Set the peak body black purple yi face slightly all smile looked at his fast rotating five figure.

Although the five elements of absolutely evil spirit resin can be refined, they can’t feel all the resin gas and ShaQi except for some holes in their eyes, which are almost the same as ordinary people.
The five avatars of wood, water, gold, fire and earth, each of them is far better than the brothers of the same order in terms of spell and force manipulation. If the monks form a five-element array against the enemy in the early stage of Yuanying, even the later monks dare not lightly tassel their front.
"Come back!" See Ziyi gently waved to five figures floating in front of him, and five corpses turned into five silver awns and shot at Ziyi’s left wrist.
Ziyi wrist is a unique bracelet. The bracelet wears five beads of different colors, and five corpses each choose a bead to attach to it.
Lingyi peak residence,
After a lapse of forty-five years, Jiang Yun saw his master again, and the intimacy in his eyes was much less. Instead, it was a ray of diaphragm, yes, it was diaphragm. "
Jiang Yun’s temperament has changed a lot since she was bullied by her grandmaster Xu Lingying’s blood and soul beads. Few people can get her letter.
Xiao Yun!’ Ziyi looked at her apprentice with a hint of excitement in her face.
"Well, it’s good. Then the mid-term peak is small, so it seems that I’m not lazy."
"Master!" Jiang Yun let out a cry and stopped talking. Her eyes were slightly moist.
"Yi ling yi peak how have the two of us? Liang Yi, what about your grandmaster? Where did they go? " Purple grace gods slightly swept a ling yi peak face some indecision asked.
Jiang Yun saw that his master’s face flashed a trace of bitterness when he asked, and he forbeared to say, "Brother Liang Yi was sent to Sirius by the Sect to be undercover."
"Undercover?" Ziyi’s pretty face suddenly turned black.
"Who arranged it? What’s going on? " The more Ziyi asked, the colder the eyes became. "It’s Stuart who measured him." Jiang Yun, like a bitter water, shook out the things that have been born in these years. Of course, Xu Ling Dong’s blood and soul beads persecuted her but didn’t say anything.
Ziyi listened quietly to Jiang Yun’s story, and the expression on her face became colder and colder. Jiang Yun stopped when she noticed the difference.
"The eye is small? Undercover? Traitor? " Purple grace corners of the mouth slightly trembling way "Stuart old son I want you to look good! Don’t you want to carve up Sirius territory? The seat will not let you succeed! "
Dragons have scales, those who touch them will die, and women will storm, even dragons should stay out of the way.
Forty-five years ago, because of that sudden night, I didn’t want to close my life and death for a while, but when I stayed, I was transformed.
"Master, where are you going?"
"I’ll go to Mourning Mountain and you’ll stay at Lingyi Peak!" Ziyi calmly confessed and turned into a purple light and went to the mountain.
A few days later, Qilin Mountain, the front line of Mourning Mountain, was stationed in Tianyuan Xiuxian.
Two leading figures in Qilin Mountain, Situ Liang Tian Zheng, are enjoying themselves in their temporary elegant residence, drinking spiritual tea intercepted from the door, and two "female apprentices" who are as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade are softly kneading his shoulders.
Since Xu Lingdong, the so-called largest friar in Tianyuan, was promoted, Stuart’s position in Tianyuan’s immortal cultivation world can be described as a rising tide lifts all boats, and it is also very comfortable to live a small life.
"Master, do you want me to give it to you?" The female brother next to him gave him a glad eye, and the tone was even more crisp.
"Stuart, get out and die!" Stuart measured the words in the middle when he heard an angry voice pressing toward this side with overwhelming momentum. "What person is so arrogant? "Stuart quantity cold even appeared outside the compound.
"Ziyi was you?" Stuart coldly stared at Ziyi’s eyes floating in front of him with a surprised look.
Soon a large number of high-ranking monks gathered around them, but no one mind their own business to discourage them from holding a good attitude
"Yuan baby mid-term peak? What a big breath. Xu Linghuang was able to fight beyond his level. Do you want to learn from your master? " Situ measured the pulse of Tianling Yifeng, and committed two crimes, plus an illegitimate child, which was directly buried in the hands of Liang Yi and Xu Lingdong.
"You will know later!" Ziyi took a cold drink to spoil and repair her life. She has done the same thing as herself, and the mid-term peak of Yuanying, Zihuolei, recruited Zilei, was released.
Even in Qilin Mountain, there are people in Lingyi Peak who can repair their spiritual pets to the same level.
It relies on the fact that Zi Ling, a mountain treasure in Lingyifeng Town, usually carries this thing into the sealed spiritual realm of Qilin Peak. If you are not too unlucky, you can get an egg of a king-class spirit beast with a quality not lower than the fourth grade, which solves the "qualification" problem of the life spirit pet.
While other peak brothers don’t have this treatment, take Stuart as an example. Although others are masters of Yuan Ying’s late period, they can take their pets with them, but they are a demon. Birds in the late period of Dan are ok when they are mounted at ordinary times. If they encounter the same order of fighting, they can’t even get a cannon fodder out.
"Good indeed as expected is prepared!" Stuart’s face flashed a trace of dignity. Two monks at the mid-term peak of Yuanying, if the power of the body achievement method is big enough and the personal magic weapon is severe enough, it is not impossible to fight with the big monk. If one of them is a little stronger than the human monk of the same order, it will be even more mysterious.
Violet buds appeared and looked at each other like Ziyi. Suddenly, they turned their hands and recruited a magic weapon in the shape of a purple light shining machete to deceive themselves and cut off Stuart’s skull.
For Yao Xiu, close combat is their specialty.
"Old Stuart took his life!" Purple bud mouth although call badly but shape is slippery, is entangled in Stuart quantity day but not his hard touch.
On the other side, Purple Bud entangled Stuart and measured the sky. At the same time, Ziyi’s left hand suddenly waved forward, and five different colors of light came out and instantly surrounded Stuart and Purple Bud by five squares.
"Refined resin? There are life fluctuations? " Friar onlookers suddenly exclaimed, "Five lines of unique evil spirit resin is five lines of unique evil spirit resin! "
Violet Bud in the bucket suddenly flew the purple flying knife in her hand in Stuart’s silver flying sword, and then flew away with a full force.
When Ziyi made moves, Stuart had noticed the different shapes around him, and he didn’t hesitate. When his feet were slightly lifted, he was about to cast his magic power and flash out five pieces of refined shroud.
"Come on!"
Chapter 176 decisive battle