Mecha chest type iron number went into.

The Tiehao, a well-known type of iron ship, is ready, and he doesn’t drag his feet and fly to the castellan’s house.
Leisheng watched these people move. After a little thinking, he didn’t track the soil and got through, but walked in the direction of the gate.
When Leisheng came to the North Gate, it was already an hour later. He was not in a hurry to get out of the city, but he appeared at the gate after nightfall.
After seeing Lei Sheng, the guarding city guards shouted, "The city gate is closed and you are not allowed to go out."
Leisheng seems to keep moving forward without hearing each other’s words.
The guarding city guard felt bad. Just when he was about to make a move, he saw a flower at the moment and Leisheng suddenly disappeared in the same place.
Guarding guards suddenly feel a pain in the neck and lose consciousness forever.
Leisheng killed 19 guarding city guards in an instant and left a trembling watch over him.
Chapter 135 Fighter Armor (for collection)
"Grandpa, forgive me!" The last guarding city guard burst into a kneeling on the earth for mercy
Leisheng glanced at the wall and demanded "send a distress signal to the patrol guards"
The guard of the city couldn’t figure out what Leisheng wanted to do. He misheard himself and quickly asked, "What did Grandpa just say?"
Leisheng said with a smile, "Don’t you want to live? Then send a distress signal."
"It’s not good to do this. I’ll just let Grandpa out of the city. Grandpa will spare my life. Why should I send a distress signal?"
LeiSheng look a folded reprimanded, "cut the crap and let you send it."
The guard of the city couldn’t help shivering and shouting, "The enemy is attacking! Someone is breaking into the city gate! Come and reinforce!"
Unexpectedly, this guy just shouted Lei Sheng and split a hand knife on the back of the guard’s neck.
The guard fainted to the ground with his eyes turned over.
Lei Sheng hit the heavy gate with his hand and walked out slowly.
As soon as he walked out of the gate, he heard a mess coming from the wall.
"Hurry up, hurry up, don’t let the thief get away from the gate and be beaten …"
Leisheng didn’t go far before he was chased by a group of pedal flying board guards.
A force guard captain brandished an air sword and stabbed Lei Sheng at the beginning of the air condition.
Leisheng’s body dodged the opponent’s attack with a backhand punch and flew the other side from the flying board for more than ten meters.
Those ordinary guards cried blindsided at that time, but Lei Sheng didn’t give them too much hesitation. After shaking his body for a few times, he got rid of the chase to more than 50 guards.
Leisheng leaned forward and looked behind him and found that the wall was crowded and more guarding city guards came here.
He didn’t want to pester these ordinary guards to speed up and walk forward.
Half an hour later, the mecha, who was higher than the wall, came to the gate and suddenly disappeared behind him.
T-iron went to the guard stationed in front of the city gate and asked about a specific situation. Then he quickly ran out of the city. When he ran out of the city wall, he threw a concentrated capsule forward.
Listen to a bang that nearly 30 meters high giant mecha changed out.
Type iron, raised his right arm mecha echo chest warehouse hit a force quickly wrapped type iron, he quickly rose to the chest warehouse mecha control room.
Equal iron number after the mecha in place mecha eyes lit up.
Outside the city, there is a desolate wasteland as far as the eye can see, and there is no obstacle to stop the iron number. It has the function of night vision and farsightedness of the mecha, and has a clear view of the scenery two kilometers away. After he found some clues, he let go and hurried to the direction of Leisheng’s departure
Type iron driving the mecha step is 15 meters, although the mecha huge speed is not slow at all, two kilometers distance ran less than two minutes.
As he ran, he watched the situation ahead. After running for five minutes, he saw a team chasing Lei Sheng.
After the arrival of the "Report your current situation" type iron ship, it made a loud inquiry sound.
A person in charge of chasing the head of the guard looked up and reported, "The thief was just ahead. He wanted to escape at night. He may be unfamiliar with the terrain here and was blocked by us several times, but the thief’s kung fu was too strong and we killed and injured many people."
The T-shaped iron looked up and saw a vague figure. He shouted, "Let the people in front make way for me."
After hearing this roar, the ordinary guards who are still chasing Lei Sheng gave way to both sides for fear of suffering from an accident.
If you are trampled by this big iron block, there won’t even be a slag left.
Leisheng seems to have sensed something and suddenly accelerated the running speed.
After running like this for an hour, he gradually slowed down and finally stopped.
After breathing for three minutes, Lei Sheng suddenly felt a shadow falling over his head, and he didn’t want to jump to one side quickly