A Cai laughed. "Then let’s show them the flag and let them know that they need to stay away when there is our flag."

Yang Shaotian opened his eyes. "Ok, what flag does Big Brother want to light?"
The dish is majestic. "One is a bright red dragon flag, and the other is a snowy white dragon flag. Let these two flags fly in the grassland so that everyone who sees them knows the rules of the Ssangyong flag. Those who see the Ssangyong flag need to stay away or they will be killed."
"good! Big brother is so courageous. Big brother is really my first idol, but why do you have to make such a rule? I don’t understand. "
"I want to make the Ssangyong flag the most mysterious and bloody all day long, so that everyone will be scared to move when they hear their names. No one dares to slap it. Such an army should not be in this world. I want to turn it into the most mysterious symbol, so that it will sweep across the sky like the wind and sweep across the earth like a fire. No one knows them, so no one knows where they are going."
Yang Shaotian gaping "this seems too much! Is there such an army? "
"There is no such army in the future, but it is possible to have a wind and fire god horse, soldiers with high growth attributes and better equipment. It is not terrible to pile up an army with a huge mountain of gold. Let’s go outside and erect a flag."
Longge and Yang Shaotian nodded outside the camp, led by Al.
The terrain here is flat, and there is no hillside to block the view. A Cai looked at the grassland in all directions and said, "We have to erect high flags at the four corners of the camp so that people from far away can see it, and let them know that there is an owner here and they are not allowed to get close."
"Good, but we don’t have a flag!"
A Cai has the cheek to say, "Hey, hey, just pull a piece of red cloth and white cloth casually, and then I’ll go back to the Central Plains and let people weave a few prestige red dragon and white dragon flags to make you fight against it."
Yang Shaotian hurried back to the camp tent and pulled out some rags. Three people erected a flag, red, white and Ssangyong flag around the camp.
In the face, there is no dragon. Brush a few times and a simplified dragon will come out. Although it is a bit like a snake, but with two horns and four legs, you can’t tell what kind of dragon it is without looking carefully.
The majestic dragon flag flutters in all directions of the camp, officially announcing to the world that a new force has been born since then. There are red and white Ssangyong flags in the local area, and everyone will stay away or else-kill and forgive.
After the work was done, the three of them trained their foals near the camp. The foals were too young to ride, and they could be given orders to understand all kinds of passwords.
Mao Zi is worthy of the aura of the king in BMW. Cai will remember it if he teaches it once.
A Cai went to the grass and said, "Mao Zi, bring me the kettle."
At once, Mao Zi took the kettle not far away and gave it to A Cai. He took a long drink and touched his mouth. At that time, he couldn’t think of what service road was missing. "Mao Zi ran three times around the camp and reported to me."
The poor foal ran around in circles at once.
A Cai just closed his eyes and slept for a while, then Mao Zi came back and kept adding him. A Cai muttered, "Why are you so fast? I want to eat now. Get me something to eat."
This stupid horse was bitten by a lot of grass at once and taught it a lesson again.
"Wow, I don’t eat grass! I eat meat, you catch a rabbit, I want to barbecue. "
Let the horse catch rabbits? Only a vegetable can come up with such a bad idea.
Sleeping on the marginal grass is thirsty and hungry, and a stupid horse is waiting on this kind of life, which makes Alai feel happy.
The seventh volume levy day Chapter 16 Horse thief strikes
Due to the lack of manpower and weapons and equipment, the whole horse training camp has no defense facilities. Yang Shaotian suggested getting some traps. After listening to it, Cai was very interested and three people ran to dig traps.
Two hours later—
A pit with a depth of more than one person appeared in front of three people, who were so tired that they fell on the grass and rested. Is it a person’s job to dig a trap? I’m so fucking exhausted, and even an idiot can see a big hole in the ground at a glance! There’s nothing to hide
The final result is that an extremely simple observation deck has been built in the whole camp, which is located in the center of the camp-Ma Pingchuan Grassland. This observation deck can clearly see the movement about five miles in Fiona Fang and observe large moving objects about ten miles.
Although there are no other defense facilities, it is necessary to warn Brother Long a short time ago, and kill the intruders before they approach the camp so that the secret will not be leaked.
