Bai Ye asked, "What?"

"Although I am the soul of the ancient pot, for some reason I can’t urge this body to be spiritual, to move, to be mindful of heaven and to be respected. Few people can collect the ancient pot, but I don’t want others to collect it except the public!"
"Heaven mind? Respect the world? " Baiye is wait for a while. What are the elders talking about?
Is Eldar surprised to say, "you say this is the heart of heaven? At the other end of the road is Zunjie? "
"Yes, indeed!"
Eldar leng for a while before suddenly way "so Ye Er is every fetus every pregnancy tiancheng Dao heart can heaven so appropriate very directly copy heaven and earth!
That boundary is harder than having abstruse edges, and there are strange fluctuations from time to time. Originally, I was some kind of advanced world, but I didn’t expect it to be a sacred world. So those fluctuations are the sacred beasts in the sacred world? "
Bai Ye listened to the two people talking and gradually understood some things. He asked, "Is it meaningful that my spiritual sphere is the heaven, the heart and the realm on the other side?"
The elder said, "You should have been familiar with the Taoist mind that day. That is the universal world. It has always been said that the middle world is impossible to reach the world. Although you have a boundary and an Eldar, if you don’t get through the boundary in 100 million years, this boundary will disappear.
But even if you can’t go to Zunjie, you can get several benefits. I think you have already realized one or two! "
"What will these things appear in my body? Is it destiny? " White leaves asked.
"Destiny? What is destiny? There is no answer to this question. Although there are several people in this celestial world who say that they know the destiny and call it life during the day, the more people like this, the more lost they are … "
The elder’s words poured directly on him like a splash of ice water, causing him to have a cold war all over. It took a long time to say, "Yes, destiny says yes, and I will be so persistent if I say no!"
"Haha, I don’t know, I don’t say, I don’t care, I don’t care about it."
"Thank you for guiding the elder to find us. Is it to collect the ancient pot?"
"Well, put away the ancient pot and move to the floating world!"
"Go to the floating world … well, I was going to go!"
"Then please two people. I can’t help but collect my body and soul!"
Elves said, "Elder is not worried. I’ll show Ye Er!"
At this point, the director thanked the Eldar and said, "This is an opportunity!" "
"Well, although I don’t say destiny, this is destiny. I was thinking that if I don’t wave the power, there will be an ancient pot elder to let me collect this fairy treasure!"
The ancient pot is also in ideal city. With the ancient pot, you can stand in the floating world. There are floating stones everywhere, and the stones there are exhausted. Everything may be rolled up and torn to pieces by stones if you are not careful. If you ban the array, it will be very strong. But with the ancient pot, you can open the ancient pot array and make the whole stone blend into the floating world with the power of Xianbao, so you can be born safely in it.
In this way, with the white leaves in Andi, people can be brought out, and then they can practice first, and then the white leaves will condense the fairy crystal in the floating world. If possible, he will also look for the array that can cultivate the state of mind quickly.
Section 235 There will be a war
At the request of the elders of the ancient pot, Baiye came out after practicing for a while and sat down beside the pond.
He doesn’t understand anything, but what to do after thinking about the problem and thinking about himself.
"I don’t have many waves along the way, but it is also ups and downs. I don’t know how many hard things are on my shoulders. More and more things are getting more and more important, and my mind is getting less and less. If I continue to make progress like this, I may become smaller and more confused!"
Baiye whispered to Eldar.
Eldar replied, "What is the destiny according to the words of the ancient pot elder? You have your own answer. Don’t think so much! "
After a pause, the Elves said, "Well, it’s not the time to collect the ancient pot recently. You should take care of the ancient pot first. There are so many people here that you can get ahead even if you are not mortal."
After sitting still for a while, Baiye got up and walked to the other side.
Although the elder of Guhu entrusted Baiye, others didn’t know Baiye and didn’t tell others that he was walking in the ancient city spirit ball to see if there were any defects or places that needed to be repaired by himself.
When Baiye looked around, Eldar said, "The layout here is messy, but it coincides with heaven. It looks shabby, but it’s also a dusty foundation. It’s okay."
Some ancient pots here should be the original people who have lived here all the time. You’d better protect them first. They have a lot to collect ancient pots from you. Others keep them in the periphery. They can use the ancient pots to protect the law. "
Baiye told Baiye while walking the Eldar that although the Elders of Guhu are capable, the Eldar can guide him instead.
At this time, Baiye noticed that a group of people in the distance looked a little turbulent, and his mind moved and his ears heard their conversation.
"Brother, please hold on to our horse and go to the tower to ask the elder for help!"
"Don’t touch him. He’s poisoned. If you move, he’ll poison us immediately. Let’s go to the ancient pot guard and ask the elders to come!"
"Who will poison? Help him stabilize his body first. I can’t ban it! "
"Let’s protect the body first!"
It’s so noisy that the sound becomes a piece of white leaves, and I know what’s going on. Even before I walk, I squeeze people.
In a small array in the middle of the crowd, there was a teenager-like fairy. Seeing his long hair and blue face, his eyes were wide open, as if there were insects moving in his pupils.
"Look out!" Eldar suddenly cried
"What’s the matter?"