Kerry exultation "that’s easy for adults to wait here for a moment" said Kerry and took out the "prison soul bottle" from his sleeve and casually clicked a few black spots around him to detain the emergence of a depressed atmosphere around him. Qin Chu stared at Kerry to see what he was doing.

Kerry tapped the cork.
There was a light gray fog in the bottle, and there were waves of powerful spiritual fluctuations.
"Who are you? How dare you imprison the seat? Do you know what this field is? " Chekhov came out and heckled angrily.
Kerry said coldly, "You’re stupid in there, aren’t you? You don’t know how to run wild after you come out? Don’t look at what place is here, "said the finger to the light gray fog is a good poke.
The light gray fog suddenly contracted like a cat whose tail was stepped on. Chekhov’s mental fluctuation immediately weakened. Just now, the wicked needed the wicked to grind Chekhov, and there was nothing they could do.
"Archbishop Chekhov, I think you’d better cooperate. Otherwise, your game will be miserable." Qin Chu said slowly.
"Qin Chu didn’t expect you to collude with the evil necromancer." Chekhov found Qin Chu and immediately roared angrily. All this was caused by this bastard. Chekhov was about to pounce, but he couldn’t rush to the black spots in front of him to form a boundary.
Chekhov can roar in it, "I swear that you will suffer the harshest punishment, and you will be tied to the stake and burned by flames day and night."
"How dare you be so rampant when you are paralyzed?" Qin Chu suddenly became angry. "I’ll give you another chance. If you don’t cooperate, your game will be miserable."
"Haha, you must want something from me, right?" Chekhov saw through Qin Chu’s intention. He laughed wildly. "It’s impossible. I won’t tell you anything. Don’t threaten to tell you that my soul has already been dedicated to God. I won’t die."
"Stubborn" Qin Chu shook his head and nodded to Kerry.
Kerry is no longer welcome. The palm of your hand is stretched out with five fingers to Chekhov’s soul. It is a gentle clutch. Chekhov squeals a howl, and the light gray fog is instantly torn and scattered. Kerry recites strange spells, and the dark color fog keeps floating out of his body, directly swallowing up the light gray fog in the middle.
"What are you going to do to devour my soul?" Chekhov suddenly panicked. "What should my soul be immortal and what will be swallowed up? What? "
Qin Chu secretly shook his head. It seems that Chekhov was poisoned and believed that his soul could not die? Even pick Jin Xian as earth also dare not boast, but the soul is immortal, what’s worse, just a person?
Chekhov is like a weak girl facing Kerry. By the way, where can a strong man fight back? Kerry’s suppression of Chekhov is a dead root, giving Chekhov no chance to resist. As the black fog devours the light gray fog, Chekhov’s mental fluctuation becomes weaker and weaker.
"I don’t want to be unwilling." Chekhov finally let out a brotherhood of the Wolf and was directly swallowed up by Kerry.
After all this, Kerry absorbed his soul. "Your honor, you can wait for an hour at most to know everything."
Qin Chu nodded and Kerry found a chair and sat quietly to absorb Chekhov’s soul.
After more than half an hour, Kerry got up. "My Lord, everything is clear. Just ask what you want to know."
"So soon?" Qin Chu couldn’t help but be pleased. "Why don’t you tell me about Chekhov and their purpose here first?"
"They came here because of God’s will to arrest a woman named Hector," Kerry replied without thinking.
"God means?" Qin Chu eyebrows a wrinkly don’t Hector things even know the man of light?
"What’s the latest trend in the Temple of Light?" Qin Chu asked again.
"The Temple of Light has reached an agreement with the Haizu, and both sides have withdrawn their troops. The Corps of the Temple of Light is undergoing renovation and will send troops to crusade against the natural clan after the new special weapon is studied."
"What? To crusade against the natural race? " Qin Chu couldn’t help but be surprised. Before the Light Temple, no one fought for the benefits, and finally divided the spheres of influence of both sides. I didn’t expect that the Light Temple was actually wicked and still planned to start work on the natural family again.
