Lu Xiusi and Shen Nuo got out of the car very quickly. They were in a hurry and ran to Xiaojin.

"Xiaojin Xiaojin!" Shen Nuo behind jin very anxious shouted.
Xiaojin turned his head slightly and looked at them curiously.
"Hey, you … you two … why are you here?" Xiaojin was delirious and said
When Shen Nuo and Lu Xiusi approached him, they found that Xiaojin had a very strong wine smell.
"You’re still drinking. Do you know you’re underage?" Lu Hughes looked at Jin who was drunk and was always very angry and said
"Why don’t I want to be an adult? I can’t wait to be an adult right now and leave you bad guys. You are all bad guys!" Xiaojin dropped the bottle on the ground in a moment of excitement.
"Let’s talk about this when we get home. I’ll explain it to you. Let’s go home first!" Lu Xiusi tried to control his anger and patiently said to Jin
"I’m not going home?" Xiaojin smiled contemptuously. "Where do I have a home? I have no home in this world! "
"Jin, I beg you, don’t say that, okay?" Shen Nuo looked at Jin, who was very poor, and cried sadly.
Lu Xiusi saw Shen Nuo crying and his bad temper was exposed at that time. "Xiaojin, I will ask you again, do you want to go home with me!"
"Don’t go back, I just don’t …" Jin was drunk and couldn’t keep his eyes open, but his mouth was still playing with Lu Xiusi.
Lu Xiusi didn’t wait for Xiaojin to finish speaking before he came to the back of General Xiaojin’s head. General Xiaojin lost consciousness at that time and fell into Lu Xiusi’s arms like a pool of mud.
This shocked Shen Nuo. It turns out that Lu Xiusi still has such a thing. It seems that the president’s solution to this problem is so simple and rude
"Nuo Nuo, hit the door!" Lu Xiusi held the drunken Jin to tell Shen Nuo to do things.
Shen Nuo dare not delay, of course, so he immediately ran to the front of the car and hit the back seat.
Lu Xiusi carefully put General Xiaojin in.
"What you did to him just now … will it hurt!" Shen Nuo asked in the face of landing Hugh treat jin way is still very worried.
"Don’t worry, I knocked him out. I am so measured that I won’t let him get hurt!" Lu Xiusi’s words gradually relaxed Shen Nuo’s heart.
"That’s good. I’ll sit behind and take care of him! Look at him drinking so much wine … "Shen Nuo said with a sour nose.
"Well, be careful not to let him throw up all over you!" Lu Hugh thought to Shen Nuo charged and quickly started the car all the way home.
"Xiaojin, we’re home. It’s okay. It’s okay!" Shen Nuoxin said to Xiaojin. At this time, Xiaojin didn’t know whether it was because of dreaming or because of drunkenness. He kept mumbling that he was afraid.
"I’ll do it!" Lu Xiusi took a taxi and the goalkeeper Xiaojin helped him out.
Shen Nuo carefully delivered Xiaojin to Lu Xiusi, helped Xiao Jingang into the room, and Xiaojin threw up all over Lu Xiusi.
"Oh, my God!" Shen Nuo was very surprised and covered his mouth. Everyone knew that Lu Xiusi was a very neat person. Now Xiaojin vomited on Lu Xiusi, and he didn’t know what kind of reaction Lu Xiusi would have.
"This kid really finds time to be quiet when he’s around you. I just took it and threw up on me!" Lu Xiusi frowned slightly this time and complained a few words.
"You … are you okay!" Shen Nuo looked at Lu Xiusi with great heart.
"It’s already like this. What else can I do?" Lu Xiusi looked at Shen Nuo very naively. "You help him into the room and I’ll change my clothes!"
Shen Nuo carefully gave Xiaojin to his side and helped Xiaojin to the floor.
Shen Nuo didn’t feel that Xiaojin was really heavy until today, and he helped Xiaojin into the room and put him on the bed with great difficulty.
"You are so heavy!" Shen Nuo put Jin Zong back and breathed a sigh of relief.
"Dad … Dad …" I didn’t expect Jin, who had just been lying in bed, to mumble his father in his sleep.
☆, Chapter 262 Xiaojin always talks!
Shen Nuo slightly lower body carefully looked at sleeping small gold total.
"This is a child. How can there be so much sadness?" Shen Nuo looked at Xiaojin fondly and always looked at him with a frown.
At this time, Lu Xiusi has also changed his clothes, and he will come directly to see General Xiaojin without taking a shower.
"How is he?" Lu Hugh asked Shen Nuo while thinking about his buttons.
"He just kept calling his father. I don’t know what he dreamed of!" Shen Nuo sighed slightly and was very distressed.
"I wish he had gone home now!" Lu Xiusi just finished talking when the housekeeper came into the room.
"Master!" The housekeeper said respectfully
"Tie him up!" Lu Xiusi’s face didn’t change at all, which made Shen Nuo unable to guess what Lu Xiusi was going to do.
"What are you doing, Hugh?" Shen Nuo was anxious to hold Lu Xiusi and try to stop him.
"Nuo Nuo, don’t worry, I won’t hurt him!" Lu Xiusi try to appease Shen Nuo who was very nervous.
"Then what are you doing? If he wakes up and sees us doing this to him, he will hate us even more!" Shen Nuo a face of worry, she now knows that Jin always has a particularly fragile heart, so she dare not hurt him again.
"even if we don’t tie him up now, he’ll still hate us when he wakes up. I’ll just tie him up and let him not run away when we’re not paying attention!" Lu Xiusi is always so patient when facing Shen Nuo.
Section 2
"Are you good for him?" Shen Nuo knows that he also wants to keep Manager Xiaojin from getting hurt, but now it seems that what Lu Xiusi said is quite reasonable.
"How could I harm him!" Lu Xiusi looked at Shen Nuo Shen Nuo very seriously and knew that Lu Xiusi might really be a little gold, so he silently backed off.
Lu Xiusi nodded to the housekeeper, and the housekeeper carefully tied General Xiaojin up.
"Hugh, do you think Jin will be angry when he wakes up?" Shen Nuo very worried and asked
"Angry, that’s for sure. You must be particularly depressed to see him drink so much wine!" Lu Xiusi looked at Xiao Jin, who was still sleeping in bed.
"Hey, what can I do?" Shen Nuo listened to Lu Xiusi and was very sad.
"You don’t worry!" Lu Xiusi gently pressed Shen Nuo’s shoulder. "I’ll handle this matter, so don’t worry!"
"Well, then," Shen Nuonai sighed, "I wish Kim hadn’t heard it …"
Lu Xiusi looked at Shen Nuo and kept blaming herself. It was very uncomfortable and he went directly to Shen Nuo and picked her up.
"What are you …?" Shen Nuo was suddenly picked up by Lu Xiusi and was very embarrassed, so he blushed and asked him.
However, Lu Xiusi did not speak, but directly carried Shen Nuo to her own room and carefully put her on the bed.