The base headquarters is located in the northwest of the base. It is a 16-story building with an area of 12,000 square meters near the Mystery Villa. The design and production of the core magnetic levitation power device and the development of antimatter weapons are all managed by intelligent robots. Its structure is almost the expansion of Zongming’s original Moonlight Garden Castle in Tokyo.

Hua Jincheng gave Zong Ming an order that he would arrive in Zhongnanhai, Beijing in three days.
It’s the afternoon after receiving the order, and if you fly there and don’t leave, the arrangement will be a bit hurried.
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Chapter one hundred and fifty Evil four
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Mo Tian evil is now in the command center of Zongming Command, asking Zongming to take him into Beijing to face the holy face.
Mo Tian-xie and Zong Ming have been in contact for nearly two years, and they usually have more exchanges with Qing Sheng. The appellation of Zong Ming has also changed. Just listen to him solemnly say in front of Zong Ming’s desk, "What do you think of the door owner’s boss? You have to arrange a pilgrimage to Beijing for me? I haven’t joined the WTO for more than a thousand years, but I think I have seen the Hanwu Emperor in those days, even though the dynasty has changed long ago. Your boss is an important red man in front of the emperor, and I am a member of the imperial court. It should be said that the visit to the saint is a minister’ Wrong novel network many words "
Zong Ming patted his forehead and said, "I’m dizzy. Your mouth is really adaptable. You have become so eloquent. This reason has also been made up for you, and I can’t seem to find the reason for refusing."
Mo Tianxiao laughed. "The boss is born of the fittest. Since joining the WTO and mixing with your boss, of course, you have to do as the Romans do. In fact, I want to see the prestige of the Hanwu Emperor in those days. It is a dream in everyone’s heart to let the boss be so arrogant and benevolent."
Zongming Yizheng said, "Speaking of which, I really have to take you to Beijing together. After you have seen it, compare today’s saints with Hanwu Emperor."
Mo Tianxiao patted his chest and said, "Don’t worry about this, your boss. Anyway, I have been doing it for more than a thousand years. Don’t say that these eyes are absolutely unique in judging people!"
Zong Ming looked at the wall calendar and said, "Old evil, you go to arrange things in the villa. You are entangled in it. Now I’m afraid that I can’t come by plane. When it gets dark, we can fly without anyone. Come on, from here to Beijing, our posture is just a little bit. Then I’ll show you a good look at the size of the palace now, which is much more imposing than the palace of Hanwu Emperor."
Zong Ming naturally refers to the Forbidden City in Beijing. Anyway, when they look down from it, they can’t see people in the dark. Besides, since this guy left an emperor and right a saint to tell him that this nickname is not popular now, he can’t change his mouth, so just come out of the palace as he wants
Zong Ming gave dragon three the title of political commissar of the base. Because all the personnel in the base are in Zong Ming’s hands, Hua Jincheng didn’t interfere at all. Zong Ming did this to reassure Hua Jincheng. dragon three is Hua Jincheng’s most trusted special assistant, but now dragon three is still fighting in the national anti-espionage front. Of course, the most important thing is that the base is still not perfect in some places. The first maglev warship has not been assembled yet. Otherwise, Hua Jincheng would have been invited to visit and inspect it.
After all the work was arranged in order, Zong Ming and Mo Tianxiao teleported to Beijing in a short time, just after nine o’clock at night.
The Forbidden City in Beijing is located in the center of Beijing. It is also known as the Forbidden City. It has been inhabited by 24 emperors in the Qing Dynasty. Now it is the Palace Museum. The Forbidden City is known as the "Dian Yu Hai" with a total area of more than 720,000 square meters. The palace room 9999 is surrounded by a moat with a height of 1 meter and a length of 34 meters.
The Forbidden City is located in the center of Taihe, Zhonghe and Baohe halls, the two wings of Wenhua and Wuying Hall. The two wings of the East, West and Six Palaces in the center of Tinggan Qinggong, Jiaotai Palace and Kunning Palace are strictly arranged and orderly. One of them runs from the meridian gate, the three main halls and the last three palaces to the imperial garden, Qin ‘an Hall and Shenwumen Middle Road, which constitute the central axis of the whole Forbidden City. There are also many temples symmetrically distributed on both sides of the central axis of the Forbidden City. All four corners of the Forbidden City have exquisite and exquisite corner buildings. The so-called "nine beams and ten columns" are extremely beautiful.
The whole building of the Forbidden City is resplendent and magnificent, and I can see that I am in the middle of the world. I am amazed and imitate Zong Ming’s spoken language and say, "Boss, I am dizzy. This big palace is much more magnificent than the Hanwu Emperor’s Palace I saw in those years. Today, it seems that Saint is really not an ordinary person!"
