It is not very good for Yang to know that Huashan Zhao doesn’t worry about traveling, because Yang Er Zhao doesn’t worry about getting along for a long time, and Yang is very dissatisfied with Zhao’s not worrying about pulling his own son to play around, but after all, Zhao doesn’t worry about traveling, but his body is not very good, and it is also his junior to stick to the junior’s gift letter, which is also sincere and respectful

Yang took this worship post and thought about it all night. Finally, he decided to betrothed Yuan Sirong to Zhao Buyou and Zhao Jian. As soon as Zhao Jian came, he wooed Huashan School, which was a big school to suppress the age of his granddaughter who was a sophomore in Tangmen. It was time to get married.
After careful consideration, Yang wrote back and agreed to Zhao’s request, and asked him to visit Qingcheng Dabi with his son to discuss the specific wedding date, and announced the news of the marriage of the two families in Qingcheng Dabi.
It was Yang who didn’t expect her granddaughter to react so violently when she heard that she was going to get married. Finally, Yang followed Yuan Sirong to the back hill and realized that her granddaughter had already had a lover.
Laiyang was very angry with her granddaughter and Yunyun, but when she saw that her granddaughter gave Yunyun the ring, Yang did not punish Yunyun and acquiesced in Yuan Sirong’s gift to Yunyun.
However, even if the emotional Yang is very sorry, Zhao has already gone to Qingcheng Mountain with his Zhao Jian, and Yang has also been cruel to bring Yuan Sirong back to hope. This is just his granddaughter’s first love and marriage. Maybe it will fade away when she passes by.
Yang thought of this and not only smiled bitterly, but it seems that he has sacrificed his granddaughter’s happiness. I don’t know if this is right or wrong.
Yang looked at it and so on, and they said, "You won’t do anything about Xiao Rong anymore. The head of Huashan Mountain has already settled."
It’s all right to hear that. After all, granddaughter is Yang.
I can only continue to say, "This time, Tang Han, the Tang Gate, and Master Bai Yun, the elder of Emei, all hope to watch the official contest of Qingcheng Mountain. I wonder what the master thinks?"
I miss you this life (Chapter 14)
Light a stare blankly interjected to "what do they mean? How can the door contest be watched by outsiders? "
Qingcheng Darby has always been presided over by the Qingwu Temple, which is in charge of martial arts in Qingcheng School. The light is very sensitive to the fact that Tangmen and Emei should go out to watch Qingcheng Darby.
Martial arts of various sects are never shown lightly to others. Although there are martial arts moves that are seen without mind and sword, there is nothing to it. However, it is impolite to watch other sects compete in any case, unless the sects agree in advance or it is normal for them to compete.
Every time in the past, the Qingcheng School sent its own door to do the big competition. At most, it invited Sichuan Dada Emei and Tangmen to participate in the ceremony of the Qing Wu Dian, but this time they went out to watch the competition, which was really unreasonable.
So I just looked at it and asked, "What did they say?" Yang and others also turned to the body.
He replied, "It was Tang Han who came out first. He meant that it was a little unreasonable for Qingcheng to invite them to attend an entrance ceremony, and he also said that he would not watch it for nothing. In the end, Tangmen would give us three boxes of five poisonous gods sand and five barrels of storm needles in Qingcheng."
"Five Poisons of God Sand"! "storm god needle"! After listening to this, everyone couldn’t help taking a breath of air conditioning. These two things are very famous in the Wulin of the Central Plains.
"Five Poisons and Five Poisons Divine Sand" is to repeatedly copy iron particles and five poisons until the iron particles are copied into fine sand. When the iron particles are refined into fine sand, the "floating clouds cover the sun" means that the strength of the messenger depends on the strength of the messenger. The number of five poisons and five poisons forms a poisonous sand, which makes Wulin talk about the color change because he has both the advantages of poison and hidden weapons. Putting it into practice not only has the advantages of spreading poison in a large area, but also is more moderate and aggressive than poisonous powder because it is iron sand.
