"This is the force to! The more you keep me, the more confident I am! "

All the previous resistance is an illusion, and the real killer is being suppressed and brewed.
A short breath exchange Chen Shaobai had a little understanding of the magic palm teaching in front of him
"The triple enlightenment of God, the Kingdom of Heaven and the United Road, is the bottom of the great avatar in Du Kang, and even the kingdom of God has not condensed out! I can’t say that I really have a chance to kill him! "
It’s already done. It’s impossible to cover up the pitfalls. Chen Shaobai Suoxing released his ShaQi number.
A stream of blood Se Hong swept Qin Tianjian in a flash.
How horrible is it to slaughter hundreds of quenching demons and smelt Shaqi?
Many practitioners who consider themselves to have a very high level of spiritual cultivation have changed their faces in Chen Shaobai, and Se hurriedly held her breath and worked hard to suppress some frenzied will.
Some repairs are slightly weak, and their eyes are gradually scarlet with Chen Shaobai’s will to talk. Du Kang growls in a low voice, and it seems that he will suddenly and violently make moves.
If you don’t have a companion, you will be afraid of more lives on the spot.
It’s better to change to a normal time, when Chen Shaobai, a mortal country, kills her, and in an instant, she will change the dynasty of heaven and earth and shake her blood.
"How much did this guy make to kill evil to gather such ShaQi? He’s definitely not a junior monk. There’s a chance that someone who accidentally fell into the magical power was reincarnated! "
Many thoughts come to mind with similar thoughts.
Du Kangxian also considered this point, but this will not disintegrate his fighting spirit, but will make him more eager to kill.
Suddenly, ten bright golden lights cut through the sky to form a screen against Chen Shaobai.
"Little monk hanging mountain, there is nothing for you here!"
Du Kang explodes and drinks his fingers, and explodes, pushing the joint offensive of Lohan with Ten Golden Bodies.
These guys are the core strength of Hanging Mountain. Although he is rude, he doesn’t want to provoke this behemoth of Hanging Mountain.
Yu Qing Xuan men?
Yan Hong Ri and Wang Ruoyu, the top core of them, all want to clean the door and help themselves. What’s wrong?
Even if you take it out, it’s not enough to make it clear that the reason for the Xuanmen war is hatred, so it’s not what he needs to consider.
The fairy and the devil are incompatible. If the war between the two worlds is about to start, the devil Sect is absolutely impossible to get together with the door. How can it be better than your own mind if it is just broken?
However, Du Kang, the host of Hanging Mountain, has some old relationships with Chen Shaobai and doesn’t care.
Can the young monk take revenge on Chen Shaobai if he cooks uncooked rice into mature rice?
For a moment, the white Ri star is now the stars of the heavens, and Eta Ursae Majoris is drawn and gathered in Qin Tianjian to form a silver flashing shield in front of Chen Shaobai.
"Mickey Lin? Also! Here is the reason why Qin Tianzong and Xingchen Island combined the venue. Whether it is because of the morality of the rivers and lakes or the face of the organizers, they all have to come out, but it doesn’t matter too much! "
Du Kang stars turn silver and stars shield broken.
Even breaking the triple defense, his accumulated offensive is slightly weaker.
Just as Du Kang was gathering strength to prepare for another killing, a wing of both positive and evil mana condensed out in front of Chen Shaobai.
This kind of breath is more holy than saving the world, and it is like an evil demon king coming to heaven
Wings turn to kill everything, evil will, evil spirit, arrival
The shooter belongs to the most mysterious holy evil hall of the five halls of the God and the Devil Sect!
"Breath how so young and strange? And he’s a ten-pound kid! There will be chaos in the sky and evil spirits will be born! But there are not so many talented people in a fairy war? "
Du Kang can’t consider the feeling of hanging mountains, but he can’t help but consider the will of the general hall of ghosts and gods.
The strongest Yuan world 10,000 years ago, even if it declined, was not a cliff of absolute love, which can be compared with the magic leader Du Kang, who had to consider the consequences of his words and deeds.
Just as he hesitated for a moment, an extremely cold ice wind bred behind Chen Shaobai to condense a tail fox virtual shadow
This fox fur is pure white without any impurities. Se’s pupils are dark and deep, and it seems as if the world’s most mysterious abyss is burning with a bunch of faint red flames, which is charming but sacred.
"The tail risk? How can that guy look after this little guy who debuted less than two armor! "
Du Kang heart suddenly withdrew the pop-up finger figure in horror and looked at two strange shadows appearing in front of Chen Shaobai inadvertently.
Right in front of Chen Shaobai, a man is wearing a blue shirt, his face is square and firm, his eyebrows are thick and hard, and he seems to be the most straight Excalibur in the world, and his whole body is permeated with a positive and evil charm.
And appear behind Chen Shaobai is white hair purple pupil handsome tianchejīng whole person as if someone j and ng heart carved out generally without the slightest flaw defects can make women feel jealous to see his heart won’t emerge two characters.
The Hall of Evil in the Sea, the Tower of Babel in Liuzhou, xi he, the most mysterious and noble in the Yuan world, and Chen Shaobai?
Du Kang looked at the sudden appearance with amazement and uncertainty. There was still a trace of hesitation and speculation in their hearts, but the dialogue between the three people dispelled all his doubts.
Chen Shaobai slightly tilted his head and looked at the young man with heavy eyebrows and smiled at him. "Brother Haoran, long time no see."
Ye Haoran slowly turned around and his face was filled with a sincere smile. "It’s been years since I said goodbye to Fengzhou. Fortunately, things are inhuman and there is no regret on one side. Is it time for you to join the Qing Xuanmen?"
"I’m also curious about your experience … but many things are long stories. Let’s talk about them later."
Chen Shaobai turned to look at the battle righteousness to the strange man, and both eyes felt the kindness of the other eye.
Seeing that he didn’t say anything, he seemed to be thinking about something. The white-haired and purple-eyed man smiled. "You are Yuhuan’s savior and purple pupil’s close brother. If you don’t mind, you can call me uncle Yifeng."