It took only two seconds from Chu Chenxi’s retreat to Jiang Yu’s last gorgeous basketball income in his arms. Someone was still distracted, but he saw that the shooting guard Chen of No.10 in Beiyang No.12 Middle School had already galloped away on the frontcourt.

The transition from offensive to defensive was almost completed in a blink of an eye. Even after practicing hard for a long time, Nanchuan was still kept in the dark at this moment, and Beiyang had already had a sense of courage for this kind of fast break. Jiang Yu was not in a hurry to throw the basketball forward for the first time, because he knew that his accuracy of the ball still needed to be improved. He turned to look at it and saw Ouyang Zhi blink at him. He didn’t care that Ouyang Zhi still gave him the ball in his oblique rear, which would affect the fast break.
He remembered what Wang Xuechao said before the game-to get the ball and give it to Ouyang Zhi at the first time.
So he didn’t even spend time thinking, which is a return.
His move almost made everyone in Nanchuan unable to understand why there is still a first time to play fast break.
However, Ouyang Zhi once again stunned them in the game for a minute. He was like an anti-aircraft gun body, and he fired instantly after receiving Jiang Yu’s return ball.
Basketball almost ejected from his body and flew far to the point where he was about to cross the three-point line.
Chen glanced back at the same distance as his nearest opponent, which was less than two meters away, and then glanced at the basketball in the corner, which had flown more than half of the distance and dropped.
I quickly figured out the placement of a basketball in the paint area, and I couldn’t help sighing again how accurate and ingenious Ouyang Zhichang was.
This is also a time when the audience wants to express that basketball is falling straight to Chen, and he dunks vigorously in three steps without blowing off dust.
This integrated attack from breaking to running to attack and defense made Nanchuan No.7 Middle School still complacent. When he panicked and sat on the sidelines, Wei Ning thought more. He remembered that he had almost flown the basketball out of bounds in the Changsha-Germany game and saved the ball for a long time. If it was not for the cold weather, it would be a mistake.
That unstable fast-break ability is almost as natural as Beiyang’s fast-break ability, and there is almost no way to compare it.
What is a major!
What is strength!
Beiyang No.12 Middle School told every player in Nanchuan No.7 Middle School the true meaning of these two words when he got one minute.
Nowadays, the national high school league is faster than that of Beiyang No.12 Middle School. You should come casually. This is what Fang Yuan can read from the performance of that team.
(There are still two sections without much code words.)
23-24 Fighting Qinhuai Enemy Beiyang ()
"Is there really such a big gap? Alas," Zhang Xuan sat on the sidelines and watched Chen dunk with a single pole and sighed, "Yes, the statement tone in this rhetorical question is much more than the questioning tone. Not only Zhang Xuan is alone, but every player on the sidelines can feel how great the pressure on Nanchuan can be brought by Beiyang No.12 Middle School.
How long has it been since Chu Chenxi was easily broken by his opponent in the breakthrough? Think of those days when they fought in Nanchuan, Chu Chenxi rampaged through Nanchuan No.7 Middle School and I don’t know how many opportunities he got, and he became the first rookie in Nanchuan at the last moment.
Nanchuan’s first rookie went to the national championship after several months of hard work, but in the first round, he failed miserably in the first round.
What kind of failure is the worst in the basketball game? It is even better to be broken by the opponent’s hot pot, but at least there is a chance to attack again, but being directly intercepted by the opponent is equivalent to giving the opponent an attack in vain.
In this way, a positive and a negative have already narrowed the gap by four points. How many four points can be handed over in a game?
Chu Chenxi forced himself to meditate, but his opponent Jiang Yu was still a face of Gherardini. This expression made Chu Chenxi feel embarrassed and embarrassed, which made him feel that he had always been a proud man but would not stick to his face. Although he felt that this team had no bright spot when he first joined the team, he also felt his heart after losing to Yin Yunhe and Ji in cold weather.
He always stopped trying to improve his own strength, improved his skills, and then met Wu Ji, which made his arrogant heart bow again. Three months later, he was full in the southern district, and few people were able to prevent him. Unexpectedly, an opponent in this stadium easily won the first round, which made him swallow this tone.
The atmosphere of the stadium is very warm. Every player in Beiyang is a veteran of the National Games. They know when and what kind of defense can make the stadium boil. Obviously, they have done it now. Only one minute later, they made the audience disdain to see who their opponent is.
Maybe until now, there are still many people who don’t know where the team struggling against Beiyang in this stadium comes from. They don’t care at all that Beiyang has been a team that has won the championship for so many years. The fans want to see how these ordinary teenagers living around them interpret one by one.