Zong Ming took a white look at Mo Tian evil and said, "Old evil, isn’t this nonsense? Ordinary idlers are qualified to be my boss. I don’t know if my boss is resting now."
Mo Tianxiao suddenly felt something was wrong. He "touched" his head and said, "No, boss, it should be a brightly lit time in the palace. Why does the whole palace look dark like no one lives?"
Zong Ming said, "You still have some knowledge. No one has lived here for a long time and people have visited the museum. It turns out that the emperors who lived in this palace have long been destroyed. Do you think that I can’t care about him when I don’t even look at such a big palace today?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Mo Tianxiao said, "That makes sense, boss. Can we see your boss now?"
Zong meditated and said, "Let’s find a humble place to go down first and then I’ll try to find my boss."
Two people said like two black "color" blink of an eye and landed in an obscure corner of the Forbidden City.
Zong Ming and Mo Tianxiao are now wearing a new suit, which is much more appropriate than those popular suits. The locked neckline looms with solemn six star buttons, which look brand-new "tide" but do not lose their steady style. Zong Ming and Long Sanlian dragon three were dealing with a lot of official documents at the National Security Bureau at that time, and they immediately rushed over after receiving the information of Zong Ming’s divine knowledge.
After Zong Ming gave a military-like salute, Mo Tianxie came to make Zong Ming look a little embarrassed.
Mo Tianxie gave Hua Jincheng a big gift and said, "Mo Tianxie, a wild grass man, see the holy wish, long live my emperor!"
Is it that Zong Ming is a little at a loss? Even Hua Jincheng has been a little overwhelmed by Mo Tian Xie. Hua Jincheng certainly knows that he can bring Zong Ming to meet others. He must be a high-ranking person with great status. Long San has much contact with Hua Jincheng. He knows a little about the country’s fix-up world. Seeing Mo Tian’s evil deeds, this gift is white. It must be a long time since he died. I don’t know which dynasty he personally helped Mo Tian Xie up and said, "How dare Mo Lao to do this gift?"
Mo Tianxiao solemnly said, "Although it is out of fashion to call Emperor Daodi now, in that era when Wang lived, anyone who saw the emperor had to do this gift. Otherwise, it was a big crime to kill the head and exterminate the nation. Wang had the honor to see the Hanwu emperor in the Han Dynasty, but today he had the honor to see that the sky is even more majestic than the Hanwu emperor. Goodbye, sage, and hand in hand to help Wang is really a generation of benevolence. Jun Jun, with these two points, it is enough for Wang to shout for three times."
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Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Strategic showdown one
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Hua Jincheng was only white when he heard Mo Tianxiao’s words. In front of him, he called him Huang Mo Tianxiao, who was actually an ancient fixer in the Han Dynasty. If he was really old, he could be called Mo Tianxiao. When Qian Qian was old, he heard Mo Tianxiao praise himself more than Hanwu Emperor. Hua Jincheng in Britain and SHEN WOO could not help but praise him gradually. Of course, he naturally looked at Zong Ming with a little comfort and said, "It’s very rude for a little Sect to bring Mo Lao over without saying hello beforehand."
Zong Ming first grabbed Mo Tianxiao and pulled him behind him. He lowered his hand and made some other jokes. Then he said to Hua Jincheng, "Chairman, please don’t take it amiss with Comrade Lao Mo, but no one has ever given him such a big gift today. It is enough to prove that Chairman really has a style beyond the martial arts of many emperors. People are a little nervous and they are all a little desperate. I told him that it is now called Chairman instead of Emperor, but he said that it is now.
Mo Tian Xie didn’t know that you can’t "insert" your mouth casually in front of the sky. This is the minimum courtesy. Since it is a day, ask him if he can reciprocate one day.
Hua Jincheng secretly marveled at this world. There is no such thing as a ghost, which always brings him some unexpected surprises. Before that, there was an alien friend, and now he brought in a Han Dynasty expert who actually lived for more than a thousand years. Is this world really immortal? China has this monster. Will there be a thousand-year-old demon in foreign countries?
Hua Jinzong once again carefully looked at Mo Tian-xie’s feeling that this worldly master didn’t have that kind of elegant temperament, but there was an unspeakable evil, but this evil was suppressed by his lofty righteousness. Hua Jincheng invited the two of them to sit down. Since the veteran looked at the sky by himself, of course, he couldn’t lose the elegance of the king. There was a natural majesty looming in his eyes and he said to Mo Tian-xie, "I wonder if Mo Tian-xie is old and old?"
