What Handanovic likes to hear most during this period is not that others say that he played well in the race, but that his car is beautiful and domineering.

"Such a beautiful car … I think more people should appreciate it. What do you think, Samir?"
"Ah?" Handanovic is a little confused in the face of winning these words.
Changsheng pulled the co-pilot door and jumped.
"All right, don’t. Let’s go. Target-No.1 training ground!"
When Handanovic took his car to the training ground and watched the team train Lazio fans, journalists and their friends, they were shocked!
These people are here to watch training and dig up some news.
I didn’t expect them to see a scene that didn’t belong to training!
That car has been very popular among fans and the media recently. It is well known that Handanovic likes his car.
Everyone can see at a glance that it is Handanovich’s car.
But the question is what will this car appear in the training ground?
A group of people looked at each other and nobody knew anything.
Handanovic stopped the car in front of the goal under the command of winning constantly.
Then Chang Sheng said to him, "Turn off the fire and pull out the key. Now go back to the locker room and get dressed for training."
Handanovic was confused and a little nervous and asked his boss, "Boss … Can you tell me what this is about …"
Changsheng smiled and shook his head. "Don’t ask so many questions, Samir. Go change quickly or I’ll count you as late for training."
It’s not good to train players who are late.
This is a big killer
As soon as Handanovic heard what his boss said, he turned off the fire and pulled out the key, then pushed the door and ran to the locker room.
When Lazio players changed their training from the dressing room and walked to the training ground, everyone was surprised!
Because they saw a black monster in the green grass training ground!
A domineering SUV stopped in front of the goal!
There are four clear ruts on the ground, which are left by the crushing of this monster.
A sharp-eyed person recognized it at a glance as the Land Rover Range Rover that Handanovic loved.
But they don’t know why this car will appear in the training ground.
Some people look at Handanovich, and Handanovich also has a blank face.
Although he listened to the old boast and brought the car here, to be honest, he didn’t know what the boss asked him to bring the car here for.
Equally surprised are the coaches of Lazio coaching staff.
No one knows what this car will appear in the training ground-doesn’t anyone think it’s in the way?
The ever-victorious whistle turned everyone’s eyes from Handanovic’s love car body to him.
"Well, guys, training horses is coming. What are you still staring at here? Rudy leads them to warm up! "
Rudy Gonzalez, the assistant coach, came out to blow the whistle and the whistle sounded.
"Warm up warm up! !”
When the players run around the training ground to warm up, every time they pass the goal where Land Rover is located, everyone can’t help but look at the car.
Especially when handanovic is far away, his eyes are fixed on his car.
Although he doesn’t know what his boss asked him to bring the car, he always has a bad feeling in his heart …
There seems to be something unlucky to add to your car.
After all the warm-up training, everyone is back in front of the winning team.
Chang Sheng announced to them that he would train this afternoon.
"The first training item today-shooting training" said Chang Sheng.
Shooting training is also a normal training subject, but the timing is a little wrong-it is rare to practice shooting at the beginning of training. Generally speaking, the popular training is at the last minute of the training class. Before practicing, everyone will do other training and the goalkeeper will have special goalkeeper training
Then Chang Sheng pointed to the goal where Handanovic’s car was located.
"Just practice in front of that goal!"
Handanovich thumped-he suddenly realized what the ominous premonition in his heart was …