slightly, like a left arrow, and rushed to the place where Tianfeng and others were in need. This is exactly what Princess Jiayi said about the thundercloud carving.
"Boom" a flash of arm thickness from the red eagle mouth, straight to the ground sneak attack.
The other three archers also shot the arrow feathers in their hands, but Liang Yi was not in a hurry. When Lei Yun Diao waved his wings and slapped the incoming arrow feathers, Liang Yi moved.