She didn’t dare to talk to anyone sitting there.

Shen Xinyu smiled and drooped her eyelashes. "It’s my first time, too."
It’s the first time that she didn’t have these scenery in Nanjiang from then on.
"But I think he is very kind to you. It should not be your uncle."
"No" Shen Xinyu ate the last snack and looked up. Tang Shiyan was coming in from the outside.
"Ha-ha-oh, I told you that my feelings were wrong." Aunt smiled generously and then patted her forehead awkwardly, as if casually asking, "So you are …"
Seeing the man looking over seems to say something. Shen Xinyu’s eyes wander and he turns to say, "I’ll wash my hands first."
Section 95
After eating several Shen Xinyu and Tang Shiyan successively, they walked out of the food street with an ice cream in their hands.
The housekeeper stopped at the side of the road and trotted over and asked, "Where is Mr. Tang going next?"
Tang Shiyan looked back at Shen Xinyu and the girl squinted and smiled. "Go back to rest?"
Shen Xinyu took the man’s handkerchief and wiped his hands after eating the ice cream in his hand. He just took the bus and seemed to think of something and rummaged through his bag.
"What’s the matter?" Tang Shiyan back to ask
"I seem to have lost my leaf. I’ve been holding it in my hand." It was noon when they picked a leaf in Maple Valley. She couldn’t reach it or Tang Shiyan picked it for her.
I found that there was no Shen Xinyu in my bag and quickly flipped through my pocket. My face was a little worried.
When Tang Shiyan saw it, he frowned lightly and said, "If you don’t see it, you will disappear. If you like to go again in the afternoon."
However, after listening to him, the girl didn’t breathe a sigh of relief, but for the first time, she gave a stubborn tone to the man, "There are no identical people in this world and there are no identical leaves."
Not everything can be replaced!
Tang Shiyan leng
Shen Xinyu’s eyelashes trembled. I don’t know if I was embarrassed because I said this sentence, which has been suppressed for a long time, or if I really wanted to find Ye and throw a sentence, "I should know where it fell."
He pushed the door and ran away.
Tang Shiyan seems to have never listened to all this during the period, but the housekeeper was somewhat surprised and hesitated for a long time. "Do you want Mr. Tang to let them quietly send another piece?"
Although he also thought that Miss Shen’s words made sense just now, it was just a leaf after all. How different can it be? There are so many people here, and Miss Shen may have been swept away as garbage. Even if she was lucky enough not to throw it away, she might have been trampled.
Tang Shiyan glanced at him lightly and said, "Don’t you know that there are no identical leaves in this world?"
Butler be well-advised shut up.
Shen Xinyu almost trotted along the asphalt road until she couldn’t see the car parked at the intersection. She just breathed slowly and wiped her face and sweat.
She doesn’t know what’s wrong with her today. She’s always abnormal.
She likes Tang Shiyan, who is defenseless against her, and won’t dislike her. She will agree to all her requirements even if she doesn’t like the place she is going to, but she will frown and won’t refuse.
And get muddy in the morning to buy her breakfast.
She likes to count Tang Shiyan’s kindness to her, so that she will feel that these are very practical when she sees them.
However, when she just heard Tang Shiyan say so casually to pick a leaf, she suddenly felt a little sad and unbearable, as if she was the root leaf that was easily replaced by Tang Shiyan and would be easily replaced one day.
After asking several shops in succession, Shen Xinyu walked back to the last tea shop after they had just been to the store.
The aunt was still bending over to clean the table. Shen Xinyu went over and asked, "Auntie, excuse me, have you seen a leaf?"
When the aunt heard this, she was surprised to see Shen Xinyu smile. "Ah, yes, it was you. I just picked it up and wanted to throw it as garbage, but it looked beautiful and it was exposed to the sun."
Said the aunt got up and started walking towards the outside
Shen Xinyu gave a surprise "Thank you so much"
"You’re welcome. If you don’t come back to get it, I’ll take it back and give it to my son as a pawn." Aunt ha ha smiled and handed Shen Xinyu the wet maple leaf.
"Hey? You come back by yourself? What about your fiance? "
Shen Xinyu was happily fiddling with the leaves that had not been dried. "What did you say?"