In fact, if this little girl has a good future, Jiaocheng school is not the first choice, but this girl is purely wet behind the ears and he is not at ease to put her outside alone.

This time, whether it’s selfishness or bullying, he wants to keep a close eye on people and take care of them.
It’s just that anyway, it doesn’t matter what her future is, and which school she is going to.
After breakfast, a few roads in downtown Jiaocheng blocked Mrs. Tang and looked out of the window at the motionless car. Curiously, she asked, "Jingjing, what day is it today? How did you gamble like this here?"
Liao Jingjing bought a new car these two days. When she went to visit the old lady early, she learned that she had something to go out and volunteered to come out. As a result, she didn’t expect to catch this peak period.
Hold the car steady. Liao Jingjing hit the window and looked out, then patted his forehead with annoyance. "Look, there seems to be an art test site in front of my memory grandmother."
"Grandma, are you in a hurry? If you are in a hurry, wait a minute. Let’s go back and go another way, but it will take a while to go back." Liao Jingjing looked at the old lady carefully.
When Mrs. Tang heard the word art test, she seemed to think of something and asked, "That girl seems to be studying art?" Is it also here? "
"Did you say Xiao Yu?" Liao Jingjing smiled back.
Mrs. Tang nodded. "But I remember what instrument she studied."
"Xiao Yu Xue is an erhu and it should be an art test today." Liao Jingjing explained other things about the art test to Mrs. Tang by the way.
When Mrs. Tang heard that she looked at the traffic outside and looked down again, she said, "Don’t go either. The etiquette company will come later in the afternoon. Just put me on the side of the road and I’ll go in and have a look."
Liao Jing looked at the question mark, "Do you want your own car?"
"That girl may not have a class in the exam today, but she can’t pretend not to see it. Otherwise, how can she arrange this old lady in her heart?" For the marriage of two people, Mrs. Tang knows that she can’t control it, so she should respond to them.
Here, I would like to explain in a unified way that in the future, a shell of Miss Shen’s career, study or examination has been changed according to the plot, and there will be many realistic inconsistencies. I hope everyone will not delve into it.
The second watch is still at half past ten.
You don’t like bubbling, commenting and commenting lately. Come on.
Is the plot too sweet? Need a sand fan? Sneaking (* _ _ *) Hee hee …
Chapter one hundred and thirteen A scandal in broad daylight! (2)
"That also can’t let you drive your own car." Liao Jingjing threw herself and turned the car forward. "Besides, do you know which examination room Xiaoyu is in? What if there are so many people crowded into it? I’ll go with you later."
Mrs. Tang is worried that Liao Jingjing is not comfortable in her heart. At the moment, listening to this girl is full of heart and body words, she would rather feel uncomfortable and accompany her to see Yao’s upcoming engagement.
I feel more distressed and guilty in my heart. "Jingjing, wait for this thing to pass. I will find a good one for you. This bastard doesn’t know how to cherish his grandmother and find you a better one."
Liao Jingjing smiled and looked back at the old lady Nai, who was moved again. "Grandma, do I look like I can’t get married?"
The old lady smiled and said, "No man doesn’t like it if it’s not as good as our Jing Jing, but it’s just not at ease to see you alone with your grandmother."
Liao Jingjing gently dropped her eyelashes.
But some people don’t like it.
The old lady also felt that it was a bit inappropriate to say this and sat up with a sigh. "You are right. We don’t know which examination room that girl is in. Let’s ask first."
Section 15
The old lady’s idea is also very simple. Since she touched it, she wanted to give the girl a sigh of relief to ease the embarrassment caused by the previous one.
Shen Xinyu sent Tang Shiyan back to the examination room on the grounds that she would be more nervous if he waited for her outside.
The man wants to wait for the female exam once, and the parents hope that Luo Nai will kiss her and say that he will pick her up when she is finished, and then he will drive away in front of the girl.
Shen Xinyu got his exam card and sat in the corridor.
She drew the number 35, which should be finished before noon.
It’s quiet in the corridor, and many candidates are sitting in chairs in a proper way, holding their own musical instruments and gently wiping them, and looking down at their words to relieve their nervousness.
Shen Xinyu also put the erhu on the ground and took out his mobile phone from his pocket.
Click on wechat, and there are several unread messages from the joint people.
Most of them are Xia Miao and Liu Yanzhou, who are very consistent. They all cheer for her.
Shen Xinyu answered one by one, and then found that there was a new friend in her address book. The wake-up avatar was a person wearing a mask and armor, and the name was white, and she wanted a symbol that she couldn’t understand.
It was a stranger Shen Xinyu who glanced at it and ignored it without sweating.
Lu Yanzhou’s message replied, "Haven’t you taken the exam yet?"
Shen Xinyu "There are ten people left in front of me"
Lu Yanzhou "Really don’t consider our school?"
Shen Xinyu "hmm"
The message paused for a few seconds and sent a red envelope and a string of 666.
Lu Yanzhou’s "Let’s say first that no matter where you stay, my music can’t stop" is followed by a villain jumping back and forth.