The lookout can bear the weight of two people, but the manpower is tight. A horse trainer is arranged to be vigilant, and one person is changed to work every hour to maintain full vigilance. The lookout is also equipped with a horn and a flag to convey the number and direction of the enemy. The horn is short and short, and there are few people and fast. The sound is slow and long, but there are many people, but when the flag points in that direction, it means that the enemy is coming from that direction.
However, this method can not clearly see the outline of a moving object in the daytime and at night. To solve this problem, the listening method can be adopted, that is, burying a large pot in the ground and sticking the ear to hear low vibration, so as to judge whether there are troops approaching.
On the day of the establishment of the horse training camp, it was found that there were horse thieves peeping from a distance, but they were all horse scouts. The horse thieves would not attack rashly until they confirmed the strength of the camp that suddenly appeared in the grassland.
The scouts of these horse thieves observed two or three miles away from the camp for an afternoon and disappeared in the afterglow of the evening sun. They reported the situation to Alai.
I don’t know much about the habits of horse thieves. I found Yang Shaotian, who is communicating with foals. "Do you know what attack form horse thieves are best at? And when do they like to attack best? "
Yang Shaotian said, "It depends on the number of people. They usually use bows and arrows to kill people. When the number of people accounts for a large advantage, they will launch a charge melee. If they find that they are defeated, they will quickly take the initiative to escape, and they like to sneak attack at dusk, night and Lebanon. At most, it is often impossible to prevent."
"Oh, but I see a lot of people say that getting close to Lebanon at three or four o’clock is the best time to sneak up. This time is the time when people are most sleepy, but I didn’t expect them to sneak up at dusk."
"At dusk, the pasture is usually a chaotic place when grazing is closed. They often raid when the horses return to the pasture, and quickly approach the pasture under the cover of the horses. When the guards find that something is wrong, they have already launched an attack. Some small pastures are not strong enough to be easily succeeded by them through this means."
"So it seems that these horse thieves are quite clever! But it doesn’t matter to us. We only have a total of 100 horses. They can fish in troubled waters, so it seems that they probably attacked us at night or in Lebanon. "
"I think so."
A Cai informed everyone of the possible enemy attack in the evening and prepared them for the attack.
That night, everyone took turns to watch the vigil and heard the horseshoe. Although the horseshoe was disguised, it was still the first to be heard by the pig.
There are three Cai, Long Ge and Pig in the horse training camp with real fighting capacity. The others have low fighting capacity. Cai and Long Ge immediately get up and turn their horses to prepare for the enemy. The pig is left to prevent horse thieves from accidentally breaking in. Two fast horses quickly rushed out of the camp and went to kill the slowly coming horse thieves.
This is a group of medium-sized horse thieves with as many as 100 people, with a leader of level 55 and a strategist of level 55. The rest of the horse thieves are all level 5.
The wretched strategist, with a grinning face, rode a little gray donkey behind the leader’s ass and said, "First, we caught a big fat sheep this time. There are less than 20 people but more than 100 horses. Let’s just rush over at one breath."
The leader rode on a marooned horse and was quite proud. "The mistresses are absolute things. It’s not easy for us to kill more than 100 people in Ma Zhuang, but I am a caring brother leader. If we rush over like this, we will definitely disturb them. They are prepared and afraid that we will have casualties. It is better to slowly approach and kill them."
Wretched strategist nodded, "is the chief said it was thoughtless wisdom not chief one thousand! The head will surely lead the brothers to a wonderful future full of money. "
The leader was more and more proud by the strategist, and he looked left and right with great dignity.
Chief is proud to suddenly hear the violent horseshoe that someone dares to disobey his command. The chief can’t help but get angry and turn back to the horse thieves and scold "Didn’t that chop suey make such a big sound to hear our command?" Give me out. "
Two horses broke into their field of vision and rushed towards them. When the strategist saw the two riders, he was frightened. "Someone is coming at us. Meet the enemy quickly!"
The leader was taken aback and looked back. The original sound was from these two horses, but they only rode two horses. Did they die?
The leader reprimanded the strategist and said, "Fuck, it’s only two people. What are you yelling about, brothers? Take out the guys and prepare for the meat. Haha!"
The horse thieves laughed one after another, setting up bows and arrows and pulling sabers to wait for the arrival of the two riders.
Die o vegetable heart andao backhand draw back sword bent down on horseback.