"I don’t know if I live or die!"

Seeing this scene, Jia Shu’s eyes suddenly flashed with a bit of Nudou Island.
Sneer at the one-body out-of-body experience, the mid-term environmental repair is even more revealing. The black nails in the hands are like mushrooms after rain, and they are almost half a meter long, and they are as fierce as sharp daggers, and they are caught in Liu Fei’s chest.
"come on! I want to see how strong you can be in the middle of your OBE! "
Liu Fei and the slightest fear in the hands of pike a young rapid arm in two guns fierce to Jia Shuhua caught fingers swept away!
A gun fell and the collision was actually a series of sparks, and the metal vibrato sounded suddenly. If Liu Fei didn’t react quickly enough, he swept out a chain to protect Zhang Luhan’s father and daughter. I’m afraid they had already died on the spot!
"You take uncle out first and I’ll be there later!"
A gun forced Jia Shu painting Liu Fei to yell 1 at Zhang Luhan quickly.
"Hum! Want to go! Where is it so easy! "
However, before Zhang Luhan reacted, Jia Shuhua quickly hit a magic gas and went straight to Zhang Luhan’s blaster!
"get out!"
Liu Fei was surprised and angry. He shot Jia Shu’s painting and hit Shennongding at the first time!
Fortunately, Shennongding didn’t lose his temper this time, and immediately he magnified it several times and enveloped Zhang Luhan’s father and daughter, which made them escape!
Jia Shu painting indecision muttered a this just laughed "hey, it seems that it is true! You are just a baby with an artifact in your hand! No wonder it’s so scary! "
"But without the artifact, what do you fight with me!"
The words sound just fell and Jia Shu tattooed, and immediately the magic power won with a touch of sorrowful lotus flower, and a blood arrow was instantly turned to Liu Fei for strangulation!
Although Lu Fei’s record has been all over the magic door, Jia Shuqin has not paid too much attention to it. Therefore, although he knows that Lu Fei is difficult, the main reason is attributed to his artifact. Now that he lacks the artifact, what can he do with his early strength?
With that step pike in his hand?
[345] Are you shameless?
? "Hum! I still have a lot to do! "
Liu Fei immediately snorted and proudly said, "Even if there is no artifact, can you endure me?"
Lu Fei’s fighting spirit is getting higher and higher. The voice just fell and his hand was raised. It was a series of French and Indian prints that he hit and then put to use!
Lu Fei has thoroughly mastered this magical power since he came out of the netherworld. He has not been idle for more than a month in Maoshan, and sometimes he is thinking about "Baoshan Seal" and "Overlying Seal"!
Nowadays, he can successfully display this seal with almost no brewing! Its power is far more powerful than before!
Booming …
A palm-sized mountain suddenly appeared in his hand, which was more like a real magic weapon than reality.
Once the mountain seal was put to use, Jia Shu’s face suddenly changed. At this time, she felt an extremely dangerous feeling from the hill in Lu Fei’s hand!
She can’t figure it out. Isn’t it just a palm-sized mountain? How could it pose such a big threat to her?
That kind of feeling seems to be like facing a hundred thousand mountains, deep and thick, which makes people breathless.
A muffled sound hit the hill in Lu Fei’s hand. On the spot, it crushed the blood arrow and made it re-melted with a lotus flower and dissipated in the air!
"If you retreat now, come back!"
Successfully crushed the blood arrow Liu Fei but did not pursue each other. After all, it seems too good for Aunt Zhang Luhan to really beat her up somehow.