Zhang Chengyuan, however, was not in a hurry to take his hand away. Instead, he sent out a few faint and imperceptible qi into his father’s body, helped him straighten out his breath, and calmed down his mood before moving away. Then he said, "Sister Yuri, my father-in-law, is really virtuous and loves me very much, but she often hits me when she loses her temper. Of course, she won’t hit me too hard or hurt me. I am also willing to let her hit me, but I am still afraid that she will be angry."

Maybe it’s not that I’m afraid, but that I love sung yuri too much. Generally, I never have the heart to make her sad. Well, many men with "henpecked" symptoms are like this. Of course, Zhang Chengyuan has not reached that level.
Father-in-law couldn’t help thinking, "I like Yuri a lot more than I thought. Maybe he can really bring a happy life to Yuri, but maybe he is acting for me. After all, he has always been famous for his superb acting skills, so it’s more reliable to prove his true intentions when the time comes."
Chapter four hundred and twenty sung yuri fans meet (2)
When Cheng Fu and Zhang Chengyuan spoke to Weng Xu, sung yuri fans passed the stage of audience greeting and opening remarks and entered the stage of cutting birthday cakes.
Although more than 20 days have passed since sung yuri’s birthday this year, at the enthusiastic request of fans, a birthday celebration ceremony for sung yuri was reissued at this fan meeting. After all, fans have not celebrated their birthdays in sung yuri for many years. In addition, this cake was carefully prepared by fans, beautiful, unique and atmospheric, and decorated with the English name "Yuri" in sung yuri. Each letter is palm-sized and brightly colored, which is extremely eye-catching.
Looking at sung yuri in front of the birthday cake, in the fans singing birthday songs together, with eyes closed, Zhang Chengyuan thought, "What will Sister Yuri wish for this time? Do you want her fans to support her as they do now or do you want her fans to be as happy as she is today?
Well, yes, sister Yuri looks really happy today, perhaps second only to when she is with me, so that she can be so happy more often. Should I hold a fan meeting for her every year after she transfers to my company? Well, I’ll rent a bigger venue to let her more loyal fans come to bless her and let them in … "
When he was imagining things, sung yuri blew out the candles, symbolically cut a cake and then said some words of gratitude to the fans. These words were not flowery, very plain, but full of sincerity. When it came to the depths of love, there were faint tears flashing in his eyes.
Then there is the moment of opening and reading the gifts given by fans. Because fans give too many gifts, it is impossible to open and read too many on the spot. Or, it seems that a few gifts are selected at random in Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong and other places, including scarves, aprons, picture frames, dolls and so on.
Most of the gifts are accompanied by greeting cards written by fans, and many sincere wishes are written on the surface. It is very touching to read. sung yuri can’t help but shed tears when he reads them, and his voice is slightly choked. In addition, after reading each gift, sung yuri will definitely sincerely and solemnly thank the fans, with a sincere, eager and tireless attitude.
Among the several gifts that were opened, Zhang Chengyuan was most impressed by the prototype yuri dolls from sung yuri given by Hong Kong fans. There are ten dolls in total, one of which is sung yuri’s single figure, which just corresponds to the role she played in the Ministry drama when she debuted. There are two left. One is when her parents took photos together when she graduated from college with a doctor’s hat and graduation ceremony. The other is when Hong Jitong, played by Xu Lilu and Zhang Chengyuan, sat side by side, which may mean "relying on each other".
Seeing this doll, Zhang Chengyuan couldn’t help but feel great joy and thought, "It seems that this doll-giving fan still agrees that I am with Sister Yuri. If only there were more fans of Sister Yuri who are so reasonable and can really like artists and think about fans? Then there won’t be too many fans leaving Sister Yuri when I get married with Sister Yuri. "
After opening the gift, I answered the fans’ questions, but not the fans’ on-site questions. Instead, the organizer asked the fans’ questions in advance and then selected some representative topics for the host Wen Shirun to ask. The questions asked were not about sung yuri’s daily life, work, feelings, marriage and other aspects.
Perhaps for fans, these seemingly ordinary questions are very interesting and meaningful, which can help them deepen their understanding of sung yuri, but it sounds really dull to Zhang Chengyuan, so they don’t pay much attention to it. After all, he knows sung yuri very well and most of them know the answer.
When Wen Shirun asked, "When are you going to get married?" He listened carefully, and sung yuri replied, "Maybe it will be a few years. Now my boyfriend and I are not ready, but I hope to get married before the age of three."
On hearing this, Zhang Chengyuan immediately whispered to his father-in-law, "Father-in-law, do you think Sister Yuri also has the idea of getting married? Should you approve our marriage?"
The adult father didn’t even look at him. "Yuri said she was married before she was 3 years old, but she didn’t say she was married now. It’s still three years before she is 3 years old!" He should keep his daughter around for a few more years and observe Zhang Chengyuan’s years. His daughter married the wrong person and will regret it in the future.
Zhang Chengyuan settled for the second best. "If marriage doesn’t work, let’s get engaged first?" This sentence is just a smooth one. He never thought that a father would promise on the spot to give him a psychological preparation. When he formally asked him for an engagement with sung yuri, he would not accept it for a while and strongly opposed it.