The "Storm Needle" is a kind of machine. hidden weapons has a barrel of storm needles, a total of 100 needles quenching the Tang Clan’s giant poisonous ox hair. The messenger doesn’t need to know martial arts to press the machine, so it is most suitable for the martial arts people’s families who don’t know martial arts to defend themselves.
Both of them are valuable things in the Wulin, even if you hold money, you can’t buy them. Especially, the "Five Poisons Divine Sand" is very overbearing, but its output is limited because of the cumbersome iron grain refining and copying of the five poisons. A box of five poisons Divine Sand is even more precious in the hands of a first-class expert, which is simply a disaster. This is also the first reason why no one dares to go to Tangjiabao to "defend justice" although it is not very decent.
Of course, "Five Poisons, Sand" and "Storm Needle" are not the most powerful poisons and hidden weapons in the Tang Clan, but they are amazing enough outside the Tang Clan, so even the light hesitates. After all, people think it is impolite to look at the tournament at most and don’t think too much.
After all, it’s impossible for a master of Qingcheng Mountain to walk in the Jianghu without making moves. You can’t have to die every time you meet a martial artist of Qingcheng Mountain, can you? It’s more a matter of etiquette to consider the Qingcheng Mountain than not to be seen by outsiders. Nowadays, it’s the most important thing and I’m not bad. It’s very difficult for people to agree to the request of two major sects. It’s not very good-looking and I’m afraid it will sweep the facade of Emei Tang if they don’t agree.
This voluntary gift of "Five Poisons, Sand" and "Storm Needle" from the Tang Clan is also a sign of sincerity. On the surface, it is said that all people were hesitant and inclined to agree in the past.
And then the words made the Qingcheng School people finally agree to the request of Emei and Tangmen to observe the Qingcheng Mountain, that is, the elders of Emei Baiyun saw Tangmen and Tanghan go out to watch the tournament and the gifts of the five poisons and the rainstorm gods, so they also followed the promise to give a gift.
Elder Baiyun’s gift is martial arts. Elder Baiyun said that the two factions in Emei Qingcheng are friendly. He will choose one person from the winner of this contest to study in Emei and ensure that he will be given at least one Emei martial arts. Of course, that person can’t give it back to others after returning to Qingcheng, but it is already quite good. Everyone knows that all factions regard their unique martial arts as a treasure, because that is whether their sects can continue to live in the Wulin! Don’t say that you don’t even want to show people easily, just like saying that Qingcheng Dabi has always refused to let others visit it.
There is Yang in Qingcheng Mountain who feels something wrong. He frowned and thought for a while, and said to himself, "Is it such a big gift for Emei and Tangmen to watch Dabi?" What is it? "
In fact, Yang still has something to say, so I don’t want to speculate for the time being, and this trip to Tangmen is very problematic. You know, Yang agreed to Huashan’s request and married Yuan Sirong to Zhao Jian, which is to suppress the recent movement of Datang Gate, and the conflict between Tangmen and Qingcheng School is inevitable. It is really doubtful that Tangmen wants to watch Dabi’s request for its real purpose.
Light is very excited at this moment, because when it is said that the Tang Clan will give away the "ruling sand" and the "storm needle", light thinks it is cost-effective. Light doesn’t care too much about the storm needle, but the ruling sand is in the hands of a first-class expert like light, and its meaning is completely different. If you know that the naked man is still carrying the ruling sand, you should be careful to avoid the light.
Moreover, the winner, Elder Emei Baiyun, practiced Emei martial arts, which made Guang happy. It is inexplicable that Guang is planning to let the master of Qingcheng Mountain hand over Emei martial arts privately in a few years.
So in the light, other people also persuaded Yang to agree to this matter, but Yang didn’t come up with any reason why the two factions might be unfavorable to Qingcheng Mountain, so he agreed to come. By the way, Huashan was also included in the list of visits. After all, Emei Tangmen had to visit Huashan, which should be married to themselves, and people should not be excluded. At the same time, he told Guang to organize his masters and let the three sects see the strength of Qingcheng Mountain, which was naturally a promise.
