Bing Jia and Feng Jia were all at the scene.

The Temple of Heaven Demon is more than one billion miles away from Taiyi Xianmen.
However, when those drinks rang, he finally thought of a possibility, that is, the top ten Xuanmen-Kunlun Daomeng.
Or when I first came to fix the true world, I heard from Feng Yan that a force came from outside the domain 70,000 years ago, and in a very short time, a large group of experts wiped out the 10 th Blue Gate at that time, ranking among the top ten Xuanmen. The name of this force is Kunlun Daomeng.
After these years, I never paid attention to this force, and it almost faded from his memory.
Think carefully about whether they were hunted down 170 years ago or this time they "re-emerged from the Jianghu" and were jointly hunted down by super powers. No one from Kunlun Daomeng appeared in the end.
"JiYuanQing you this is meaning? !” Qi Jianqiu’s face changed dramatically.
All the wars stopped at the same time, and just a blow almost collapsed. Qi Jianqiu presided over the war, and Chen Han escaped through the war’s instantaneous decline.
Only then did I see the outside world clearly. There were 30,000 people on the side of Lingxiao Juexian Array. Although the number was small, they were all elites.
The lowest is the amazing realm of Mahayana in the middle period, which is definitely the most powerful elite of a certain force!
Chapter 414 Deep roots
First, there is no lack of elegance in a blue gown. The middle-aged man’s black hair is flying like a rainbow, and it is like a sword pointing to heaven.
He smiled like an elder and nodded to Chen Han, then turned to look coldly at the angry JiJian autumn wind and light clouds and said, "Meaning? I really want to know if Taiyi Xianmen wants to kill me, and does it mean that I am easy to bully? "
"Senior, are you …" Chen cold heart is not horror.
"One hundred and ninety-six generations of Sun Jiyuan, the Yellow Emperor of Xuanyuan, took charge of the Kunlun Taoist League."
Middle-aged man’s attitude towards Chen Han is completely different, and he gently smiles. "Don’t blame the 170-year-old man for not helping you. At that time, I heard your name for the first time and didn’t know that you were also a descendant of Yan Huang. I didn’t know that you were from Yan Huang until later, when the clan administration was extraordinary and Mu Xuan and their younger generations confirmed that you were from Yan Huang. But at that time, you had been chased into destruction."
At his side, the old man in black nodded and said, "It was really cold when you were chased into destruction and wanted to save you. This time, Zhang Jiao just heard that you came out and secretly brought people here. He had already guessed that Taiyi Xianmen would bring troubles here, so he went straight to here but arrived one step earlier than other parties."
"What are the predecessors called?" Chen Han felt that his heart was almost jumping out.
"The name calls itself Ghost Valley"
The old man said with a sly smile, "We know each other for a long time, but you don’t know me. You won’t forget that I once set up a ball killer network with that little guy with residual blood, will you?" I was one of the five people who formed it, but later I saw that Yuanxing had no future and ran to fix the true boundary. I didn’t expect that I, a Chinese vein, had a foundation here, but the descendants of Xuanyuan ancestors formed Kunlun Daomeng. "
Then, when Chen Han’s eyes turned to several people around Ji Yuanqing, the names were known and unknown.
"One of the founders of the old Mo Zhai Ball Killer Network"
"Han Feiqiu Killer Network Founder One"
"A total of seven hundred and thirty-four generations of grandchildren."
"I wish Zhu Rong a hundred and nineteen generations of grandchildren."
"Cang Youfeng Cang Xie’s one hundred and forty-five grandchildren"
One name after another was introduced to Chen Han’s ear. He seemed to have lost his way. The lamb found his mother. Although some people he had never heard of, their ancestors were familiar with them.
Xuanyuan Huangdi is an honorific title for the ancestor of the Yellow Emperor, not Xuanyuan surname. His surname Gongsun was born in Jishui, but he was not strong enough before he changed his surname. On the contrary, the original surname no longer made the descendants’ grandson Ji surname.
Gong Gong, Zhu Rong, and Cang Xie were the generals of Xuanyuan Huangdi in those days, and the later deities all possessed the amazing powers of conan the destroyer.
The only thing that makes Chen Han feel strange is that God’s wrath robbed and killed all the masters who were over Yuan’s infancy. At that time, the remnant blood was lucky to have Yuan’s infancy repair.
However, Mo Zhai and Han Fei were both celebrities with a higher seniority than Ying Zheng when Qi was fighting for hegemony. It is reasonable to say that Xiu Geng and others in Ying Zheng should stay in Kunlun Mountain Enchantment even if they don’t die. How can they stay in the earthly world for tens of millions of years and form a ball killer network with residual blood?
He didn’t think much about finding a problem. He knelt down and kowtowed to Ji Yuanqing and others again and again. "Chen Han kowtowed to the ancestors and thanked them for their salvation!"
"Get up!"
Ji Yuanqing hurriedly lifted him up in person, just like treating his own children. "Others naturally can’t hide you from being strong, but we are different. You are my grandson, and you are strong. If you know it, you will be honored by the ancestors of Xuanyuan. If I didn’t guess wrong, it should be the mysterious arrow tactic created by the ancestors."
"It is the younger generation who got the ancestral doppelganger personally from the seal of Chiyou."
"Then I dare not accept your gift. Seriously, you are the ancestor’s brother!"
Kunlun Daomeng Zhang teaches Ji Yuanqing to look frightened and frightened. If Chen Han is the brother of Xuanyuan Huangdi, then his grandchild of hundreds of generations is shorter than Chen Han. I don’t know how many times he worships him. Wouldn’t it be a mess?
Just when they were chatting, Qi Jianqiu’s heart sank directly into the abyss, and this damn cold was actually the same as Kunlun Daomeng.
From the same universe, not to mention the same ancestor, it turned out that it was from Kunlun Daomeng to teach the ancestors, so that unless Ji Yuanqing did not hesitate to betray his ancestors, even if Kunlun Daomeng destroyed him, he would turn his back on Chen’s cold side and be ten thousand times more determined than the ice family and the wind family.
"Ji Yuanqing, this is an enemy of the fix true world. Are you serious …"
Before Qi Jianqiu’s words stopped, Zhulie was furious and shouted, "Chen Han is our ancestor’s brother, but … is our ancestor’s generation always killing you?" Do you want to die if I fuck your Qi Jianqiu? !”