Businessman Cen said, "What’s the history of development? Or my Shang Lian has the ambition to learn all about it. I went to Yunjia Liquor Store in advance to sell for people, earned millions, and then found some other businesses and developed slowly."

Businessman Cen, no matter how good he is with San shun Jin, can’t tell San shun Jin how much money his family has and how to earn it. San shun Jin doesn’t want to hear this. "I don’t listen to you. I just want to know how you took food from many people."
"What’s the tiger’s mouth grabbing food" is really unclear to this merchant, and I don’t know what San shun Jin is talking about.
San shun Jin horse, don’t pretend. Everyone knows. The expression says, "You are so fake and pretending."
"What did I pack? I really don’t know what it is." The merchant Cen really didn’t know what San shun Jin said. "Ss, tell me what it is."
I really don’t know whether the merchant Cen took over Lianhua from Shang Tang Lianji and bought all three factories. It was also from this time that I learned about the three factories. After this flag, Shang Tanglian was not involved with the merchant Cen at all. Now, the merchant Cen is busy, not managing the factory, but learning where to have the time to understand what has passed for so long. However, the merchant Cen can be said to have paved the way for Shang Tanglian and is not clear about the political or commercial complexities behind it.
Shang Tang Lian didn’t want to tell the merchant Cen. She didn’t want to tell the merchant Cen that she didn’t have this habit of explanation, mainly because the merchant Cen never asked Shang Tang Lian when she was a president. Where would she have the habit of explaining to others?
San shun Jin couldn’t help but feel a little depressed when he forced the merchants to do it. "Then how did you get three factories at that time?"
"At that time, oh, it was very simple, that is, we heard that they were going to sell the factory and just thought that they would buy it." Although the merchant Cen knew about the original scene, it was not easy to tell San shun Jin. Of course, it was mainly in his view that he came to Shang Tang Lotus to do those things, and he never told the merchant Cen.
And the former Shang Tang Lian and the merchant Cen played that scene, and the merchant Cen knew it, but he was not stupid. He didn’t think that he could buy three factories just by one scene, so that the merchant Cen knew that there must be something fishy, but the merchant Cen really didn’t know what it was.
When San shun Jin heard this excuse, it was false, but when he stared at it, he turned to think that maybe there was something that could not be known, but what if he went out?
San shun Jin can also let go of the business.
Shang Tang Lian didn’t know these things. She went back to her room and took a nap. When she got up, she called her three younger brothers, "Kitty Hawk is going to play boxing this afternoon. Are you going?"
Huangfuying thought, can I not go? I want to know that the first time Shang Tang Lian called himself, he must have to repair himself. He really didn’t want to go, but Huangfuying also knew that the Queen didn’t want to ask you questions, and people gave you the answer directly:
Chapter 521 Not tempted is false
Although I think so, Huangfuying still tries to say, "I have some things to do that afternoon."
"Oh, what’s the matter? Let’s hear it." Shang Tang Lian smiled at the corner of her mouth. If Huangfuying saw it, she would definitely say that it’s okay. Don’t laugh. It’s scary, okay?
Huangfuying didn’t know what suddenly made him feel cold all over, but he still crustily skin of head. "That’s my elder sister who is going to work in Huangyue in the afternoon. You know that I was recently called by my dad to help with the management of Huangyue."
What a legitimate reason! Huangfuying is looking forward to Shang Tanglian’s seeing that he really has business to do. Cut yourself some slack for the time being.
Huangfuying forgot one thing. If Huangfuying said that Shang Shang Lian wouldn’t do anything, Shang Tang Lian might even consider whether to change the time, but don’t forget how the merchant Cen and Fu Huamei were caught at the beginning and immediately said, "Well, it’s okay, then I’ll go to Huangyue with you in the afternoon. Anyway, I have nothing to do today."
Huangfuying Oh, my God, hurry up and find something for this girl to do. But isn’t this lotus flower just in its infancy? How busy will it be? What, this girl can still be so leisurely? Besides, recently, they are not engaged in any costume design competition, and they still have time to find themselves to fight boxing.
In fact, Huangfuying’s mind is also inevitable. He thinks that if Shang Tanglian is still like that a year ago, if there is no progress, then he may be able to win Shang Tang Lotus. However, the practical lesson has told Huangfuying to be cautious, especially when the Queen is looking for you to practice.
Huangfuying can comfort himself with a sigh. Can you change your mind? "Elder sister, I remember. In fact, I have nothing to go in the afternoon." Huangfuying didn’t forget that when he played in the casino, he didn’t win the gambling of Shang Tang Lotus, but let Shang Tanglian win a lot. Where dare you let Shang Tang Lotus go to the casino to play? Isn’t that just looking for something for himself?
