Smell speech obediently went to see the little devil who was still in the nurse’s arms, and suddenly his face wrinkled. The man told the truth, "Er, it’s ugly."

I still can’t see the outline clearly. My facial features are as red as a monkey’s ass. My face is more like a company commander. I can’t find anyone at all.
"How can Zhou Zichen say that about himself?"
"wife, I"
"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow" A little demon protested seriously.
It was Zhou Shaoshao who gave him a bad impression at the moment he was born, so Zhou Jiaze’s children tortured their father to be happy for many years to come.
The ending was a little hasty. Luffa sincerely said that I am sorry that I have often stopped working since I trained. There are many things, and speeches and the like are not written. There is an assessment at the end of the month. The school is more strict.
Dear friends, I hope that the baby articles will be placed separately in the outside to write bags and steamed buns, and the two babies will come out to sell cute:
It is in
Roll up a golden scale and turn it into a dragon
Chapter 1 Jian Yuan Adventure
Liquid flashes across the sky as if to tear the mountains into daylight in the middle of the night, and several chasing figures suddenly became clear.
Sixteen-and seven-year-old boys are flying at the front, their faces are plain and printed with cartoon patterns, and their eyes are already worn out, but they are flashing with other wisdom and alertness. At this moment, his eyes are full of stubbornness, tenacity and a trace of unspeakable evil, which is incompatible with soft and docile facial features
He was a little thin and his body swam like a fish in the thorny forest.
Poof …
The bluish purple palm shadow the size of a cattail fan came from behind and gave off a harsh blast to the middle of the back of the boy. He barely made some mistakes and escaped the key point of the middle of the back.
Seeing that the left shoulder is about to be hit by the strength of the palm, it seems that the head and arm suddenly lose their bones and twist back from an incredible angle. The edge of the palm is shining with misty green air.
Showing weakness, many handprints were taken out and attacked by the pursuers. A circle of light ripples was visible to the naked eye.
Behind him, he exclaimed that the three pursuers were shocked.
Without the support of the highest meditation method and 20 years of true qi cultivation, how can he exert his cloud-turning hand? This kind of talent makes their hearts more intense, and they must not let him grow up! Never let him go on living!
After all, when practicing, it was too short and the true qi was insufficient. The teenager turned over the cloud and dodged a bullet. The enemy couldn’t help but repair the gap with the pursuer. He involuntarily spewed out a stream of blood. The body roared forward and flew for life, but the speed increased a lot, pulling the distance between the two sides.
It is with the help of similar methods that he evaded the pursuit all the way here, but every time he pulled the distance, he was injured. How long can this injury last?
After hunting all night, the teenager has reached the stage of running out of oil and lamps, and his clothes are scratched by branches and soaked with blood.
"Chen Han, give up resistance."
The blue man’s eyes flashed a LengLi drink a way: "It’s a pity that you can persist in my three brothers’ pursuit until now …"
The distance between the two sides gradually narrowed, and I felt the rapid surge of qi and blood in my chest and abdomen. The teenager Chen Han choked back the pain and shouted "The three old deathlessly joined forces to kill the king for so long, but they didn’t succeed. Forget it, save a fool. Haha …"
At the same time, the three men were furious and tried their best to blast out a palm, and Chen Han barely avoided it one by one. Another palm still landed on the right shoulder.
With a crisp click, the scapula was shattered into several pieces on the spot, and he screamed and flew again.
Several big trees were knocked off one after another, and plumes of blood poured out from their seven orifices.
But I don’t know where he got the strength. In the three people’s surprised eyes, he didn’t stop for a moment. His left hand covered his bone and broke his right shoulder, and he continued to fly hard into the distance …
Suddenly, the face of the original furious pursuer inexplicably revealed a sneer.
"Bad here is …"
Two days and two nights devoted to picking up lonely forests, and at least ran out of more than a thousand miles. Four people don’t know where they went, but from the perspective of the mountain environment in front of them, it is very similar to the Qingmeng Mountain in memory. This should mean the Jedi.
I didn’t expect to run here and send myself to the Jedi. This luck is really not a good sword … Isn’t this a coincidence?
The sword in front is as bottomless as a split, falling straight down the cliff like a monster with its mouth wide open to block the way.
The first middle-aged man’s eyes flashed in the depths of his eyes, and he slowly raised his palm with a grimace of a grin, and the gas flow in his palm was almost suffocating.
Bang …
Palm attack from three directions!
He tried his best to catch two palm shadows, one of which hit him in the abdomen, and the blood spilled out of his mouth. In the middle, his body flew out of control for several tens of feet, and then he was castrated, and he fell like a kite and disappeared into the heavy rain.
Looking at the place where the cold disappeared, one of them snorted with a cold hum, and the other two looked at each other, followed by hiding in the rain curtain and then disappeared …
Xiang Jianyuan split the whole mountain peak in half from the center by immortal magic. I don’t know how much.