"This guy is very cunning. He must know that for our family, getting engaged is almost the same as getting married. Usually, he won’t go back on his word before making this request. How can I let him get it? If he is engaged, he may marry Yuri again in a few months or even a few days, and then it’s not good to object. "
At this thought, he said, "There is no need for you and Yuri to get engaged. When it is time to get married, it is necessary to waste money and time to do this unnecessary thing."
Zhang Chengyuan knew that he would object to smiling, so he didn’t say anything. He thought, "Anyway, I can’t persuade you, so there is no need to lobby you any more. After I get rid of Yuri’s elder sister and mother-in-law, I will let them persuade you, so the chances of success will be much greater."
When the father saw Zhang Chengyuan, he stopped talking. Although he felt a little strange in his heart that Zhang Chengyuan’s personality should not shrink back so easily, since Zhang Chengyuan stopped talking about it, he was naturally happy and relaxed
After another ten minutes, sung yuri answered the questions of the fans who hosted Wen Shirun, and then the fans will enter a session of guest conversation and interaction. At this time, the actors of "Sharp Knife Hong Jitong" cast bowed to the fans one by one after Wen Shirun’s introduction, and sat down after the staff just moved to the chair in finkl. The other three women will come out later because they are the finale of today’s fans.
At this time, Zhang Chengyuan is still sitting on the stage. It seems that he doesn’t intend to become a father. He wonders, "Why aren’t you also an actor in Hong Jitong?"
Zhang Chengyuan suddenly said, "Oh, it seems that I almost forgot my father-in-law and mother-in-law. I’m sorry that I can’t accompany you for the time being." He was thinking about how to persuade sung yuri and his mother to help him say that he was a father, so he was not in spirit. Although he saw the actors of "Hong Jitong" cast, he didn’t realize that he had to attend.
Father Cheng said, "It’s better not to accompany me, or you may be angry with me again." He nodded at random and said, "Well, go!" Mother also smiled and nodded to Zhang Chengyuan.
At this time, Wen Shirun also looked at Zhang Chengyuan and asked Zhang Chengyuan whether he wanted to be present or not. Although Zhang Chengyuan should be present at this time according to the prior process, he knew that Zhang Chengyuan’s behavior style was sometimes quite casual. If he changed his mind and didn’t want to be afraid of him, the organizer would barely come to Zhang Chengyuan, so he had to ask Zhang Chengyuan for advice.
Zhang Chengyuan got up and nodded to Wen Shirun, and then he took a step forward without waiting for Wen Shirun to introduce him. Then the whole person flew directly to the high platform more than two meters away from him and more than one meter above the ground, which stunned Taiwan fans and thought, "This piece of Chengyuan’s skill is really amazing. It’s so far and high that you can go in one step without running and sprinting!"
Some fans who have a good impression on Zhang Chengyuan then thought, "Princess Yuri must feel safe with such a strong boyfriend protection?"
And some fans who don’t like Zhang Chengyuan thought, "This one is too violent. What if you bully us later?"
Actors in "A Sharp Sword Hong Jitong" are familiar with Zhang Chengyuan’s appearance, because Zhang Chengyuan’s martial arts collar during filming is even more incredible than today. More than that, most of them think, "Does this guy want to show off? There are steps to let him go, but he insists on jumping to attract attention, just like before filming. Some people jump from the building and can hang a tightrope to help complete it, which makes it safer, but he just doesn’t."
However, they misunderstood Zhang Chengyuan. Actually, Zhang Chengyuan doesn’t like to show off his abilities. However, due to some outstanding reasons, he always inadvertently shows off some limelight, such as jumping directly from the building without hanging a tightrope during filming. This seems to him to be a very normal thing, and jumping from two or three floors will never hurt him. Moreover, he also heard chenglong talk about some scenes of shooting jumping off a building when he was young. At that time, chenglong didn’t hang any tightrope. He thought that since chenglong could do it, he could do it naturally, but he didn’t think that it was in South Korea that he dared to shoot
In addition, Zhang Chengyuan’s just jumping to the stage is also a kind of conscious action. He saw that all the other guests were seated while he was still in the stage. He was afraid that sung yuri would be dissatisfied with his slow move, so he jumped impatiently. After jumping to the stage, he realized that everyone was surprised. But now that he had made it, there is no need to regret it. When his face moved forward as usual, he sat in an out chair. It was sung yuri who sat next to him.
Sung yuri whispered to him, "You came to steal my thunder on purpose, didn’t you?" You can tell you are joking when you look at your smiling face.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Sister Yuri, how dare I do this? And today, there is no public shooting scene, and most of them are your fans. Even if I do everything I can, no one cares. What’s the limelight? "
Sung yuri smiled. "Then be honest and don’t do anything that surprises people."
"Yeah, I know, but Sister Yuri, I am born outstanding, and sometimes I will be noticed inexplicably even if I don’t want to be noticed." Zhang Chengyuan said cheekily.
