Shit! This guy is so hypocritical! Bao cursed in his heart and quickly said, "Dragon, didn’t you hit me in the face?" What is a joke if you don’t finish the booking! "

This guy knows enough. Zhang Long chuckled in his heart, but he still said, "Oh, Brother Bao, don’t say that. If you and your king unite to hit me, we can’t stand it!"
"Don’t talk to me about that guy. I’m at odds with him!" In his own hands, Murphy’s old rival, Long Shao, made no secret of his nervousness with Murphy.
Hehe, there’s a door! Zhang Long secretly snickered and then quietly sent a private chat message to Bao: "Are Bao brothers interested in talking outside?" What’s this guy doing? Bao wondered in his heart, but when he saw that he had walked out of the dragon’s lair, the dragon still followed him. Many younger brothers from both sides were there, staring at each other and staring at each other. What happened to the two bosses? When was it so good? He also avoided one of his own and ran outside to have a private chat.
Looking at Bao Zhang Long, who was closely behind him, smiled indifferently and ignored the people in the workshop. Looking at their curious eyes, they typed straight: "Is the brother very dissatisfied with Murphy?"
"Why do you ask this? Although we are competitors, we are a country after all, and we are not satisfied! " Bao was stupefied, but he still carried forward the fine quality of washing one’s dirty linen in public and quickly denied it.
Ya is still the hardest. Just now, I said that Murphy is at odds with me. Now I say this again. Zhang Long thinks disdainfully in his heart, but he still says, "Forget it, brother Bao, don’t shut up. Everyone knows that you hate Murphy! To tell you the truth, I don’t like Murphy either. Brother, we should be fellow travelers! "
Bao seems to have been infected by Zhang Long dialect and said bitterly, "I don’t know about Long Shao! Isn’t that guy something? He used to be an apple polisher who called the boss behind my ass every day, and now he’s acting like a king! "
“94!” Zhang Long also said: "Isn’t that guy a good thing at all? Look at what Cang Yue told him to do now. If only he were a brother and you were the boss!"
Seeing that Long Shao was on the same side with himself, Bao was also overjoyed and said, "It’s so easy for me to be king! Isn’t it that the support in Cang Yue is not too low now? There are still a group of people who are dead against him, and there are many younger brothers in that group who want to pull him out! "
"I don’t believe in absolute loyalty in this world!" Zhang Long said disdainfully, "Brother Bao wants to give their group a little benefit, but he is not afraid that they will immediately abandon Murphy and come to you!"
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Bao seemed to hesitate for a long time before he said, "It’s so easy to tell the truth to my brothers by bribing them. Although my family has a little money, there are usually people shouting boss after my ass, but my old man can’t say that he wants me to throw a lot of money into the game. Besides, he has controlled the amount of money I spend now!"
This will be easy! Zhang Long thought for a moment and said, "Why don’t I sponsor you and support you for tens of thousands of dollars every month? It should be enough to buy off the small and medium-sized BOSS! Just give it back to me when you have money. "
Bao, even a fool, understood that it was definitely not so simple for Zhang Long to do this. "Why should the dragon do this?" It won’t do you any good! "
Ha ha! Zhang Long smiled and said, "In fact, you know that Murphy and I are at odds with each other now. Without them, there would be no me. The defeat of the Sabac War some time ago was that the two of them joined hands to give me a mix, and I failed so badly. I definitely strongly support my brother’s family and have some spare money. It is much better for you to be king than Murphy!"
Bao thought about it, and there was no harm in seeing himself, so he said without hesitation, "Thank you, brother, for supporting me first. I’ll buy off Murphy to drive him out of the king’s position!"
"Then it’s a deal!" Zhang Long, sitting in front of the brain desk, gave a snicker at the same time.
After asking about Bao’s bank account, Zhang Long pressed two keys on the keyboard, then returned to the desktop to play the Internet, and then typed the ICBC webpage. At this moment, he kept looking at Zhang Long’s bag and talked. Zhang Xiaodong hesitated and said, "Boss, do you really want to give this bag money!"
"Of course!" Zhang Long said as she entered her online bank account password.