After all, sometimes the NBA is too far away from them, and CBA, in many cases, the strength of the game is too great, and the players are not as passionate as ordinary high school students. The result has been from the beginning, and sometimes it is a good adjustment to take a look at these amateur high school students
Once again, Nanchuan No.7 Middle School failed to attack in cold weather, and it was almost usual to try and spend time with Ouyang Zhi. As a result, he met a player who could easily keep up with himself in speed for the first time. This feeling made him feel a little discouraged in the basketball court for the first time. Wu Ji’s help to the team in attack was very subtle
In the end, Fan Li, who shot outside the three-point line, didn’t have it. At that time, Jiang Yu went out of the basket with Changsha De and relied on his abnormal wingspan to grab the backboard in the backcourt, which once again triggered Hurricane Beiyang.
Xue Yangyi couldn’t bear to turn his head. "Han Zheng, do you think there is hope for them in Xiaotian today?"
Han Zheng frowned and looked at the stadium. Beiyang No.12 Middle School was another round of fast break. Even though everyone in Nanchuan No.7 Middle School had tried their best to defend against Beiyang, they still failed to do it.
The first rebound, fast break, first ball and second steal of Beiyang No.12 Middle School in this game are completely different. The only similarity is that their attacks are all compressed to the shortest time.
This is Beiyang’s best way to attack on the 3-3.
What is "three-three attack" is a fast break, which is scored in three seconds by three people. Ouyang Zhi clearly remembers how head coach Shang Lin taught them such a fast break tactic.
In the mathematical body, the triangle is always the most stable one, and other shapes will have its loopholes and regrets more or less, which is why Jackson’s triangle attack body can become the top one in the world basketball attack body, and it is the most stable to complete the attack by three people.
Beiyang didn’t play a triangle attack, but Ouyang Zhijiang and Yu Chen completed the attack. Up to now, Nanchuan scored seven points, but they still failed to find their own life in Beiyang’s extremely oppressive offensive.
Basketball games will always be a contest between oppression and life. On the one hand, you have to oppress the other side, and on the other hand, you have to try your best to have more basketball games, which will be so obvious.
Every detail change is likely to dominate the direction of a game, and Fang Yuan is obviously aware of his mistake-it’s really nothing to fight fast break with Beiyang No.12 Middle School. Beiyang’s momentum has already been released by the Ministry, and their meaning is also very obvious.
Than fast? Ok, if you are quick, I will be faster than you.
In the end, one of the two sides is going to fail, and the physical strength has lost its rhythm and the score has fallen behind. What kind of opponent has Ouyang Zhi not seen? Don’t say that you are playing like them. Over the past few years, you have been able to grab something from Beiyang No.12 Middle School, but all kinds of strange tactics have come out. But now Ouyang Zhi is still the highest peak in China, and he is one of the "superstars" in this year’s league.
In the high school league, people like to regard the players who were called "stars" in the second round last year, such as Xia Ruxuan, such as Ouyang Zhi’s Hainan Ocean model small forward, who have not yet played against Yi Jun.
Then if you are selected for the best team, you will be ashamed of being a "superstar" in the high school league. Ouyang Zhi is the only player in this ranks in the national competition.
He has never been afraid of an opponent … let alone a fast-break team to fight against Beiyang. Now who doesn’t know that Beiyang No.12 Middle School is the originator of fast-break in high school league? In those years, there were not many tactical bodies in the high school league. There were star players in singles. Shang Lin, the head coach of Beiyang No.12 Middle School, was the first person to eat crabs. He introduced a complete tactical body into the high school league and made it easy for Beiyang No.12 Middle School to win it. At that time, there was a little overlord car in Guangzhou No.1 Middle School, which laid the foundation for them to create a dynasty in the next two years.
Han Zheng shook his head and threw these inexplicable ideas out of his mind. These are all things he has injected in the past two years. Although the overall strength of Beiyang No.12 Middle School is very slippery compared with last year, it has slipped by more than one grade.
But that’s just a drop from the "God" team to the "Star" team.
"Although I really hope that Xiaotian can lead Nanchuan No.7 Middle School to defeat Beiyang No.12 Middle School, I still want to say that this possibility is too small or too small for Nanchuan No.7 Middle School now," Han Zheng sighed.
Xue Yangyi suddenly lost his nature. Although Nanchuan No.7 Middle School finally got their first two points, Yin Yun sent the basketball to the line by accurately hitting the earth in the cold weather, but this kind of play has been out of the category of "fast break". It seems that in those few minutes, they have been scared by Beiyang. It seems that everything has returned to the time a long time ago when the team was pulled from the strong to the championship step by step by relying on the excellent performance in the cold weather.