This news must be notified to the natural clan. If the Light Temple Corps comes over, Qin Chu doesn’t think there will be any good field here. Because today, the Light Temple will definitely know about it, and it is difficult for it to be a middleman because it has its own fief here in the natural forest. The Light Temple will definitely deal with itself first.
"Tell me all about the Great Samsara Surgery Department" Qin Chu decided to get rid of it when he felt nervous now and asked him if he had to inform the natural family.
Kerry immediately told the eastern and western parts of Qin Chu’s mind by heart. This great reincarnation technique was learned by Qin Chu because Chekhov’s practice was not perfect. Qin Chu would soon break the great reincarnation technique. Qin Chu wanted the great reincarnation technique not to practice, but to find a way to crack it. Not all powerful techniques should practice. First of all, it is unrealistic to do so because one’s energy is limited and one can’t master it.
"It turns out that this great cycle is the true god." Qin Chu didn’t know the origin of Chekhov’s practice of great cycle. On second thought, if Chekhov knew the great cycle before, he would have died in the first meeting. Where is he still alive now?
"It seems that they are very interested in Hector, but they can grant such a powerful spell to Chekhov because of Hector." Qin Chu said in his heart.
"My Lord, I feel that this great reincarnation doesn’t seem to have been deliberately deleted." Kerry suddenly said.
"I also feel this way, otherwise I wouldn’t be so easy to crack." Qin Chu nodded and he suddenly thought of Kerry, a master of soul. This great reincarnation technique is the soul technique, and Kerry should have a solution to it.
Qin Chu told Krizan what he thought in his heart, and Kerry could make good use of this great reincarnation data. Because Kerry is a master of soul, compared with Qin Chu, he can understand the true meaning of great reincarnation to the greatest extent and find the most effective cracking method faster.
Qin Chu is now very concerned about this great reincarnation technique. The former Chekhov almost posed a fatal threat to Qin Chu, and Qin Chu knew that such a powerful technique could not be as simple as Chekhov’s display, and Kerry also found that this technique was not enough. Qin Chu was even more worried that if one day he really mastered the great reincarnation technique, Qin Chu was not sure about himself and ensured that he would be able to come out from it again.
"I’ll try my best, my Lord." Kerry promised to come. Although he didn’t practice the Great Samsara, he also knew the Great Samsara very thoroughly through Chekhov’s memory. So powerful was the operation. Kerry, the soul master, also had a feeling of hunting and liking, and he wished he could study it well at once.
Qin Chu asked about something that was important, and inquired about some important things in the temple. He also got an understanding of the strength of the temple. After all this, Qin Chu left Kerry and quickly returned to his place.
Qin Chu took out the tree of life and gave it to himself. The tree of life had said that he could directly link it with the tree of life.
Qin Chuli’s spirit communicated with the branches of the tree of life in his hand, but the branches came for a moment. The spirit of the tree of life fluctuated to Qin Chu and told the tree of life that the temple of light was going to crusade against the natural family. After a short silence, he immediately sneered. "God of light seems to have a mind again. Hum, when the natural family is a soft persimmon, can you pinch it if you want?" I will be interesting to see what tricks you light gods have. "
"Don’t be careless. It is said that they are studying new special weapon." Qin Chu saw the tree of life so hurriedly.
Special weapon?’ The god of life froze. "Where did you get this news?"
"From the Archbishop of Chekhov," Qin Chu said frankly, "Chekhov came to me to catch Hector, but now it has been dropped."
"If so, I really can’t take it lightly," said the tree of life. "Our side will also make corresponding measures, but you … do you need to enter the natural forest to avoid one? I think the temple of light will definitely not let you go. "
Qin Chu said, "This is not urgent first. If it really comes to that, I will let them escape into the natural forest. But now I still have time to prepare even if I can’t resist the Light Temple Corps, but I can’t take advantage of them."
"Well, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to contact me, but you can help me privately at any time." The tree of life sincerely said.
