Thanatos was a little shocked, angry and a little jealous after sensing this ice and snow environment. "I didn’t expect a little mortal to have his own world. How is it possible that everyone who owns the world will step into the peak and win the Lord God? How can a little mortal have hahaha? But it’s better for me to take her world away. I will also have the Lord God, just like Lord Hades. At that time, there will be two Lord gods in the underworld, and Lord Hades will surely become the new king of gods."

Thanatos’s eyes are gradually replaced by greed, and he wants Uchihiro’s still world because it is still weak, a newly born world and a newly born world that can only be taken away. It is impossible to take away a mature or growing world, because the growing world has the owner’s soul mark, and once it has the soul mark, the world can no longer be taken away.
Thanatos licked his chapped lips and smiled grimly. "Hahahaha, I didn’t expect that since I found a world in the world and it was still a newly formed world, Hahahaha, if I want to get this world, I will have the potential to become a god. Give me the world."
Without saying anything, Thanatos rushed to Uchihiro with the sickle of death, and at the same time, the sickle in his hand exuded the sacred land and made a deterrent to Uchihiro in the later period.
If it is under normal circumstances, facing Thanatos’s blow, Uchihiro will definitely have the ability to live and die, but now the situation is different. This environment is Uchihiro’s left eye strength. In this world, Uchihiro is like an enemy, which can make him have the ability to leapfrog challenges. She doesn’t know how big this transcendence is.
It is likely to be very big, but it may not be as powerful as imagined. However, at this time, it is no longer time for him to think carefully, because Thanatos has already killed her in front of her, and the sickle in her hand is trying to deter Uchihiro.
Uchihiro Satoshi has no time to consider the gap between the two sides at this time. He can raise his sword and block it. The sickle of death is severely split in the sword body, and the two people will fly at the same time with great force.
Although Thanatos had expected that there would be a strong world blessing for Uchiyuki, he didn’t expect that the world bonus could actually make Uchiyuki, a weak chicken in the late stage of the realm, be able to carry himself hard in the late stage of the realm.
However, Thanatos was not angry that Uchiha Hiroshi could match himself. On the contrary, Thanatos was very happy that the world could make the later stage of the mortal realm face hard, which said that the world was strong and deepened Thanatos’s desire for the world.
Thanatos’s sickle continued to rush towards Uchihiro, and Thanatos hit him hard. Uchihiro was actually seriously injured, but with the blessing of the world, Uchihiro’s recovery ability was very strong, and he was almost catching up with Naruto.
Thanatos seems to have forgotten Uchiha Itachi. Now he thinks about Uchiha’s quiet world and forgets everything.
On the other side, Uchihiro Satoshi was very happy to see Thanatos coming at him, because if Thanatos turned his spear to deal with Uchiha Itachi just now, even if Uchiha Itachi didn’t die, he would have to lose half his life.
However, Thanatos has been dominated by greed and desire at this time, and he can’t see the situation clearly. At this time, he wants Uchibo’s quiet world, and nothing else is his consideration.
In the face of rushing, Thanatos Uchihiro once again raised his sword and rushed away. The sword and sickle collided with each other in the middle, and a strong impact broke out, which knocked them out again. But this time, Thanatos sickle gave Uchihiro a second blow at a very strange angle before being hit.
Because of Thanatos’s sudden shot, Uchiha Bojing suddenly fell from the middle and fell to the ice.
Thanatos conveniently hit the sickle in his hand and cut a knife toward the ground. Suddenly, the ground was separated from the bottom of the ice. Uchihiro quietly saw that Uchihiro was still burning this white flame.
Thanatos smiled and rushed directly at Uchihiro Satoshi. Uchihiro Satoshi also rushed directly at Thanatos with a giant sword in one hand. The two met in half and struck a blow. They staggered, but soon they rushed to each other and fought back and forth for hundreds of times, but they didn’t get rid of each other. The strength of the two men was even, and no one could stand each other.
The two men carried it head-on again, but this time it was a little different. They saw their swords and scythes collide again, but this time they didn’t separate. The white flame of the sword suddenly burned to the sickle of death, and the sickle of death and the sword were frozen in everything.
Thanatos laughed. "Ha, ha, ha, so you want to freeze my sickle of death and break it for me."