If Manglietia knew this decision at this moment, it would definitely stop Manglietia from wandering around the Jianghu for more than ten years, knowing that the martial arts of the younger generation in Qingcheng is far worse than that of other sects. After the visit to Tangmen, it is necessary to find out the actual situation of the younger generation in Qingcheng Sect, but the heart is very impure, while the older generation in Qingcheng Sect has lost touch with the changes in Wulin, or even Yang has not thought about it from the heart.
It’s a pity that Manglietia doesn’t know that this important event that affects the fate of Qingcheng Mountain is also trying to stop it.
I miss you this life (Chapter 15)
At this time, Elder Bai Yun, Tang Men, Tang Han, Huashan Zhao Buyou, his son Zhao Jian and others all live here. In one day, the big game of Qingcheng Mountain will be held, and when the Qingcheng Mountain sent people to discuss it, they were also turning their thoughts and making their own calculations.
"Is the granddaughter of the father, the head of the Qingcheng School, beautiful?" This young voice comes from the rest pine pavilion of Huashan School. Zhao Jian plays with his sword and plays around.
Zhao doesn’t worry about being a baby to himself, but because he came to Zhao Jian, his character is inherited from himself, but Zhao doesn’t worry about it in front of people, especially after he became the head of Huashan
So Zhao doesn’t worry, he still needs to wake up. "When you go to see the head of Qingcheng Mountain, put your posture straight, do you hear?" Looked at a pair of "I know bothersome" expression son Zhao don’t worry also shook his head.
In fact, Zhao Jian’s physical condition is quite good, as tall as he is, and his figure is also handsome. Otherwise, he will not have a good reputation in the Wulin, but his behavior is too frivolous to leave an impression on people.
And he is the only leader of Huashan Sect. He is not as good as Zhao Jian in martial arts, but even his martial arts is better than Zhao Jianqiang’s when he knew that he was the leader of Huashan Mountain. It made him look at Huashan Mountain in a few minutes. Since Zhao Jian debuted, it was really smooth sailing, which made him more frivolous and his reputation among the younger generation was very bad.
"I don’t know if the granddaughter of the head of Qingcheng looks like your father, but don’t be rude to me whether she looks like you. Don’t delay our big event because of these small sections!" Zhao is not worried about being serious.
Zhao Jian continued to play with the sword and replied lazily, "I know, I know, isn’t it the secret book?" Actually, I’m not talking about dad. If Qingcheng really has that powerful secret book, wouldn’t they have learned it early? Still waiting for us to take it after so many years? " Zhao Jian deliberately prolonged the word "take" with a face of disdain.
Zhao Bu smiled and said to Zhao Jian, "Son, you are still too young. You should think for yourself that the secret book is that Yang forced his daughter-in-law and son to get it. Will he let other disciples know?" Besides, if the secret book is so well practiced, it won’t be called supernatural magic. I think if someone really can crack it in this world, it won’t pass five, such as the God Lord, but there won’t be people from Qingcheng Mountain among them. Yang hasn’t done that yet. "
When Zhao Jian heard his father talking about "God Lord", he suddenly threw his sword at the side as if he had a spirit, sat up straight and asked, "Dad, since no one can crack it except those people, if we get the secret script, are we really going to give it to God Lord?" He glanced at his father, Zhao Jian, and he didn’t believe that his father would make such a selfish look.
Zhao Buyou smiled. "Just because your dad can’t solve it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn it. Don’t think about it yet. It’s urgent to leave a good impression on the Qingcheng head. You have to give me a good convergence these days, okay?"
"The child knows that the child will try to live up to his father’s expectations." Zhao Jian leaned over and gave Zhao a deep gift, then looked up and said to his father, "How about this?"