"Let’s money is not the wind blowing with what to give him! Besides, it’s none of our business if people are kings! " Zhang Xiaodong said unwillingly
Zhang Long turned supercilious look and said, "It’s not your money. What do you care about? Playing games is a great thing! I don’t think there is anything wrong with the support package! Besides, we don’t care about this money.
Seeing that Zhang Long has made up his mind to persuade Zhang Xiaodong to stop talking, Zhang Long returned to the game and said to Bao, "Brother, check it out. I have already called!"
"That’s a good dragon!" A few minutes later, the bag quickly appeared in front of Zhang Long and said excitedly, "I have received the 100 thousand yuan. Thank you. I will pay you back when I have money!"
Zhang Long naturally won’t believe what he said, but he didn’t pay back the money anyway. He was about to say a few words of courtesy when a player jumped out of the fire dragon nest. It was the player who clamored with Zhang Long most to make a reservation. When he saw him, he eagerly said, "The fire dragon leader in the two bosses has brushed it!"
Chapter one hundred and fifty ou dragon hierarch
Come on! Zhang Long’s heart is no longer bothersome when he is happy. He just manipulates the characters into the dark black hole with a big mouth, and then jumps with the map to Zhang Long’s characters reappear in the fire dragon nest. At this time, the fire dragon nest has become a mess, and several guild members who despise steamed bread are crowded near the entrance bridge, and the area is surrounded by water, while the fire dragon leader in front of the bridge is madly plundering the surrounding players.
It’s still the same shape as the leader who is familiar with the magic dragon, but both attack and defense are higher than the leader of the magic dragon by more than one grade. The power of the short gun in his hand seems to be stronger. From time to time, one player is attacked by the leader of the fire dragon, and many players with ranged attack skills are huddled in the rear, but they can bring negligible damage to the leader of the fire dragon, while most of the magic attacks are hit by the side. Because of the mode problem, more players are actually killed in the hands of their own people.
Seeing this, Zhang Long frowned deeply and formed a big Sichuan word. After thinking about it, Zhang Long quickly said to the same helpless package next to him, "Let everyone modify the attack mode first!"
Bao, like finding the backbone, hurriedly arranged according to Zhang Long dialect. At the same time, Zhang Long quickly dissuaded everyone from modifying the attack mode on the national channel! After seeing that the situation has been almost stable and everyone’s attack mode has been changed to peace, Zhang Long hurriedly arranged a dozen BOSS methods, and the highest-ranking soldiers were attacked at close range, while the Taoist priests poisoned the BOSS in the back or attacked the soul fire symbol, and then they were killed by the fire dragon leader when they touched it. But at the moment, their power is also the biggest, and they roared and photographed it in the fire dragon leader’s body. Every time, they can bring the leader a lot of HP to the Taoist god beast, and all the heroes are looking for shortcomings to attack the fire dragon leader from time to time.
Everyone has no opinion on Zhang Long’s arrangement department, even though there are several players in Cangyue who ordered those players who may have attacked their allies to attack the fire dragon leader together from Zhang Long without saying anything good because of their boss Bao.
2151 suffered from hundreds of people attacking the fire dragon hierarch HP at the same time, so it took tens of thousands of HP in a short time, but Zhang Long, who was attacking the fire dragon hierarch, had a small plan in his heart. It was really easy for so many people to play a BOSS together, but what should I do when the horse broke the equipment? Can it be divided according to professional needs like our own equipment, but it is absolutely impossible to just look around the crowd! Then there is a way. Whoever gets it then will be the one! Zhang Xiaodong Zhang Long, next to his arm, said quietly, "Little Horse is quick. Pick it up as soon as you see the equipment on the ground!"
Zhang Xiaodong, who was hurt by Zhang Long’s arm, gasped in exaggeration and said, "Don’t pound me again!" Then he said with disdain, "Who doesn’t hurry up and go crazy to pick up the nonsense equipment?"
Shit! Zhang Xiaodong’s exaggerated expression can be filled with displeasure. Zhang Long drinks two bottles of powerful golden sore medicine to fill up the characters HP in the game. After that, he puts his hands on Zhang Xiaodong’s neck and shakes it back and forth, saying, "Can’t you do this without smashing you!"
