The paper says [female guest sitting in the body of male guest doing push-ups ten]

Yu Xin and Zhao Siyu are blindsided.
Can there be such a punishment?
"The punishment should be executed immediately"
Before they came to their senses, the workers woke them up. Obviously, the workers knew what was put in each box.
"ah? Now? " Danger xin, surprised to ask
Workers "right now"
Yu Xin took a look at Si-yu zhao.
Zhao Siyu also knows that this is actually quite difficult, but he is in good health and often does one-handed push-ups, but he is a little nervous and worried at the thought of Yu Xin sitting next to him.
Nervous because Yu Xin wants to sit beside him, so that two people are in close contact.
I’m worried because I’m afraid I’m not strong enough to pull my crotch later. He doesn’t want Yu Xin to be a weak chicken.
But there’s no other way now. We have to do it anyway.
Zhao Siyu’s heart swelled. "Then do it now."
They found a relatively flat place, and Zhao Siyu simply stretched out and was ready to start.
Before he squatted down, Yu Xin walked over to him and patted him on the shoulder.
Zhao Siyu leng leng.
Yu Xin stood on tiptoe near his ear and said, "I won’t all sit there later. Don’t be nervous."
After she finished, she made a cheering gesture.
Zhao Siyu felt a hot breath, and the hot wind stayed in his ear for two seconds, and the itching was unbearable and the feeling spread rapidly.
Si-yu zhao held her breath and got goose bumps on her arms.
He consciously looked at Yu Xin and saw her smiling at himself. His eyes were full of encouragement and confidence.
His heart is beating violently at the moment.
[Zhao Siyu’s goodwill value increased by ten points]
Yu Xin blinked. "What’s wrong with you?"
"No, it’s okay. Let’s get started." He seems to be full of strength. He will definitely do these ten push-ups.
When he was poised, Yu Xin asked him, "Can I sit here?"
Yu Xin actually had such an experience before, knowing how to lighten the burden on boys mainly depends on sitting with her.
She didn’t put all the weight of her own department, and Zhao Siyu wouldn’t be unable to support it.
Although it was difficult, Zhao Siyu insisted on coming.
Yu Xin, the camera next to his count, pointed the camera at Si-yu Zhao and even took a clear picture of his face and sweat.
And Yu Xin, sitting on his body with a face of shyness, is really exciting.
Zhao Siyu’s face is red. I don’t know if it’s hot or shy.
This scene was seen by the audience, and a pair of Zhao Siyu changed.
Zhao Siyu, the former capital, had no masculinity. I didn’t expect him to be able to sit alone in the body and be so stable.
But by the fifth time, Zhao Siyu seemed a little unable to do it.
He looked a little tired, and the veins stood out in his arms burst.
[I want to cheer for Zhao Siyu]
Me, too, and I can see that he is actually very nervous. He immediately blushed when Yu Xin approached him just now.
[Zhao Siyu is definitely the most innocent of these male guests. He likes Yu Xin to show off.]
[Although I prefer Chang Cheng’s handsome style, I suddenly feel that Zhao Siyu’s brother-in-law style is also very sweet, and it matches Yu Xin very well]
Can Zhao Siyu finish? Why do I feel that he can’t insist on going?
The barrage is frantically refreshing. Seeing that it has reached the ninth place, Si-yu Zhao frowned and suddenly stopped moving.
Yu Xin can also feel that he seems to be endless.
"Should I get up?"
"No" Zhao Siyu’s voice is full of difficulties, and she is biting her teeth.
"But …"
She didn’t finish her words. Zhao Siyu had finished the last one with a brace and then fell to the ground with both hands.
Yu Xin hurriedly got up and wanted to pull Si-yu zhao up.
However, Zhao Siyu turned to smile at her, and her eyes looked like a vast starlight. "What shall I do when I’m done?"
Chapter 9 Chapter 9
Yu Xin helped him up. Of course, she wouldn’t hit him, but smiled gently and said, "Are you tired of doing well? Get up quickly. "
When she finished, she went to help Zhao Siyu get up.
Si-yu zhao gasped slightly, just did consume a lot of physical strength, two people have a rest before moving on.
At this time, he looked at Yu Xin with even more burning eyes. I just didn’t write these four words like you on my face.
Yu Xin, occasionally his glances seem to be filled with sweet and sour shyness.
Until 12: 30 noon, Yu Xin and Zhao Siyu found another treasure chest with rewards.