Zhao doesn’t worry about laughing, "Well, that’s good. I want you to stay out of trouble these days. After the marriage is settled, Dad promises that he won’t let you stay in Qingcheng Mountain for too long. Wulin is about to change. After the cheats are successful, follow my son like Dad and I won’t care about you anymore. Hehe"
Zhao Jianwen received "father’s words …"
Zhao doesn’t worry, haha, "a whip on the horse!"
The two fathers smiled at each other.
The forces of the Tang Clan in Qingcheng Mountain fought for a secret book, but it was a bitter experience for Xingyun and Yuan Sirong.
At this time, Xingyun is in a crisis.
After returning to his residence from the back of the hill, the gangsters in the clouds reflected on their life in the past 16 years and felt that they had achieved everything! Even if you go through the same experience as yourself, you will soon be successful, but you can’t even be with your lover! Because of his poor martial arts, he has no ability
Xingyun was quite dissatisfied at the thought of his martial arts. At the same time, Xingyun was disgusted that he didn’t know how many skills he had and that he was slow to enter the country.
It’s easy for Xingyun to get possessed when he thinks of practicing here, regardless of his body and current mood. Xingyun now has an idea that "practicing and practicing again" because everything is caused by his poor martial arts.
However, it’s impossible for his master Manglietia and even Yang, the head of Qingcheng, to practice martial arts in such a state, because the result is almost one hundred percent that he will be possessed.
And the actual result is indeed so. When practicing without a column of incense, the true qi has been out of control and scurried around in all meridians of the body. Seeing that the expression of the face of the cloud is becoming more and more distorted, the sweat of the bean is rolling down the cheeks one by one, and the body is trembling involuntarily.
I miss you this life (Chapter 16)
Walking clouds can’t control their bodies at this moment, and the pain caused by the qi scurrying about in the meridians is like tearing themselves apart. Generally, walking clouds will be destroyed by crazy qi when their brains are filled with pain.
At this time, the original mysterious secret qi didn’t bind the clouds and bodies like that, but it was like sitting on the sidelines, staying in the abdomen, although not making trouble, but not going to rescue it, posing as a rule out!
Xingyun never hoped that mysterious qi would drag her back like today, but the fact is that it didn’t move when it was really needed! Xingyun has a word in his mind now, and that is "hang it all"!
Just as Yunyun’s body was suffering and gradually losing its support, he had hallucinations in front of his eyes. His life was like a pair of pictures flashing in front of his eyes, from childhood to today, and then to Yuan Sirong’s face. The sad expression was glittering and translucent, and tears were swollen and swollen. Yunyun couldn’t tell tears from her eyes. Tears and sweat could no longer be separated from each other. Finally, the picture stopped at the moment when Yuan Sirong put a ring on himself. Yuan Sirong’s mouth seemed to be still telling herself to cherish it, just like caring for herself.
White jade ring! Yan Yan! Just when the cloud was about to give up, I felt that my left hand finger was hot and warm, and my heart moved downstream along my finger, and my heart stayed in the abdomen for an instant. That mysterious qi stirred up like soup and boiling oil, and like a tiger, it was several times stronger than usual, with energy and speed rushing to the cloud.
At that time, all the chaotic qi was firmly entangled in the qi strengthened and stirred by the "cut Yan ring", and it could no longer move or do harm to the body of Xingyun. Xingyun finally got out of danger and guided the mysterious qi to haunt his jade deficiency work and slowly return to its place.
At this time, the clouds suddenly appear mysterious and the true qi is no longer as difficult to mobilize as before. "Is this because of cutting the ring?" Although the clouds were quite chaotic just now, the warm flowing clouds of the self-carved ring are memorable because Yuan Sirong gave himself to cherish the ring.
"It was Sirong who saved me!" Xingyun believes in this.
"The mysterious secret script brings the true qi and this" cut face "ring is all Yuan Sirong’s. This mysterious true qi is called" cut face magic "."