Qin Chu nodded and the tree of life said goodbye to Qin Chu and withdrew his consciousness.
After this, Qin Chu looked at the distance where people were building their own homes and cities with high materials. Seeing that everyone was satisfied, Qin Chu felt a heavy burden on his shoulders. "This time, it seems that I will take my old base out."
Chapter 194
Chapter 194
For several days in a row, Qin Chu was so busy that he made a detailed investigation of the terrain around the new town that he really knew everything about the profitable terrain
"The fief has not yet developed and is understaffed. If the Light Temple Corps is killed here, the rest of the people have no fighting capacity except those Warcraft warriors." Although there will be large-scale refugees migrating in two days, these refugees are just ordinary civilians. They came to the fief to seek a life, but not to fight.
"I can’t have any illusions about the natural clan, but I can treat them as allies, but I can’t rely on them." Qin Chu knows that it is not enough to rely on external forces if you want to stand on your own feet and not be bullied by outsiders, because external forces can help solve problems in the short term at most, but rely on your own fief construction for a long time.
"Fiefs are weak now. It is really difficult to get well in the war. I am good at arranging several cruel laws on these terrain. When the time comes, it is not a problem to cooperate with the natural clan to resist the attack of the Temple of Light Corps." Qin Chu has made up his mind in his heart. Now he knows how difficult it is to govern a fief.
"Fortunately, Anthony helped to search for a large number of spar before, otherwise it would be impossible to arrange such a large array."
"But don’t worry now" Qin Chu heart andao "Kowloon Shenhuo cover is damaged in the battle of Fengshen King. It is urgent to repair it first." Kowloon Shenhuo cover is used by Qin Chu to refine Lingbao Qin Chu, and it will never let Kowloon Shenhuo cover fail.
"In the Great Samsara, every cloud has a silver lining made my soul build a new level. Now that the psychic soul has merged in almost one step, I can directly cultivate the’ psychic eye’. Once I can make the psychic eye power, I can take the opportunity to re-refine the Kowloon Shenhuo Cover, and then strike while the iron is hot to directly refine the Kowloon Shenhuo Cover into a spiritual treasure."
According to the previous plan, it will take some time for Qin Chu to completely integrate the psychic soul, but in Chekhov’s battle, Qin Chu broke through the shackles of himself in the dreamland, making his soul practice more refined, which greatly shortened the integration of the psychic soul again.
Qin Chu couldn’t hold back at the thought of Kowloon Shenhuo Cover. Besides, Qin Chu was very curious about the psychic eyes. Now the complete integration of psychic souls has just fulfilled Qin Chu’s wish!
Qin Chu immediately found a quiet place to decorate the surrounding protection and entered it to prepare for practicing psychic eyes.
The shaman has told Qin Chu in detail that what Qin Chu should do is to practice step by step in strict accordance with the steps taught by the shaman. In the final analysis, the psychic eye body is only a small auxiliary skill, which is suitable for some narrow areas and not widely used in the plateau orcs.
Orcs are not good at refining potions, and the level of refining potions is high. I don’t know which genius shaman has developed this seemingly insignificant skill. Shaman doesn’t know what this skill is bad, but Qin Chu knows what this psychic eye can bring to himself.
Whether refining Dan medicine or refining magic weapon, the most important thing is not the adequacy of materials, but the control of refining process. Many people can learn the alchemy method clearly, and they can know the precautions in those steps backwards, but the result is often surprising when they really start refining Dan medicine. The reason is that they have no experience in refining Dan medicine, and this experience is the ability to control the refining process.
An alchemist can be called a master not because he knows the secret recipe of refining Dan medicine or how advanced his alchemy technique is, but because of his control over refining Dan medicine. This control requires hundreds of thousands of refining Dan medicine to practice and accurately grasp every step of refining Dan medicine.
However, the appearance of psychic eyes subverts this common sense. Even if a novice wants to have psychic eyes, he can easily achieve 100% success in the process of refining Dan medicine without carelessness and patience
Psychic eyes are definitely the most precious skill for Qin Chu.