However, when half a grain of Monty Dan was left in Qin Jing’s mouth, an indescribable emotion filled Qin Jing’s heart, as if the land could not cover itself this day.

Qin Jing is now in what state he doesn’t know, although he knows that after the third order, he will reach the initial stage of the fourth order of demons, but the demons will come to the fourth order, but he doesn’t know anything about it, but at this moment he clearly feels the threshold as if he would be able to reach it by taking a step forward.
Qin Jing’s momentum has risen, even though the whole monty Dan means that you will run out of oil and die soon, but at this moment he is like a king!
Ryan raised his head, he felt the Qin Jing change, and he suddenly appeared in front of himself.
"And make drugs force themselves to be stronger?" Ryan wasn’t surprised. Although Qin Jing’s momentum is a little different from his now, he also knows that this power can’t last long.
Qin Jing reached out and broke his wrist, and the blood began to slowly escape from gravity control, quietly suspended and mixed with the golden flame, and slowly re-formed the golden palm. Qin Jing shook his fist and quietly felt the power of this virtual palm.
Not only the palm flame, but also the golden shadow behind Qin Jing began to recover, and the flaming feathers began to tremble one by one and then jerked one by one.
The extremely strong giant wind blew in Qin Jing and Ryan, completely blowing away the dust floating in them, exposing a large granite land.
"Sure enough, it’s as ugly as Sakura said." Qin Jing’s eyes glowed with golden light and his eyes seemed to be bloodthirsty.
Now Qin Jing still keeps his head. He is in good condition. His right hand shakes a ten-foot-long red sickle and holds it across his chest.
"Let’s start" Qin Jingyin gradually swings open in the middle.
At the end of the sound, Ryan finally managed to keep calm at the moment when the red sickle appeared. Of course, he knew the fact that the boy named Qin Jing was holding that ten-foot-long red sickle in his hand. He knew better than anyone else what it was because before the death knight was sealed by the emperor, he had seen the death knight’s sickle fight with the emperor, claiming to be an artifact that could kill god …
And he personally delivered the key to the sickle seal to the young man …
The purple A position appeared around Ryan and began to frantically superimpose Ryan’s frightened roar around when the land.
At this moment, a golden flame suddenly appeared in the corner of position A, and the palm flame and position A staggered, and the purple ripples were deeply trapped as if a tight string would break at any time.
Feeling the change of A’s position, Ryan was surprised to gather more strength and rushed to that corner. At the same time, A’s position became distorted and quickly moved closer to the golden palm …
But nothing touched the golden flame and disappeared as if the root had not appeared.
Ryan’s black shadow frowned. He could feel Qin Jing was there just now, but he moved so fast that all his strength could not compete with him.
It’s too fast, from the appearance of golden palm to the disappearance of it. If there is to be a measure, Qin Jing’s degree has reached the state of instantaneous destruction.
The impact began to appear in every corner of Ryan A’s position. With each impact, more energy was added, and Qin Jingyin slowly entered Ryan’s ear in the process, if it can still be called an ear.
"You know, in fact, I didn’t want to provoke or fight with you before. We are not from the same world. I just want to ask you for help. We can make a deal …"
"You know the so-called deal can appear between two people with equal strength," Ryan interrupted. He looked up at the front but didn’t stare at one place.
"I understand this now, so I won’t give you a chance to pray."
"You’re angry because I brought your partner into the play and put them in a life-and-death dilemma." Ryan’s voice floated in the air
"That was the reason of the past." Qin Jingyin suddenly appeared in Ryan’s ear. Ryan suddenly turned a scarlet sickle with a black breath and cut into the heavy A position. The A position was in contact with each other just now. After six consecutive impacts, everything was peaceful and the defense began to melt and decay.
"Now I just want to kill you." Qin Jing appeared in position A, and his golden fist in his right hand quickly hit the shadow.
Ryan looked at the eyes full of murder and suddenly turned to sneer at it. "You can’t hit me except your heart …"
Suddenly, he could not speak, because the golden flame ran through him, and the burning sensation of his body quickly climbed his heart …
Mind light …
Ryan screamed and jumped back to where the purple ripples began to reunite, but the golden hand gripped the neck faster.
Qin Jing said with a straight face that he was suddenly close to Ryan. Do you know that you are really ugly? You are a chess player but you have to act as a chess player.
The red light flashed and Ryan was split in half.
Fog and dust fall
Ryan’s body began to turn black and gradually revolved around Qin Jing, and Qin Jing’s body began to shine and faintly saw a round bead …
Ryan’s mutilated head showed Lang’s look for the first time. "This is the heaven absorbed by you as you wish, but you probably never thought that I died in his hands. It was originally one of the plays … and it was the most wonderful one …"
Light and shadow scattered and Ryan’s last eminence disappeared into the air.
Qin Jing didn’t look up on the ground. He didn’t seem to listen to Ryan. He looked down and didn’t know what he was thinking.
The whole American town disappeared on the map, but in this disappearing land, a few people came alive, and the only one who was awake actually had a brain projection squatting beside Zhan Lan to take care of Zhan Lan’s sequelae caused by unlocking the genetic lock.
In the Lord God, Qin Jing has already told the Queen of Flame that it needs to treat Zhan Lan step by step, and with the latter’s physique, there will be no problem.
But at this moment, it suddenly looked up and looked at Qin Jing with four eyes. This artificial intelligence, which already has all human expressions and emotions, was shocked at this moment. In all its memory banks, Qin Jing’s expression had never been seen before, as if he were a complete stranger at one another.
If you have to use a word to form this expression, it is murder.