"However, although I didn’t instigate Li Gang, I have been thinking about you in my heart." Gu Najing listened to the sweet words and got goose bumps.

She said, "Gu Nanjing, that’s enough. If you want to disgust yourself, please don’t disgust me."
"However …" Gu Nanjing paused tentatively and asked, "Do you know leoqin, the head of Shengtian?"
Section 33
Jane snorted "leoqin? I’m just innovating how a small employee can know leoqin, the head of Shengtian. You respect me too much. "
Gu Nanjing asked, "You really don’t know leoqin?"
Second, Chen Sheng, director of Jiangbei Public Security Bureau, personally went to the police station to pick him up. This time, Chen Sheng personally ordered Li Gang and others to be investigated for criminal responsibility.
At best, such a trivial matter can be treated as a fight. He needs to make a phone call, and Li Gang and others will be released. Who knows that it has suddenly become a criminal case
Gu Nanjing thought about it and never imagined that Qin Yue, who had no strong forces behind him, could make Chen Sheng move.
He had people secretly investigate, and the police revealed some gossip, pointing directly at Shengtian leoqin.
How did leoqin get involved in the simple incident?
Gu Nan-jing thinks twice, and the news that leoqin is a womanizer is so elusive that leoqin probably looks simple.
Will that Qin Yue try to curry favor with Shengtian leoqin and personally send his wife to someone else’s bed?
The more I think about Gu Nanjing in this respect, the more I think it’s possible that it belongs to him. How can he let Qin Yue take advantage of it?
Jane doesn’t know what Gu Nanjing wants to say. It’s a little puzzling. "Gu Nanjing, don’t talk to me about it. I tell you for sure that I don’t know any leoqin at all."
When she said this, Qin Yue was pushing the door and coming in. She just heard Jane talking about leoqin. Why did she get to leoqin? Don’t …
He looked at Jane with deep exploration in his eyes.
Talking to Gu Nanjing, I was hit by Qin Yue, but I was still worried that Qin Yue misunderstood and hung up quickly. I looked at him and smiled. "Is Feiyu calling to ask if we are home yet?"
As soon as you explain it, it’s three hundred and twenty pieces of silver here. Qin Yue should stare at her more and see who she is talking to.
Chapter 57 Pull into the blacklist
Qin Yue’s eyes with a golden frame slightly narrowed and said, "Don’t pick him up after blacklisting that person’s number. Don’t meet him again."
Qin Yue is worried that Jane has been hurt so deeply and is still obsessed with people. He must help her decisively cut off the feelings that she shouldn’t miss in the past.
Qin Yue dialect is very strong and overbearing, but Jane doesn’t hate saying such things from his mouth to take out his mobile phone and blacklist Gu Nanjing’s mobile phone number.
After blacklisting, I simply showed my mobile phone to Qin Yue. "Well, I won’t see him again after blacklisting."
"Well," Qin Yue stared at Jane’s golden framed eyes and flashed an imperceptible light. "I forgot something just now. Do you want to make up for it now?"
"What is it? Do you need my help? " Jane did not know what Qin Yue meant by this matter and asked stupidly.
"I really need your help." Qin Yue held her head near Jane’s lip corner.
Jane is a little angry. "It’s good to play this childish game of Qin Yue once, and it’s really naive to play it again."
She was Qin Yue, and if she wanted to kiss her, she wouldn’t kiss her. However, she was kissed by Qin Yue before she finished speaking.
The lips and teeth entwine and breathe … The more he kisses, the more overbearing he is. The more he kisses, the more he seems to want to swallow Jane into his stomach.
Jane tugged at his skirt with both hands, and she was willing to let him take her into a new dream world.
However, the lingering hot kiss came to an abrupt end, but it was still in the middle. In the warmth of his fierce kiss, Qin Yue had pushed her out of her arms.
Qin Yue pointed her finger in front of her and wiped her lips with her breath. "I will continue to work and you will rest early."
Jane froze in place for a long time before she came to her senses. "What kind of person is like this every time?"
She was so white that what Qin Yue said about forgetting one thing meant that she didn’t kiss her when she came back from a business trip today.
Sip sip with Qin Yue temperature lip Jane suddenly felt a bit sad in my heart. Can he and she really limit the continuation of this warm time now?
Gu Nanjing’s innovative work in Jiangbei is always restless if he fails to handle it properly.
I’m so afraid that these warm days will be broken and everything will go back to the original.
Gu Nan, a luxury suite of a five-star hotel in Jiangbei, was so prosperous that several mobile phones were smashed.
Jane not only hung up on him last night, but also blacklisted him. Didn’t she give him a chance? In this life, he can watch Jane become a woman of Qin Yue?
No! No! No!
Gu Najing shouted in his mind that he would never let that Qin pick up the cheap, and he would definitely take Jane back.
If Jane has been stubborn, then he does not rule out that some means can never be cheaper than that Qin.
That Qin doesn’t deserve him. He’s not qualified