Shang Tanglian smiled with satisfaction. "That’s good. By the way, remember to call Xiao Qi and Xiaofeng."
If Shang Tanglian doesn’t say that Huangfuying really didn’t ask them to plan on one, it’s out of selfishness that they want to spend some time with the Queen, and it’s also because the Queen has to repair herself and lose more people. Even small partners don’t want them to know about this kind of thing.
Who likes to let others know about their own anecdotes, no matter how good they are with anyone?
However, the queen’s adult said that Huangfuying didn’t dare to resist. Anyway, the queen’s adult’s mind is not much bigger than the tip of a needle. In case she is given a grudge and streaked again, he doesn’t want to do it again.
It is very reluctant to come to Huangfuying, but on second thought, the Queen may not have no intention of repairing these two goods.
Huang Fuying’s words hit quickly at the thought that someone would suffer with him.
"A Ying, what’s the matter so early? I don’t know that I just took a nap." Dongfang Qi received the words with a face of impatience.
Huangfuying said lightly, "Elder sister has an appointment to practice boxing in the afternoon. Anyway, I told you to come or not."
"What business is not a big sister? What does she smoke crazy? Why do you want to practice boxing with me?" Dongfang Qi woke up with fright and ran out of sleep. There was an idea in her head that she had never offended big sister.
Boxing is a violent action just by listening to it. You can’t afford to enjoy it on your own.
Dongfang Qi is not untouched. Maybe the bad idea of the Queen’s adult may be that she can defeat the game, but she rejected it in an instant because no one is stupid enough to compare her own shortcomings with others, which can make the Queen take the initiative. It can be said that the Queen’s ability is not weak.
The Oriental girl is so sad just thinking about it that she wants to refuse to say.
Huangfuying also wants to know what, but the face is, "I don’t know. Ask her yourself. Forget it. I have to call A Feng."
"Oh, good, then you go to play." Oriental Qi is relieved to hear this. Anyway, it should be difficult to be original when a dead friend dies. He is relieved that Nangong Feng is a typical pit friend of this damn little friend.
"Boxing" Nangong Feng just got up and was in a beautiful mood when a bolt from the blue came and suddenly the whole person was not well.
The nangongshan maple wanted to mean to ask Huangfuying, "Eagle, tell me the truth whether you have offended the Queen’s adult again." Otherwise, the Queen Mao will think of boxing. He doesn’t count on the Queen’s ability to be weak in this respect. As soon as he listens to these two times, he can’t help but see such a scene in his mind. The Queen raised her fist with a left hook and a right hook and beat him with a milli-resistance.
Nangong maple was frightened by her own imagination and suddenly shuddered. It’s terrible. Please let the Queen go.
Huangfuying is very wronged. "Where is there? I’ve been with you these days. If I offend you, there will be nothing on Wednesday. Where is there anything else?"
Nangong Feng found the crux as soon as she got there. "Look at this. Otherwise, which one would you be? Is your queen so bubbly? You said that you had a lot of convulsions that day to make this move. You don’t know how small her mind is. I’ll wait for you to be repaired in the afternoon." If you fix it, you can forget the key. Can you not join us?
Huangfuying gave a wry smile. He didn’t know it himself, but it was not pleasant to hear Nangong Maple’s words. He asked Nangong Maple, "What about you? Can you tell me that you are not moved at all?"
Huangfuying didn’t see the nangongshan maple did anything, but the nangongshan maple was also seen that day. If you don’t move, can Shang Tanglian feel a little bit?
You know what kind of beauty people in their circle have never seen. Shang Tanglian is beautiful, but beautiful. They have seen Shang Tanglian more, but it is not the most beautiful. They are also used to self-control in love or think they are strong enough. It is not the kind of person who can do this. Can they react if they don’t feel it?
Saying that you don’t feel is self-deception or trying to deceive others:
Chapter 522 Boxing together
How is it possible that Nangong Maple can’t tell her conscience that she is not moved? Nangong Maple is also silent.
It is because I know that Nangong Feng didn’t say anything about Huangfuying after I came back, and Dongfang Qi also mumbled something.
Huang Fuying went on to say, "Do you think I have a choice? For people like us, what are we like in our life? We are proud not only because of our family background, but also because of our Excellence. But when we are proud, we touch another person who is even more proud. I think our heart is doomed. I don’t know about you. Anyway, I think I am really doomed to be attracted by her from the beginning and then moved by her. I can say that I can’t help myself." Huang Fuying said with a wry smile here. Who let herself touch it? I like it so much.
The nangongshan maple is also a dark sigh "but Shang Tang Lian is also a proud person. Do you think you can subdue her?" Don’t say that Huangfuying is tasting herself, isn’t it? Say Huangfuying is also saying that she can subdue her herself?
"How can you know without trying?" Huangfuying said.