With that, the two men strode to Xiang Ye, who was sitting there. At that time, they seemed to be uninjured and burst into a powerful momentum to fly to the’ jade’ bowl suspended above Xiang Ye’s head. As they got closer and closer, these monks found that two elders had sprung up and flew to the’ jade’ bowl.

Soon the two of them had shriveled up, and finally the whole’ meat’ body melted into dust, and the two elders dissipated in the Dragon Magic continent.
Open your eyes to react. When Xiang Ye opened his eyes, he saw two elders floating in the wind. At that time, his face was shocked. "Two elders don’t want it."
But he couldn’t come. The two elders left with deep expectations for him. He knew what that look meant when they left …
Come and don’t think too much. Xiang Ye instantly felt that the force in the Yuanqi’ jade’ bowl was faintly uncontrolled and absorbed four powerful forces in the skyshatter realm. At this time, the’ jade’ bowl was almost saturated. At this time, with the strong external force on the top of the holy mountain, his mind suddenly flashed an idea
"This level of force concentration is enough for me to break through …"
After this idea was generated, Xiang Ye waved directly to the jade bowl on the top of his head, and the jade bowl had staggered backwards at him. Then he said, "Two elders and three elders, I want to practice the two of you to help me protect the law. I feel that this time I can successfully break through to the skyshatter realm.
The other two elders were excited when they heard this-after all, if this person can become a monk for the first time at this time, their losses will be replenished, and some of them are also very important for future planning.
Therefore, the two of them dispersed the crowd and personally cleared the danger in Xiang Ye, the practice site in Xiang Ye.
At this time, Xiang Ye directly got into the gradually enlarged’ jade’ bowl. Here, he was surprised to find that the force in this’ jade’ bowl is so rich that he has never seen it for many times as much as the outside world, so it is possible to cast that kind of hermetic skill.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-three Continental changes
"Dragon magic skyshatter" these five characters at this time in Xiang Ye’s mind has been emerging a strange formula one by one obscure formula was put to good use by Xiang Ye, and suddenly he felt a comfortable feeling. After only a few breaths, Ye Xiangshen’s injured part disappeared, and then he returned to his best state.
"Four skyshatter boundary Godsworn yuan force together really badly and this’ dragon magic skyshatter technique’ is more complex." Xiang Ye felt a sigh and surprise when he felt great changes in his body.
The sky is a little dark. Up to now, there are only a few elders left at the top of the holy mountain. When they look at the huge jade bowl, the face is full of envy. From this time, the jade bowl surface emerges with breath. In general, they can feel the essence of it, which is far from what they can realize. It should be the breath of the sky.
However, the two elders and three elders of the holy mountain were both excited and shocked at this time. Looking at this’ jade’ bowl, Godsworn, why didn’t they know what this breath meant? It should be that young boy was breaking through.
"Less than thirty years old brother skyshatter what concept at this moment …"
"It should be the most outstanding talent in the Dragon Magic Mainland. I am more and more optimistic about this person. There is nothing wrong with the choice of the eldest brother and the fourth brother. This person can definitely become our future leader in the Dragon Magic Mainland."
Now, the two men are full of confidence in Xiang Ye. Others don’t know the fighting situation just now, but they know that fighting just now is not for themselves to cope with the boss and the old four, and there is no such thing, but it is because this young monk not only killed the Lord, but also solved a super master in the holy world.
"Second brother, are you sure we want to face resistance? Do you really want to do this?" The three elders’ color’ is asking.
"It’s true that the two empires, the East Dragon and the West Devil, are finally not at war now. The seals of the two countries should disappear after so many years. I have already joined the Dragon Flying and the Lingba Heaven at the same time. Let them solve the problem when the emperors of the two countries pick up things," said the two elders.
"In this way, the monks of the two countries can have a good relationship. After all, because they are isolated from the whole continent all the year round, there are almost two different ways of practicing. After that, the monks can choose the best way to find a suitable monk in the two ways. I believe that a large number of earth monks will appear soon," thought the Third Elder.
A series of orders were sent out from the holy mountain surface. On the Eastern Dragon Empire or the Western Demon Empire, there was a jubilation in the imperial city. After knowing that their faces were not suppressed, the two monarchs were extremely excited, and the holy mountain surface also sent many advanced cultivation methods, so that every monk in the empire had the opportunity to cultivate advanced cultivation methods.
What makes the whole continent jubilant most is that the seals in the two countries seem to have disappeared, and there is no trace of them. When the seals disappeared, the monks who worshipped the holy mountain finally saw the holy land in their minds. In just a few days, there were more and more monks practicing on the holy mountain. For these things, the dragon magic holy mountain did not stop the mainland from practicing. The fastest place is the holy mountain. Now it is a good thing for these monks to practice hard.
Inside Moro City, at this moment, Ling Ba Tian and his sister Yan Li are discussing what is going on around them. There are ministers and monks who are excited. Since the seals of the two countries have dissipated, they have obviously felt that the mainland surface source force is sufficient, and they have a lot of faint feelings that Shou Yuan is coming. It seems that there is an increase in not killing.
"Are all the news true? It’s amazing. I didn’t expect that our dragon magic mainland turned out to be someone else’s slave world."
"Yes, all the news from the Holy Mountain is correct this time. Now that the Holy Mountain has contacted the seals of the two countries, more outstanding monks can appear in the mainland and make a contribution in the future." Ling Batian said at this time
Although he didn’t expect this news to actually come out, he knew something about the mainland curtain some time ago, but now he is still vaguely worried that he guessed that there should be a situation on the holy mountain surface, otherwise he wouldn’t be in such a hurry to resist.