At that time, there was no Wu Ji in Nanchuan No.7 Middle School, and Fan Li, their rookie killer, was still an absolute loophole. At that time, Nanchuan also had a unified team called King No.4 Middle School and an MVP called Yi Yefeng.
After such a long time, it seems that Nanchuan No.7 Middle School is not the immature team at that time in any way-that team doesn’t have much tactics to speak of.
However, when the team met an opponent who could completely suppress them in Nanchuan, it was like going back in time and going back to the period of fighting alone in the cold weather.
Han Zheng turned to look at Chu Chenxi again. His opponent was even more difficult. He had heard of this defensive small forward. He caused great trouble to Yi Jun, a small forward in the same grade as him in the first year of the game, but he defeated Jiang Yu by relying on the team.
He wanted to wait until the next year to beat Jiang Yu one-on-one, but Yi Jun was obviously unlucky, because this year Beiyang was recognized as the strongest team in China’s history, and no Yi Jun naturally fell to Yan Yufeng, a former Jiangsu ball king and later the first high school student in China.
This year is the last year that Yi Jun was selected for the second round. He is also very eye-catching in the sea division this year. From the current record, we can see that after the first three rounds, there are only two winning teams, Beiyang and Hai, who will meet in the fifth round. These two players, Jiang Yu and Yi Jun, who were concealed in the edge of Yan Yufeng, will always maintain their highest momentum before the fifth round.
Chu Chenxi, who entered the National Competition for the first time, hit the first shield in the southern district of SF. Perhaps for a while, he could not help Nanchuan No.7 Middle School in any substantial way.
As a result, Ji Hantian’s shoulders are even heavier. He not only has to face the number one player in the country now, but also has to find ways to help the team score points and play on the other side’s away game. This game is really adding snow to the growing team of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School.
"In fact, I think …" Han Zheng turned and added, "Nanchuan No.7 Middle School might as well give up this game and aim at the sea so that they can still hope to enter the final stage with Beiyang, or it will be difficult to fight with Beiyang now."
"Hey, hey," Xue Yangyi snickered, but there was another calculation in his heart. If he chose to give up, would Ji Hantian still go today? At that time, because of such a misunderstanding, which may not be contradictory in many people’s hearts, they chose to go alone to stop stubborn people. If he really gave up, he would look down on him.
"But if he did that, he wouldn’t be called Ji Hantian." Although Xue Yangyi didn’t speak, Han Zheng didn’t know Ji Hantian. Maybe in Nanchuan, if Xue Yangyi knows Ji Hantian best, Han Zheng should be the second. His stories that may seem childish now are actually not known by many people around Ji Hantian.
"defense and defense!" In the cold weather, it seems that the sharp voice can pierce the sky. In the cold weather, he is trying to drag the pace of the game to the point where it is beneficial to Nanchuan No.7 Middle School. He is trying his best to slow down the pace just because both sides are fighting for speed. Although he can’t stop Beiyang from moving forward, he has gradually made Nanchuan No.7 Middle School have the ability to score-even if the score difference remains at six points.
115 Chen is worthy of being a commander in Beiyang. After a fast break, he grabbed a three-pointer in the next round of attack. His score seems to be comfortable, and it is because of that fast break that he has a feeling of complacency and complacency that Ji Hantian helped Fan Li find a shot opportunity to make Fan Li’s hand pull back.
Many times, Nanchuan will be beaten in the field, but Ji Hantian will try his best to make the team adapt to the game slowly, which is what he can bring to Nanchuan No.7 Middle School as a point guard.
Beiyang is very strong, which makes Ji Hantian feel hearty and strong. At their home, Beiyang has played an offensive climax again and again. This is also the first time Ji Hantian met a player who can make him feel hard in speed. He remembered that he easily changed direction and accelerated in Guangzhou No.1 Middle School, leaving Xia Ruxuan behind and facing the open basket.
But this time, he almost pulled out all the stops, and Ouyang Zhi was still able to flexibly step across and still keep Ji Hantian out of the paint area.
Ouyang Zhi crouched down and hooked up with Ji Hantian. "What else have you not taken out of Xiu Xiu?" Ouyang Zhi said while staring at Ji Hantian’s expression made him feel disappointed. Ji Hantian’s face was expressionless. However, in Ouyang Zhi’s heart, for such an opponent, there will always be an opponent who will suddenly take out some secret weapon to make Beiyang No.12 Middle School suffer a big loss-although it is impossible to make Beiyang somersault, less Ouyang Zhi has been very sure.