"This …; …;”

At that time, Liu Fei was indecisive and thought of many, many …; …; The more you think about it, the more confused you are!
At this time, Jin Xiaojian, who had suddenly melted into juice and watered the Lingta, suddenly appeared again and went straight to the gate of Shushan! It happened to be embedded in that plaque, a sword-shaped sign!
Change suddenly gave birth to a powerful sword, which instantly surged out from the two sword mountains that formed the mountain gate, and disappeared into the land flying body like a torrent!
Liu Fei shouted as if he had been struck by lightning, and the whole person stayed there for a moment without moving.
The sudden change was obviously frightened by the little darling’s consciousness, so he pulled up Liu Fei’s sleeve and shook it constantly, while his mouth kept calling out, "Big Brother …; …; Big brother …; …;”
However, as she tugged at Liu Fei, she did not move at all, just like being ordered to be stiff.
"Don’t touch him!"
At this time, Abu in the little darling’s arms just blurted out and flew straight to Lu Fei’s head. He looked unhappy and said, "The appearance of good luck has inspired the ancestors of Shushan to stay in Qiang Jian!"
"Ah, that big brother will be fine."
Little darling asked with a nervous face.
"Don’t worry! This is very good! "
Abu left his pie mouth and his ass pursed, and he actually took a shit in Liu Fei’s head, and two dry claws pulled two straight in Liu Fei’s head, so that Liu Fei was unkempt and flew back to his little darling’s arms with satisfaction. At the same time, he smiled proudly, "Hey, hey, let you slander adults!"
Fortunately, Lu Fei is already immersed in poor sword at the moment, otherwise he will be mad with anger.
At this time, he seems to have entered another magic moment, when there is nothing but swords in it.
Handfuls of swords with different shapes are all sending out plumes of heart-rending Qiang Jian’s consciousness of Liu Fei. Once it appears here, all the swords are like finding the target and rushing towards Liu Fei!
Tens of millions of long swords are like pouring rain, which instantly surrounds Lu Fei’s consciousness.
Liu Fei got a fright, and without the slightest hesitation, he started the Zhou Gong sword, Yuan Shen, like a sword, chopping and chopping these tens of millions of swords, and constantly fighting.
Every encounter seems to have a ray of sword meaning engraved on Lu Feiyuan’s Excalibur, which benefited him a lot! A lot of people can’t figure out the sword moves before, and they are often suddenly enlightened.
This feeling is really wonderful to the extreme.
However, this wonderful feeling was quickly stopped by the appearance of a sword!
"It’s it"
Suddenly, Liu Fei Yuan Shen exclaimed. As soon as the words fell, he Yuan Shen got a hard sword and almost broke on the spot!
That sword! The broken arrow found in the underworld has appeared again!
The difference is that this time it is intact, not broken arrow, and it is completely incomplete! It suddenly appeared, and as soon as it appeared, it hit Liu Fei Yuan Shen hard! ↗ browser search "basket ★★★ book ★" drunk new chapter to read.
[366] Crisis! Awaken!
? "ah"
Yuan Shen cracked from the depths of the soul, and even Lu Fei’s firm mind could not help but let out a piercing scream at this time.
"Hum! If you can’t even bear this pain, you don’t deserve this Qiang Jian! "
Disdain cold hum opposing ring straight let Liu Fei couldn’t help but hit a tingling consciousness and course up the "immortal" to repair the broken yuan god.
However, to his amazement, even his "immortality" has lost its constant urging method, and it doesn’t help at all to feel the power of God!
"Have I really entered another world of isolation and completely lost my connection with my body?"
Lu Fei’s face suddenly changed at the thought of this, but his heart was very unwilling!
Just those "ordinary" swords will benefit you a lot. If you can get this sword, Qiang Jian will get it.
"Who said I don’t deserve it! If I don’t deserve this day, who else does? "
Suddenly, Lu Fei’s fighting spirit became higher than ever, and Yuan Shen, who was already teetering, once again condensed into a sword and flagrantly killed it!
As if I had my own will, I heard Lu Fei’s arrogant roar, and the sword suddenly sneered again and again, and then the conversation turned, "But I like it!" Dou zong NV kang
As soon as the words sound just fell, the sword was cracked again, and the strong sword with the root method was "thundered" and chopped again in Liu Fei Yuan Shen!
Listen to "card rub" and it will be crunchy!
Liu Fei Yuan Shen was finally overwhelmed and split like brittle glass, and the rain and light seemed to dissipate!
An unyielding will suddenly exploded in the depths of my soul. "I am not willing! I still have too many responsibilities to master Xiao Xiao and my parents. …; I still have too many people to care about! I can’t die like this! "
"Ha ha …; …; I am white! "
Suddenly Liu Fei puffed up and laughed with a domineering face. "You can’t kill me! Who can kill me if I don’t want to die! It’s hard to bury the earth! No one can! "
The words sound just fell, one gold and one black, and two strong smells suddenly spread from the depths of Lu Fei’s soul! Then a magical scene happened. The original was completely broken, and the fragments of Yuan Shen, who was about to melt the light and rain, were suddenly reorganized together!
But this is not the original sample of Lu Fei, and it is not sword-shaped! But turned into a strange "two-faced man"!
At this time, he has a three-headed and six-armed king kong arhat on the front and a three-headed and six-armed terror demon king on the back!
The magic arhat dharma body!
In Qiang Jian, the will of the magic arhat hidden in Lu Fei’s soul is finally completely awakened!
At this moment, Lu Fei felt that she had become stronger than ever!
It seems that raising your hand and lifting your foot can tear the day and break the ground!
The sonorous Zen singing sounds like Hong Zhong Dalu is deaf!
"Magic noise for nine days! Roar …; …;”
At the same time, the demon king’s dharma body on the back is constantly roaring, and the magic power has fallen to the sky, which has formed an unusually fresh contrast.
"Ah this …; …; This is not to say that the magic arhat dharma body "
Seeing all this, the long sword formed by Qiang Jian’s intention suddenly exclaimed that it was lost and dull, and did not dare to move in the middle.
"Come here!"
At this time, Liu Fei’s magic arhat dharma body is suddenly waved to it for a face without questioning drink a way