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The body of the Chapter 25 Fate choice
Looking at Xiao Ai, I nodded my head and promised to come.
Not far away, I have been secretly watching the little bird and immediately muttered, "By looking at the boss’s lewdness, I know that he will definitely promise to come out from the west without agreeing to the sun."
Ximen Qing laughed. "Don’t whisper any more. When the boss hears it, he will give you another batch. Let’s prepare a final dinner!"
The little bird winced and said, "What last dinner is not so unlucky? It should be the first dinner."
Although Cai wanted to take immediate action against various gangs in Xiangyang city to devour their territory, it was hard to do so. Since everyone agreed to take a day off first, he didn’t want to spoil everyone’s interest and nodded in agreement.
Autumn fairy tales, butterfly dreams, and others go to prepare other bosses, but they settle down their staff first. This time, nearly three-quarters of Wudang League members have been brought to stay, and some of them have been upgraded as novices in the mountain area. Other gang leaders of all sizes have also followed them to Xiangyang to develop their strength, hoping to get a share.
They each went to have a dish to do everything. Xiao Ai hasn’t seen the scenery of Xiangyang carefully. It is suggested that it is better to go shopping in the street. This request is rather scary, but A Cai still insists on coming.
Actually, Xiangyang city here is not designed according to the ancient scene. This Xiangyang city is far bigger and more prosperous than the ancient Xiangyang city. There are shops and restaurants of all grades on both sides of the street, and all kinds of players and np are wandering around the street.
Every day, several players flock to this famous town during the Three Kingdoms period. Some of them are purely business players, some are visiting the famous city of Xiangjiang River and Mountain, and some are trying to seek development in Liubiao Land.
On the street, a bearer np shouted "fresh fruit!" Come and buy it! On selling, no matter how much you buy a three pence, come quickly! "
Street people come and go. Xiao Ai and A Cai are walking in the street. Xiao Ai looks at the roadside stalls from time to time, but they don’t buy anything.
Xiao Ai always felt strange in his heart, as if everyone was avoiding them. A player in front of him accidentally took a look at them and shouted "Oh, my God, here we go again" and ran away in panic.
All this is so abnormal. Are you ugly? Not at all!
A Cai thinks everything is normal, but Xiao Ai finally can’t help but ask, "Boss, what’s wrong with them? Why do they all seem to be avoiding us?"
A Cai looked left and right and didn’t find anything wrong. He casually said, "Maybe they are afraid of me! Seeing that I am majestic, I take the initiative to stay out of the way. "
I don’t know how powerful A Cai is, but I don’t ask her again. She doesn’t know what A Cai has done in the city during this period. If she knew, it wouldn’t be strange, but she would think it was too quiet.
A Cai saw that she didn’t buy anything. "Don’t you buy anything in the street?" Haven’t you picked something good for so long? "
"I choose whether I like to buy or not."
A Cai secretly breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, it’s rare. I never choose whether to buy it or not."
Not far away, there was a small stall in front with a banner that said "fortune telling". Xiao Ai suddenly rejoiced and said, "Boss, let’s go to fortune telling!"
"Feudal superstitions have to go"
"Just calculate what’s the matter with superstition! Go! "
Xiao Ai, with a look of excitement and reluctance, came to the fortune-telling booth to tell the fortune. The fortune-teller was an old man with a gray beard, and his business was probably not good. He sat there drowsy.
"The old uncle tells our fortune."
Little love said to the old man, half lying on the table, and the old man suddenly woke up with a tingle. He looked at the front two people with presbyopia, touched his gray beard and walked over and asked, "What is a little girl? Is marriage fate or fortune-teller? "
Little love blushes and blushes "casually"
"This can not casually! Marriage is a matter of good or bad fate for half a life, which determines the future sloppy. "
The old man looked at Xiao Ai and then at A Cai cheerfully. "I’ll give you one each!" " He picked up the draw tube and shook it, and drew one for each of them.
The old man looked at the bamboo stick and read aloud, "Girl, this divination is’ Sometimes you have to have a life, don’t force it’. This guy, this divination is’ an outsider’."
A Cai asked doubtfully, "What does that last sentence mean?"
"What can you mean is literally! Give money. Sign for ten pence. "
Read ten pence by taking a bamboo stick at random? It’s true that he is * * * black. It’s no wonder that no one is here to tell a fortune. What a suck! He has no business. He took out twenty pence and gave it to the old man. He was still thinking about Xiao Ai and left.
The little old man counted the yellow coins, hey hey, laughing straight. It’s so cool to have a fortune-telling after a day’s meal.
Xiao Ai is still in the sentence "Sometimes there must be a life in life, so don’t force it", and she wonders, "What does this sentence mean?"
A Cai casually said, "that is to say, let it be, don’t take it too seriously, just do what you should do. To put it bluntly, it’s just nonsense to cheat money."
Little love nodded thoughtfully.
A Cai Si suddenly walked past a familiar np figure not far away. A Cai Zheng immediately reacted. Isn’t this a hermit in the city?
His face was pleasantly surprised, and he hurried after Xiao Ai. I don’t know what happened, so I quickly ran after him.
"Wait a minute, Sir-!"
Choi shouted, but the np in front didn’t seem to hear him. He walked on. His feet were not in a hurry. He looked like he was walking, but Choi ran wildly and couldn’t see it. He was about to disappear. Suddenly, he stopped at one place.
Cai ran like crazy, tired and panting, and finally caught him.
O dish ecstasy way "Sir, remember me? I went to Mr. Wang more than a month ago and helped me a lot. I was introduced to Wudang by the downwind escort agency. "
The student laughed. "I said, who is following me? It turns out that Xiaoyou hasn’t seen you in January recently. How are you?"
A Cai quickly said, "Thanks to my husband’s help a month ago, I was the first to arrive at Wudang Mountain smoothly. After I finished my studies, Mashan came to look for my husband, but I have been looking for my husband in Xiangyang for a long time, but I can’t find him. I am so lucky to finally see him again today!"
"What can I do for you?"