Ahem! Zhang Xiaodong struggled to get rid of Zhang Long’s clutches and gasped and said, "You want to strangle me!" Then I looked at Zhang Long with a bad face and sneered, "Come on, you’d better pound me!"
Shit! Looking at the workshop, all the people stared at themselves with derision. Zhang Xiaodong came here in vain and hurriedly revised his slip of the tongue. "I said this Dao is not that Dao! Don’t think about it! "
It’s really getting worse! The day came to Zhang Xiaodong and patted him on the shoulder. He said with a heavy voice, "Xiaodong, I really didn’t know you had such a habit when we met for so long!"
Ha ha! Workshop immediately there was a burst of goodwill laughter.
Zhang Xiaodong, who was look at that triumphant day with an unkind face, firmly believed that if he had a knife in his hand at this moment, he would definitely cut this guy who fell into the well into meat sauce to make barbecued pork buns and then feed them to the dog. At this moment, Huang Ya beside him cried, "Oh, it’s funny to laugh!"
This sentence immediately attracted the eyes of the group of animals who were laughing at Zhang Xiaodong just now, and saw that no one around them teased themselves about the topic just now. Zhang Xiaodong was so happy that he wanted to hug Huang Ya, who was as lovely as an angel in his eyes, but look at the boss sitting next to Huang Ya and throw his damn idea to the outside of the cloud nine and put his eyes back in the game. Indeed, there was an accident again.
I’m thinking about how the horse grabbed the equipment. Zhang Longgen ignored the crowd in the workshop and stared at the fire dragon leader HP with rapt attention. Now it has dropped to a little over 4. I believe it will explode in less than a minute! Thinking that this dragon unconsciously moved his game characters closer to the fire dragon leader, he occupied a powerful position and grabbed more good equipment at the moment when the fire dragon leader exploded.
But at this moment, an accident happened, and a large number of monsters were suddenly brushed out in the crowd. This group of monsters was the lowest, and it was also a small BOSS level monster such as a fire dragon lux warrior. So many monsters suddenly appeared. The situation of the monster field suddenly became chaotic. At the first moment, the players were attacked by monsters. They wanted to run and couldn’t get rid of the blood and couldn’t make up for it. After giving a scream, they fell to the ground, and many shiny things appeared. Seeing that more players gave up attacking the fire dragon leader and turned to pick up the dead players’ explosive equipment. At the same time, around the fire dragon leader, a soldier fell to the ground because of the sudden attack of a fire dragon lux. Taking this opportunity, the fire dragon leader actually broke through the lives of many soldiers, surrounded by encirclement and mixed with the players. The spear in his hand danced quickly, and almost every time he danced, he could hang up a player. As more and more players died, more players went crazy to pick up the things that exploded on the ground. The total venue was a mess.
Damn it! Zhang Long couldn’t help cursing the sentence angrily: When is it strange to brush when the fire dragon leader is about to die? But looking at the messy scene in front of us, Zhang Long quickly said, "Don’t panic, let’s get rid of the mobsters first!"
At this moment, all players, regardless of Cang Yue or his allies, chose to blindly order all the wizards from Zhang Long to leave their side immediately. All kinds of monsters roared with ice and snapped wildly around. At the same time, the Taoist priests quickly made a road to the warriors who were attacking the fire dragon everywhere or reduced their defense or delayed their return to blood poison. The enemy soldiers relied on their own blood to prevent the high monsters from facing each other, and the light of cutting and healing was shining in many people, just like birds with apertures.
More people is more power than a few minutes. Many monsters such as Lux, the original warrior, were wiped out by all the people in Qi Xin. After all the good things on the ground were picked up, all of them attacked the dragon leader who had just been regarded by people.
Looking at this small group of human beings attacking themselves together, the fire dragon leader felt angry. Isn’t it great that these people ravaged their younger brother just now? As soon as I went to attack them, they all avoided attacking their younger brother. Now that I think about it, I feel that I was severely hit by the short gun in the hand of the fire dragon leader. A mage with a shield instantly hung the poor baby to the ground.