"It’s my aunt and cousin." Qu scratched his head. "They are very similar to the Wangs. Well, my cousin."

After thinking for a long time, I don’t know how to shape it, and suddenly my eyes shine. "I hate it more than Wang Xiaoer."
"Ah" this comparison Xiao Ni several immediately.
"That’s too annoying."
Several people are in the unified camp to crusade against those annoying people and things.
Wait until it’s almost time for a few cubs to pat their ass and walk home.
On the first day of food distribution, people usually cook delicious food so that the cubs will not miss these good things.
Walking hand in hand, Xiao Ni suddenly stopped and said something deeply
"Do you think those people look as annoying as Wang Xiaoer?"
The cubs are even deep in the past.
"Is it possible that this is the person I just said I hate as much as Wang Xiaoer?"
"Ah" everyone was shocked, looked at it in order and nodded neatly. "It’s so annoying."
Looking at a face of arrogance over there blessed Momo peach hesitated a pull six sleeves.
"I think they came to fight."
The cubs are all deep and nodding in unison. It’s really not like
Fortunately, there are five nine-year-olds who are arrogantly followed by them. I hate it when I look at them and return these sticks. This is for nothing to fight.
"It’s them who beat them."
"Too arrogant" Qu Liu was saddened. "This has come to our brigade to bully people. This is to look down on us and our brigade."
"I’m going to beat the shit out of him" song is eager to try.
"What a fart!" Qu Liu pulled Qu with a sinister smile. "When you get there, you will definitely be scolded by Fourth Aunt for looking at me."
"Bah, coward" several cubs didn’t react when they saw Qu Liu suddenly running forward. "How dare you come to our brigade to find trouble?"
"Oh, hit him for me." The group of people went without a word, and immediately a group of people followed him.
"These people are not very clever." Momo Tao sighed, "Brother Liu just wants to pit them at first sight."
Several cubs look at each other the same.
"Come on, let’s follow."
Momo peach was held by Qu in her arms and looked at those who were blessed. They really looked at them completely. They followed the watching pups and chased Qu Liu wholeheartedly.
No one has ever chased Odabe all the way to those big babies scurrying around the forest
These people are really not clever. Momo Tao sighed again
"People from other villages came to our Xiangyang Brigade to hit people." Qu Liu brought people to the children’s group accurately all the way and did not forget to shout and boo.
"Bah, the old men beat you, you turtle grandson."
Blessed are a group of people who are still clamoring and didn’t notice that they were completely surrounded.
Incoming scene
Momo peach could not help but stretch out his hand to cover his eyes.
Oh, that’s too bad
You have something to say.
After the peach blossom in Momo ended, it became a village shelf. Thank you for casting the overlord ticket or irrigating nutrient solution angel in the period of 515:4:17~533:1:18 ~
Thanks to the little angel for irrigating nutrient solution, one flower and one bottle; 8 bottles of Qian ◇ Lucky Grass; 1544385, 5 bottles of moon shadow; 551 bottles;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 36 Chapter 36
In the eyes of adults, cubs are just idle and make trouble all day.
But in the eyes of children, every day is very meaningful.
Eat in the forest and fill your stomach
Run in the field to exercise.
Fight for territory in three or five days
Yes, their cubs have territory.
For example, when two people want to play in a forest, they have to have a competition, and whoever wins will stay.
This is true in a small place, and it is even worse for these two brigades.
Don’t mention the big cubs, such as but this other big cubs came to bully them, which greatly crossed the line.
If the cubs are bullied, wouldn’t they be ashamed?
Therefore, after Quliu came running with people, the big children slowly gathered around here playing around.
It is also wicked, so many children in the brigade have to take people to Dongpo, which is the most overbearing and annoying place for the cubs in Wang Xiaoer.
On weekdays, people who come over have to be intimidated by them. What’s more, this group of people who came running with sticks are still clamoring to beat their brigade, and they still look down on their brigade.
"Kill you a puppy"
"Bah old will be afraid of you? I’ll play two in your brigade. "
"Who dares to come? I’ll beat you to your knees and call grandpa."
Fortunately, a group of people are still shouting.
Speaking of it, they are the Okayama Brigade next door. The two brigades are very close, and it takes more than ten minutes to walk.
There are not many cubs in Okayama Brigade. They are used to it in Weifu Brigade. When they first came to Xiangyang Brigade, they were almost arrogant with their brigade. They were going to wait and see. The children all shook their fists.
"Ha ha" Wang Xiaoer, the boss of a group of people, has never been challenged by this kind of provocation.
"I’d like to see how you are a grandson."
"Give it to me"
As soon as Wang Xiaoer and his younger brothers rushed in, they fought directly with five blessed people.
Compared with the cubs, it’s different this time. Look at this group of people who are arrogant, dirty and smelly