And Bai Qionghai spit out the ten tail and tian hu, but they didn’t have their own wisdom to obey others.

Nan Yunqing’s shout was so light that it could not reach Nan Yu’s ear, but the saddest thing was that Nan Yunqing knew very well that even if he heard it, he could not respond.
Her father must have died long ago. It’s a body.
She forced herself to believe that this was not her father. She should calm down and continue to deal with Emperor Xuanyuan.
But from absolute calm to excitement and then to absolute calm, it always takes an hour, even a moment.
Nan Yunqing’s recovery was obviously not so fast, and her mind was still in a trance. Emperor Xuanyuan did not hesitate to give up Hainong’s power to attack her.
XuanYuanHuang plan is so life ghost spirit surprise attack kill female monty at the same time let Nan Yunqing mind lost, he took the opportunity to kill or hit Nan Yunqing.
The biggest crisis in history can be resolved in shape and then turned over.
At this moment, Nanyu The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, the nearest one from the female monty, has flown past Bai Qionghai, which will pierce the middle of the back of the female monty, and the other five have also turned the tip of the sword and rushed to Bai Qionghai and Xiao Wen from other directions.
His appearance is so unexpected that this short moment can contain three people without falling into the wind and can also hit the female monty hard!
Xuanyuan Huang shocked Hainong to make quick achievements, and his right hand pointed directly at Zhongnan Yunqing, who was absent. The blazing white boundary element was actually drawn with a thin white line, which penetrated everything from his hand to Nan Yunqing’s chest! Nan Yunqing is surrounded by people who can save her.
The original ambush that was determined to win was completely reversed because of the appearance of a ghost!
This is all due to the fact that Emperor Xuanyuan’s Chen Shou was too deep. Before today, no one in this world knew that he had studied the ghost road, and the appearance of that ghost spirit happened to make Nan Yunqing’s mind fall short just like Nan Yuwen.
It’s too light to say that it’s a close call, life and death, because it’s not just a few people’s life and death, but the whole war. The fairy and demon worlds are the future direction of the whole ancient gods!
Xiao Wen waited for this day for too long, and Nan Yunqing endured it for too long. Although Bai Qionghai hasn’t been out of the ice cave for ten thousand years, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t hate Xuanyuan Emperor …
For more than ten thousand years, those fairy beasts and Taoist priests who died tragically, those women who were coldly deprived of their beauty, those small ethnic groups such as the Yeyi people who were annihilated by the overlord system of the world god alliance, they have waited for this day for too long …
How can you lose?
How can the situation go on like this at such a moment?
"Leave me alone!" Xiao Wen heard the purple Yan shout in the soul imprint.
At this moment, Xiao Wen chose the condition to believe ZiYan even though she looks like the most dangerous person.
Xiao asked the fastest speed to turn around and didn’t look at anything. He stabbed himself with two The six great divisions in the wheel of karma jerked toward the front of Nan Yunqing, fanning the dry Kun fan. Only in this way can he save Nan Yunqing!
Two The six great divisions in the wheel of karma stabbed him, but the strength also rushed out!
The initial boundary element turns into a white thin line, which is a hundred feet away from Nan Yunqing. The speed is very fast, depending on the distance behind it! Its front end is aimed straight at Nan Yunqing’s heart!
That’s not as simple as wearing it! After passing through it, it will stroke in any direction like a saw blade and then divide Nan Yunqing’s body!
Only then did Nan Yunqing finally wake up, but it seemed that she couldn’t come! In vain, she raised her hand and raised her sword, which seemed to move slowly, but the thin line melted by the initial boundary element was faster than others.
Then at this time, the strength of Kun Fan finally arrived at the front of Nan Yunqing, who was banned!
The initial boundary element immediately penetrates into it, and the speed is slow!
But at this moment, no one thought that Xuanyuan Huang actually played the tricks of the early boundary yuan!
The thin initial boundary element suddenly rose outward, and the peripheral initial boundary element abruptly resisted, but a thinner core was left in the pneumatic extrusion!
The thin core is no longer affected by the earth’s strength, and it accelerates again like a female sword. It passes through the earth’s strength quickly and reaches the front of Nan Yunqing!
Xuanyuan emperor will not greatly meet the needs of combat mode, and he can be more delicate when needed.
At the moment, he has been able to foresee that the early boundary yuan will cut Nan Yunqing’s body.
When Nan Yunqing’s heart came to the ground, it was a relief. She felt sure that the sword could block the blow, but when Xuanyuan Emperor’s boundary yuan changed again, she moved too slowly. After all, she was affected by the appearance of the ghost spirit.
Then she watched the thinner initial boundary element pass by her sword and stab her heart.
Are you going to die?
And still die in such a way …
I’m so unwilling …
Is it always vain to cling to it?
For ten thousand years …
This world should not be like this …
It seems to be slowing down, but the initial boundary element is still getting closer and closer to her
If someone can help me stop it and let me kill Xuanyuan Emperor, I will give everything. I insist that I miss my heart, my past, my future, my life and my soul …