Mo Tianxiao really doesn’t know how old he is. He is still there, counting Zong Ming, but he said, "There are at least 2,000 years old. This is meaningless. When it’s good, the waves don’t get lucky in avoiding the world and fixing the truth. They get the strength to do something for the country and the nation. The point is no different from a living dead person." Chairman, you are not too polite to Comrade Lao Mo. In his mind, you are the eternal holy emperor. "
Mo Tianxiao also "touched" his head and said, "It’s been too long since I went back to the emperor, and Wang can’t figure out how old I am now. My boss said yes, that is, it’s more than 2,000 points. Alas, if I hadn’t let the boss wake up in a word, it would have been as good as what he said. It’s not too late to mend the situation. I must have this old man to serve the emperor faithfully in the future, and I will have a local emperor, even though Wang has a strong mouth."
Mo Tian evil left a sentence and the emperor called Hua Jincheng a little difficult to adapt to. Fortunately, this is his office and there are loyal guards inside and outside. Otherwise, if you listen to it, you will really seize this ill-chosen language and want to be an emperor to launch a political attack on him on trumped-up charges.
Zong Ming seems to have mastered Hua Jincheng’s thoughts. He said to Mo Tianxiao with a calm face, "The old evil can’t say the word" emperor "at will on occasions. I hope you won’t come out of your mouth again. Now it is the people and political parties that govern the socialist country. The ancient imperial era is long gone. Now China is the emperor, but everyone is afraid of one word, and everyone is accused of being stupid and vain."
Mo Tian Xie knows that the boss is not joking now, but he still doesn’t understand. "Isn’t the country the biggest now?" Who dares to oppose the emperor can kill his family? Boss, didn’t you say that China is the biggest now? Since it is the biggest, it is that heaven is the emperor. "
Hua Jincheng said earnestly, "Now China is not my biggest, but the people’s biggest. I am elected by the people to represent me. All the benefits are given to me by the country and the people, not by me. This is qualitatively different from the imperial emperor in your time. The imperial throne is in the hands of the royal family, but hereditary. But in a socialist country, if you can’t lead the people to live a happy and stable life, you can’t let every China person live with dignity and make the country stronger. Prosperity, then the people can bring me here at any time. Now there is no royal personal interest in China, but there are national interests, people’s interests and political party interests. Xiaozong is right. It is no joke to be an emperor. Even if you say it casually in Mo Lao’s time, you have to ask Mo Lao not to call it these two words in the future. "
Mo Tian-xie is really like Zong Ming’s insistence. He said, "Anyway, you are now an emperor in my old evil mind. If you don’t call yourself emperor, you won’t call yourself emperor. Just like the old evil boss, you can call yourself" chairman ".But the word" chairman "is really a bit awkward."
Zong Ming said, "If it’s not smooth, you have to let it go slowly, old evil. When something grows, you will understand. I have something to discuss with the Chairman. Do you want me to send you back to Lop Nur first or …"
Mo Tian evil hurriedly interface said, "Boss, if you have something, you can discuss it with the" Chairman "first. Anyway, I can’t listen to it. It’s rare to come out once. Of course, you have to walk around well."
Zong Ming rebuffed, "If you won’t go back to the base, then stay here honestly for me. If I let you wander around" randomly ",you don’t make something. I’ll call you the boss in turn. I don’t know what big leaks you made for me in China. But since you are old in Loulan, I can’t let you leave my sight. If you don’t, I’ll find those fix-the-true factions. You’ll have fun fighting the disaster, but I’m serious. Don’t joke with me."
Mo Tianxiao said bitterly, "If you don’t go, don’t go, then I’ll meditate here and rest at the head office. I promise I won’t care if you talk." And he really crossed his legs and closed his eyes and sat up.
Hua Jincheng heard about Loulan from Zong Ming’s words and couldn’t help asking, "What is the connection between Xiao Zong Mo Lao and the ancient country of Loulan?"
Zong Ming took one look at Mo Tianxiao and then said to Hua Jincheng, "Chairman, the destruction of Loulan ancient country can be said to be caused by Mo Laoxie. He had a great prestige in that year."
With this, Zong Ming told Hua Jincheng the story of the evil Sect of Heaven and the ancient country of Loulan. After listening to Hua Jincheng’s steadiness, he didn’t even stop to change his color. He couldn’t help but take another look at Mo Tianxiao and said, "Xiao Zong, do you mean that the true Sect is more destructive than the nuclear bomb explosion when it is serious?"
Zong Yanzheng "color" said, "It’s quite terrible that if there are several masters fighting together with magic weapons, the energy generated is not much worse than the explosion of a five-million-ton hydrogen bomb, but there is no nuclear pollution, but the destructive power of its energy shock wave is absolutely destructive. The frequent disasters in Japan over the past year or so are caused by the fighting between European practitioners and Japanese practitioners."
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