Chapter four hundred and three sung yuri fans meet (3)
In a short time, the host, Wen Shirun, began to ask the guests separately. Most of the questions he asked at this time were behind-the-scenes stories when shooting "Hong Jitong with a sharp knife" and things he got along with the actors. Of course, these things usually have to do with sung yuri. After all, today’s protagonist is sung yuri.
I don’t know if I don’t want Zhang Chengyuan to stand out and steal the limelight from other guests, or I realize that Zhang Chengyuan doesn’t really want to answer questions at this time, so in this question-and-answer session, Chinese Shirunji didn’t ask Zhang Chengyuan several times and asked questions quite unremarkable.
The only special thing is that when all the crew members got up and danced as required, wndergirls《elle "was the most popular dance. Zhang Chengyuan refused to dance this dance because he was very close to his girlhood. If he danced this dance, he would feel sorry for his sisters, so Zhang Chengyuan danced a girlhood" kissingyu "that he had just seen a few days ago.
Of course, his personality can never imitate the girls dancing like the wind blowing willows, but he has made some changes in some subtle movements and expressions to make the whole dance strong and full of masculinity, but it will not make people think that he is dancing away from the dance scene. Guests and audiences can’t help clapping their hands when they see it.
In this guest interaction session, apart from Zhang Chengyuan’s impressive dance, there is also a more unforgettable performance of sung yuri flute.
This is the first time that Zhang Chengyuan has known sung yuri for so many years, and she plays the flute so well.
Sung yuri’s breath is quite long because of practicing health-keeping exercises, which is very suitable for this flute playing. When she plays the flute, it is pleasant to hear, long and clear, low and lingering, but the different feelings are equally fascinating. Moreover, the natural smoothness of the sound turning point makes people feel that there is no pause, as if it were a breath blowing, and it is like a flowing stream flowing endlessly, which brings a limited touch to those who listen attentively.
According to Zhang Chengyuan and many people at the scene, sung yuri’s flute playing skills are much more exquisite than her singing skills. It’s really a feast for the ears to hear today.
At the same time, Zhang Chengyuan still has a question: Why does sung yuri play the flute so well but never show it to him? Is it because he doesn’t like music and doesn’t play it for him?
If so, he misunderstood him. In fact, he is not unhappy with music, but not interested in Korean contemporary dynamic music. But if it is Oriental music, Kim TaeYeon’s "If" and other lyrical songs, he is still willing to listen. At this time, if he makes up his mind, he must let sung yuri play the flute for him several times, thinking, "Wouldn’t it be a pity if he doesn’t listen more?"
After a while, the interactive chat session of the actors of "Hong Jitong" was over, and the guests left the stage one by one, and sung yuri also temporarily retired from the preparation stage to take a break and put on a new session-finkl gathered on the stage to prepare, which is also the finale of the fans’ meeting tonight, which is the scene that every FinKL fan is looking forward to.
Then hung on a big screen, the pictures of sung yuri’s work and life in the past ten years were shown, which fans appreciated and recalled.
Back in Taiwan, sung yuri thanked the guests with a smile and then went to change the dress. At this time, the red dress she wore didn’t match the black and white dresses of finkl’s other three women. After all, they were going to be together.
Zhang Chengyuan walked up to Lee Hyo Ri, Yu Zhuxuan and Li Zhen and said, "Sisters, it’s your turn to come out. Enjoy this rare reunion of four people on the stage. I will cheer you up on stage."
Three women slightly one leng Lee Hyo Ri asked, "Don’t wait for you?" Originally, Zhang Chengyuan told them that he would play with them.
"No, it’s all yours. If I just insert it, I’m afraid the audience will be unhappy." Originally, he wanted to get involved, but it suddenly occurred to him that the fans on the scene might not buy him, and they might be hostile to him because he was close to finkl’s four daughters, which would ruin the good atmosphere of the fans.
So he doesn’t want to go again. Although he realizes that he and finkl are one, he also knows that in the hearts of fans, finkl four women are one, including their closest friends, and he should not get involved.
After another ten minutes or so, finkl went to the scene and stood side by side in the center of the stage. The four of them bent down to pay tribute to the audience. Even though they had not been on the stage for a long time, they still had a tacit understanding and seemed to be in a very warm atmosphere with each other, which made people feel that they were the closest family in the world. For more than five years, their friendship did not dilute, but made them more intimate.
At this time, the big screen is playing scenes where they once performed on the same stage, won awards together, lived together, and so on. Looking at their once intimate appearance and now their unchanging friendship, the loyal fans suddenly feel very moved, and some can’t help but shed tears of joy, relief and pride.
Zhang Chengyuan, who has sat back to his father’s side, looked at the four women in Taiwan with ups and downs and excitement. Perhaps he was more lonely than ever. It was because he was attracted by the warm and touching friendship of the four women that he had the cheek and tried his best to stay with them and refused to leave, so he got the friendship, affection and love he longed for most from them.
At the same time, Zhang Chengyuan is also very proud, thinking that if there is no him, the relationship between finkl’s four women will still be very good, but they will never be as close as they are now, and they can’t live without each other. Maybe now they are truly integrated with him.