"Adoptive father, I have reached the bottleneck now. I want to go to the holy mountain to see if I can find my own chance."
Ling Fenger, who hasn’t spoken for a long time, suddenly said to the high position that a young man was stubborn in her mind at this time. She got the news a few days ago, and she heard and knew that she had something with that young man. She wanted to see it.
Ling Batian glanced at her younger sister Ling Fenger, who is her younger brother. Now, although I ask myself again, I am actually asking my younger sister Ling Yan Li.
"Since Feng Er wants to go, then go. Now that the situation in the mainland is not good, it is more important to upgrade yourself as soon as possible. The holy mountain is of great benefit to your practice." Ling Yan Li did not stop her brother but agreed.

It is also a joy in the imperial city of Donglong Empire. The news here is more accurate. Almost everyone knows that the god-like man really managed to expose the "yin" of the holy mountain surface in the whole continent. Now they are proud to think that they have been benefited by that man.
Almost half of the monks in the Dragon Magic Imperial City went to worship the holy mountain. They wanted to see the God in their hearts again. Now even if Xiang Ye let them die, they would be willing.
"It was the little one who didn’t expect that he really did it. It’s amazing that the four elders of the holy mountain are godsworn in the sky."
Yu Long low to the still a veil Qingyang princess said.
"This person must be a dragon and phoenix among the people. I’ll give him a high evaluation. Who knows that he can do such a great thing? Now there is no one in the whole continent who doesn’t know his deeds. He defeated the ten-level skyshatter realm by himself, and the Dragon Magic Lord killed the foreign monks …"
Princess Qingyang sighed and said faintly
Not only here, the old tree in the forest of beasts, Wang Yangu, lost the tortoise king in the fire, but now there are all kinds of "chaos" in the imperial city of beasts in the wasteland, calling the monster beasts. First of all, they know that after their transformation and thunder robbery have completely disappeared, why don’t heaven and earth care on their own?
Ice plum bell shine wood city now very anxious to immediately to the dragon magic holy mountain if it weren’t for the beast emperor stopped them already set off.
"Smelly is so small that it doesn’t make people feel physically and mentally. I dare not slack off if I watch these three wives for you. Now you should be older, so I must learn from you."
Sitting in a high position, the beast emperor said with a face of nai
Outside things, Ye Xiangbu doesn’t know that he is now in a state of dire straits. In the’ Dragon Magic Skybreaking’, he turned into hot liquid and washed it on his body over and over again. At this time, the temperature in the’ jade’ bowl far exceeded the high-temperature magma he encountered in the valley of inflammation. These hot force liquids came in and out of his body from time to time, and some black’ color’ impurities were instantly cleaned by the law.
Self-cultivation of colored glaze’ jade’ body has been thoroughly washed and pulped, which made Xiang Ye always admit that he had no impurities. Who knows that at this moment, he realized how ridiculous his original idea was. Every once in a while, the impurities in his’ meat’ body would be suppressed, and the number was still quite large, which made him stunned.
"Ah, I finally know what it’s hard for others to break through into the skyshatter realm. There are too many forces to wash the body. If it weren’t for my glass’ jade’ body, I’m afraid these forces would not be enough for me to wash my pulp now. And if I didn’t go to the valley of inflammation and experienced the high temperature in the valley of inflammation, I’m afraid I can’t stand this high temperature now."
Sitting there, Xiang Ye thought that this situation had been going on for several days, and he finally felt that his body had changed. The body force slowly turned into liquid and flowed in the body meridians, and gradually the body force was transformed in the meridians.
Feeling this situation, Xiang Ye knew that when all the forces in his body transformed into liquid, it was a successful breakthrough. Looking at the forces around him, he thought of two elders of the Dragon Magic Holy Mountain, who let themselves break through and gave up the opportunity of reincarnation, and thus disappeared. Now the Dragon Magic continent has reached an explosive situation and has enough strength to compete with the so-called holy world.
At this moment, Ye Xiangti’s "Dragon Magic Book" is running on the surface. Two soul bodies are in the same posture, eyes are closed, and the two white and tender hands are all the same. When the body force keeps entering the soul body and flowing out, it shows a lot of condensation, so it flows over and over again, week by week.
At this moment, there was a change in the outside world. On the side, the’ color’ of the two elders suddenly changed. The’ color’ of God was dignified and looked up at the change and suddenly thought of something.
"It’s the critical moment. Can you take a step and break the sky at this moment?" Two elders said.
"Well, I don’t know what’s going on, either. I have a hunch that this person will succeed," mused the Third Elder.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-four Yuan Li Ti
As time went by, the situation in the sky became more and more magnificent. Did the whole dragon magic holy mountain come with a few rumblings? There was a strong and chaotic vitality everywhere. At this moment, all the monks on the whole holy mountain stopped to move their hands. They looked at the changes in their heads and were surprised. This was the first time they found this phenomenon.
Two elders and three elders have been quietly looking at the huge’ jade’ bowl. Although they are monks in the skyshatter realm, they didn’t provoke such an earth-shattering potential when they broke through. First of all, they were afraid of exposing themselves and found a very hidden place, and they also sealed the breakthrough. Their breakthrough is just like a matter of course. There is no’ wave’ movement, which depends on hundreds of years to flatten the bottleneck little by little. Therefore, they have broken through the foundation and there is no change between heaven and earth. Now they see Xiang Ye. This situation is also very worrying.