"You haven’t been out here for so long."

"What’s so good about this? You individuals are not as interesting as fishing." The old man who dislikes it is not catching people again.
It’s just a meal. Anyway, for Qu Jia, the more people you know, the better. Old Wei is not at all welcome.
As soon as I cleaned it up, I took the old songs and walked leisurely over there.
The old songs are all boring from beginning to end, so they just walk and watch and don’t talk anyway.
Old man Wei is another talkative person, so he found a topic with him.
"Speaking of which, why did the old woman go to see you again? Didn’t you just send food? "
"Are you going to abdicate? Why are you so idle during this time?"
"I’m telling you, it was wonderful to catch that little thing this time."
At some point, the old man who said the Qujia thing again.
The old tune frowned and said, "The mind is not right."
I don’t know if I’m talking about Laoyue or the people behind me.
"This ill-intentioned person can be found at any time." Wei Lao, a man who has seen big waves, lamented that "this farm has just started and needs to go through a lot."
When it comes to making money, things are always enviable.
Laoqu also nodded his head.
These, these people have a deep understanding
Whether it’s money or profit, there are always various means to compete, and there are many ugly and disgusting means to play.
But someone behind this will always be much better than Genji.
Like this farm, although it’s a little trivial, it’s near or far, which at least scares most people with bad ideas
It can develop to the present like this, except that the Qu family is willing to take care of it and invest money, that is, think about even Jun Zeng Youyao who defends the old man with a few small flowers at home.
Otherwise, it’s not easy for this one to hold such a big shopping mall and farm.
Two people walked slowly to the Qu family room, and when they were still outside, they could hear Wu Manzhu shouting.
"What’s wrong with the old niang will eat meat? The doctor said that I am all right. Are you going to be arrogant? "
Followed by a small cry for mercy at home.
It’s extremely noisy.
The old man who hasn’t gone in yet is somewhat envious. If he likes to come to Qujia, they are really busy.
Especially for these elderly people, they especially like this lively scene.
It’s a pity that it’s hard for people like them to get busy when they are on their own.
The gate of Qujia was open, so two people walked in.
"Grandpa Wei, are you here?" Momo peach beside Wu Manzhu waved at him and added, "Grandpa Qu is here? Is it enough to send food in the past? "
"That’s enough," Lao Qu nodded and asked, "Do you have any sheep?"
"Do you want it?" Momo peach a wink, "but the number is too much may not work".
"Leave me two for the New Year, and you can calculate the money," he said.
"Line" Momo peach readily promised not to.
For the position of Lao Qu, the money is neither too painful nor too rare, and she doesn’t need this favor.
However, in view of the fact that the old song in front of me is probably his own grandfather Momo Tao, who can’t die any more, can’t help but be curious when he looks at the old song.
Although she has been away from home for decades, although they haven’t talked about it, although her milk doesn’t seem to care, one who hasn’t remarried and the other who hasn’t remarried Momo Tao is a little eager.
"Buy two?"
But who the old man with abrasive tone exclaimed interrupted Momo peach train of thought think again.
Lao Qu, a man who doesn’t like to walk, eats a sheep. Now buy two heads, which is very obvious in his situation.
Most of them are for the villagers who don’t know what’s going on.
Think about it again, as the old saying goes. Most of these two people had some ambiguous feelings in those days.
Momo peach pursed her lips, her little face took a few minutes to meditate and look at the old song with two points to abandon.
No, no,no. Her milk can’t suffer this injustice
Forget it
Just like her milk said, after all these years, why do you still want to do these old and rotten things?
Fighting hard for many years in the battlefield, the old songs are extremely sensitive to the eyes, and naturally they soon discovered Momo’s peach survey and its transformation.
Old song corners of the mouth a smoke glanced at many years in the past is still a at first glance surprised, not a steady Wei Lao rarely defended himself.
"Do you want to save an extra head for Xiao Li and the other one for everyone to get together and eat during the Spring Festival?"
"That’s really rare. I’ll give it back to the old woman."
The veins stood out on Lao Qu’s forehead. Why didn’t this old guy get poisoned for the first time? Talk so much
Momo peach glanced at the mouth in the mind is not some ideas.
Forget it, forget it. It’s been many years. It’s good that they keep her milk well. Their family won’t get involved in this mess
"Grandpa Wei, Grandpa Qu, sit on your own. I went to see my milk boiled fish."
It’s time for her mother to cook fish. Isn’t this just when these two came in, Wu Manzhu ran to the kitchen and took over the kitchen to show his skill?
She is old enough to nurse.
In addition to worrying about her health, Momo Tao is also afraid that she will wait for a while. First, it is hard to add something to the fish and spoil her fish.
Dadada ran into the kitchen and it was calm.
Wu manzhu is walking and conducting a small bowl of boiled fish.
"I remember when you were a child, but you didn’t like to eat fish. It was prickly and meatless. Without seasoning, it might smell like a fishy smell. Every time you had to coax me for a long time before you would eat it."
Wu Manzhu lamented, "Now I can cook fish, but now it’s delicious to make fish with more seasoning."
Qu Xiaowan said softly with a strange voice, "Actually, I don’t like fish now."
Wu Manzhu just didn’t understand that the fish is still delicious now, but when I think about it carefully, my mouth is pumping.