Suddenly, the sickle of death sends out an amazing black energy, which directly shocks the white ice flame of the sickle of death and also shocks the giant sword. Uchihiro almost sold it.
After Thanatos shook open the sword, he lifted the sickle high and cut a blow. Fortunately, Uchihiro was prepared for the trend, but Uchihiro directly hit the ice. Thanatos just wanted to pursue it, but he accidentally found that Uchihiro had disappeared.
Just as Thanatos was wondering, suddenly an extremely ominous premonition appeared, and Thanatos hid without thinking. A bloody light flashed through Thanatos’s ear and then exploded.
Chapter six hundred and eleven
Thanatos was blinded by greed and desire when he knew whether Uchihiro had the world or just formed the world. He was preoccupied with how to take away Uchihiro’s quiet world and forgot to look at Uchiha Itachi. Uchiha Itachi and Uchihiro were attracted by the world when they saw Thanatos. Together, they decided to use Uchihiro’s static bait and Uchiha Itachi Xu Li to exert the power of Tiancong Yunjian.
That’s why Uchihiro has been carrying Thanatos hard. In fact, Uchihiro’s static strength wants Thanatos to recover a little bit of reason, so he won’t be held back by Uchihiro.
It’s a pity that if Thanatos was blinded by his own desires, he could not see the situation clearly. Uchiha Itachi was ready to make a move after injecting all chakra and pupil force into Tiancong Yunjian, but he was afraid that it would still kill Thanatos. All Uchiha Itachi also injected Ban Gouyu and Zhi mirror power into Tiancong Yunjian. At this time, Tiancong Yunjian combined Uchiha Itachi chakra and Pupil Force with Zhi mirror and Ban Gouyu power at the same level.
At this time, Tiancong Yunjian has recovered its former strength, but Thanatos woke up at the moment when Tiancong Yunjian’s strength was untied. Unfortunately, it was already too late. Uchihiro had calculated the world power, and by the way, he tied the whole world power to Thanatos. Although it was only half a second, it was enough for Uchiha Itachi to hit Tiancong Yunjian’s strongest blow.
See from the sky CongYunJian shoot a red and white intersection firm but gentle straight to Thanatos Thanatos just break free really want to escape, but all around by the day CongYunJian strength fixed root method to escape.
See day Cong Yunjian firm but gentle will be in the body Thanatos can temporarily block day Cong Yunjian firm but gentle across his chest. When it hits Thanatos’s death sickle, Thanatos suddenly vomits blood, but Thanatos still gritted his teeth and temporarily blocked it, but the defense of death sickle is gradually cracking and breaking.
Thanatos knows very well that he is so close to death at this time. If he doesn’t avoid it as soon as possible, his soul is likely to be in two places at once, and he doesn’t know when to wait until he comes up with it.
Thanatos knows that Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Bojing also know that.
When Thanatos opened the sickle world of death, Uchiha Itachi had a bad feeling that this sword was blocked by the sickle world of death, but fortunately, it was a problem to break the sickle world of death.
When Thanatos’s physical strength broke out, Uchiha Itachi and Uchihiro knew that Thanatos was ready to escape. Uchiha Itachi increased the output of Tiancong Yunjian, and Uchihiro also stepped in to imprison his strength in Thanatos, but Thanatos’s strength was too strong, that is, Uchihiro injected the whole world’s strength in Thanatos. Although it could not prevent Thanatos from breaking out, it could delay the speed of other forces.
He found that his power was imprisoned, but he could delay him even though the law was finished. Sometimes Thanatos lacked the most at this time.
Thanatos roared with all his strength and burst into more and faster. He wanted to break through Uchihiro’s static confinement, but he still couldn’t. Although the confinement was a little unstable, he still delayed his four speeds.
Thanatos gritted his teeth and said angrily, "Damn damn women, damn the world, damn the three artifacts!"
Thanatos finally broke free from Uchihiro’s confinement with his last perseverance and strength, and at the same time, Thanatos’s power broke out. After the power broke out in the later period of the Shenjing, he was still planning to impose imprisonment on Thanatos again. Uchihiro was directly thrown off by the aftermath of Thanatos’s power explosion.
In the moment when Thanatos’s power broke out, the sickle world of death was broken by the firm but gentle shock wave of Tiancong Yunjian and went straight to Thanatos.
Thanatos quickly gathered strength to block the sky. Cong Yunjian’s firm but gentle look was constantly offset by Tian Congyunjian’s black gas. Thanatos’s face became more and more ugly. He knew that it was impossible for him to escape by breaking down the barriers of the world with great strength.
On the same day, Cong Yunjian’s firm but gentle spirit finally scored Thanatos’s strength and directly scored Thanatos’s body. At that moment, his soul was constantly being pulled out of the body by the day Cong Yunjian.
Thanatos knew that he lost because of his carelessness and greed.
And one side of the black off also a face of fear looking at being constantly pulled out of the soul Thanatos heart very fear.
Thanatos’s soul was finally dragged out of uchiha madara’s body by Tian Cong Yunjian. uchiha madara’s body fell to the ground, and wait for a while looked at uchiha madara’s body. At this time, he still believed that the powerful Thanatos was really defeated.
Black absolutely froze Uchiha Itachi and Uchihiro Satoshi didn’t freeze. Uchiha Itachi is trying to get Thanatos’s soul into the gourd. This is the day when Cong Yunjian seals Thanatos’s soul into the gourd, so they really win.
However, Thanatos’s strength is too strong. Without uchiha madara’s body, Thanatos’s soul state is even stronger, and he is almost entering the true God’s realm.
Uchiha Itachi just found it difficult to lock Thanatos’s soul. At this moment, Uchihiro came to Uchiha Itachi and said, "Skunk, I’ll help you." After that, Uchihiro put his hand on Uchiha Itachi’s shoulder. At the same time, the World Power Department was delivered to Uchiha Itachi by Uchihiro. With the input of power, the world gradually disappeared and several people returned to the real world.
Thanks to the strength of Uchihiro Satoshi, Uchiha Itachi finally pulled Thanatos’s soul slowly into the gourd. Thanatos tried to stop himself from approaching the gourd, but he was determined to seal Thanatos. Uchiha Itachi also went crazy and output pupil force. Uchiha Itachi’s eyes kept flowing with blood and tears. The kaleidoscope sharingan is almost at its limit. If it is not put away, Uchiha Itachi’s eyes are likely to fail.
However, regardless of Uchiha Itachi, it seems to him that Thanatos is too dangerous. It is difficult to find a person who can compete with him without mentioning Konoha. Such an opportunity comes once in a blue moon. If you miss it again and again, you will have no chance.
Aside, Uchihiro was worried and looked at Uchiha Itachi. She really wanted Uchiha Itachi to stop, but she knew that if Uchiha Itachi decided that things would not be changed, all other women, Uchihiro, could stay with him silently.
Uchihiro quietly closed his eyes slowly. He really couldn’t bear to look, while Uchiha Itachi’s eyes were close to being lost.
Thanatos had better be pulled into the gourd, but at the moment when he was pulled into the gourd, his anger released his own strength and soul strength. Suddenly, the gourd drank Thanatos’s soul and dissipated the gourd and dissipated the pupillary technique. Suddenly, Uchiha Itachi screamed, Uchihiro Satoshi quickly opened his eyes and hugged Uchiha Itachi, who was about to fall. "Are you okay?"
Uchiha Itachi shook his head and said that he was all right, but the closed eyes and eyes kept bleeding and said everything. Uchihiro was able to hold Uchiha Itachi in silent tears and insisted not to cry.
At this moment, Thanatos’s stereo said, "Hehe, mortal, you won this time, but if you don’t do this, it will be peaceful. I will come back when the seal of the divine world is unlocked. Wait for me. Hahahaha."
Chapter six hundred and twelve
Uchihiro quietly helped Uchiha Itachi’s heart and asked, "Skunk your eyes."
Uchiha Itachi waved his hand and said, "Nothing, don’t worry. It’s the eyes that make me too quiet. My eyes may not see me."
Uchiha Itachi shook his head before he finished his words. "If you can’t see without a skunk, let me be your eye. I will never leave you again."
Uchiha Itachi smiled slightly after one leng. "Well, then we won’t separate you to be my eyes."