Suddenly, an unutterable sense of depression floated. The more Lu Fei’s heart moved forward, the more depressed it became! In the end, he felt that even breathing became a little difficult.

Look at Xiaoxiao next to him. At this time, he is flushed and panting endlessly! Is Liu Fei arms little darling still curious stare at the front as if never affected.
"Xiaoxiao, what happened to you? Are you okay? "
Looking at the red-faced Xiao Xiao Liu Fei suddenly stopped in the heart and asked with a face cut.
"I’m fine!"
Xiaoxiao stubbornly shook her little head and urged her to shout, "Let’s go! I can hold on! "
"Why don’t you … I don’t think so?"
Seeing Xiao Xiao’s pain, Lu Fei suddenly backed out. He was very curious and wanted to see what was hidden in the deepest part of this sword tomb, but he could not bear to let Xiao Xiao take such a risk!
However, it is Xiaoxiao who surprised Liu Fei, but it is better than firmly shaking his head and then a face of no doubt, "I must go in! I can feel what I want in it! "
"This …"
At that time, Lu Fei couldn’t help but be difficult.
To tell the truth, he is really reluctant to let Xiaoxiao take such a risk, but Xiaoxiao’s face is firm and there is no doubt. Is it true that what’s inside is so important to her?
"All right!"
After pondering for a long time, Lu Fei finally nodded, but said to Xiaoxiao with a serious face, "Then be careful. If there is anything wrong, you must tell me at the first time!"
After telling Xiao Xiao Liu Fei, it seems that there are still some people who are not at ease. Just to be on the safe side, they quickly started Shennongding and went straight to him and Xiao Xiao!
With Shennongding’s protection, Liu Fei felt that he was breathing smoothly. Without hesitation, he hurried to the front again.
After walking forward for nearly half an hour, the "Golden Belt" came to an abrupt end, and the two finally reached the deepest part of the sword tomb safely!
A nine-story pagoda in the deepest part of the sword tomb stands upright like a fairy mountain!
"Here we are! That’s it! "
See nine pagoda xiaoxiao immediately shine at the moment consciousness cheered way
"hmm? This ….. does this mean the Zhongtong Pagoda? "
Liu Fei looked at the nine-story tower in front of him with a dull face, but he thought of the words "Tower of Babel" instantly!
It is said that this "Tower of Babel" is just as famous as the "Wan Jian Guizong" large array! And at least nearly half of the credit that Shushan was able to earn all day was attributed to the "Wan Jian Guizong" large array, the towering pagoda!
The Tower of Babel, also known as the Town Demon Tower, is said to be the strongest cage in the world!
It has bet countless monsters since thousands of years ago, and I am afraid it has already been full of "monsters" by now.
If it weren’t for the mysterious disappearance of Shushan hundreds of years ago, Chun Yin and others would probably put the magic into this tower!
"Don’t … what you need is in this pagoda?"
Looking at the towering roots, you can’t see the spire borne pagoda. Lu Fei’s heart was shocked for a long time before he reacted with a suspicious face and asked
"That’s right!"
Xiaoxiao looked at the nine-story tower in front of him with a hot face and looked forward to it. "There is a golden body shell of our Kyubi no Youko fox! I must get it today! "
On hearing this, Liu Fei frowned on the spot and then a face of vigilance. "How do you know that there is a golden body shell of your fox family?" Who told you! "
However, Xiao Xiao didn’t answer his question. Not only did he not answer, but at the same time when his voice just fell to the ground, Xiao Xiao jumped straight up!
A colorful horse chain flew straight out of the tower and tore it away against the seal!
"Stop it!"
Just then, a sound full of anger suddenly exploded from the distant sky!
This ….. turns out to be a pure tone?
"Not good!"
Hearing Master’s rage, Liu Fei’s face suddenly changed dramatically. Without hesitation, he rushed towards Xiaoxiao and shouted anxiously, "Xiaoxiao! Stop it! "
However, at this time, Xiaoxiao seems to be under a spell. Where can he listen to Lu Fei’s persuasion?
Almost when Liu Fei just rushed to the front of her, Xiaoxiao waved his hand against the bloody imperial list of "sealing the gods" and was torn by her on the spot!
Whoops …
At the moment when the "Imperial List" was torn, a horrible breath that made the scalp numb instantly spread from the tower!
There was a loud noise, and the whole tower of Babel was split in an instant and shattered on the spot! Several pieces of metal are just like high-speed rotating shrapnel, and they fly straight out in all directions!
"Not good!"
Lu Fei’s face changed dramatically and he couldn’t help but break up. He quickly put his arm around Xiaoxiao and hid in Shennongding!
"Ha ha …"
Followed by a grinning like a muffled thunder, it directly shook one Tianyu!
A stalwart body immediately rose from the ruins of the Tower of Babel, and its powerful breath went straight to the sky, so that Lu Fei could not help but have an impulse to worship it!
"This is …"
"Golden master!"
Looking at the sudden appearance of this stalwart body, Liu Fei suddenly looked even more horrified in his heart! Never imagined that this Babel was still sealed with a golden master!
Is this the true meaning of the word "God"? Everything is sealed. Is this golden master in front of you?
Liu Fei couldn’t help but look up at the thought of this, and then he was frightened to disgrace!
Consciousness exclaimed a "magic statue!"
"it’s over! Don’t … this is the real magic statue? "
Lu Fei’s face changed again and again, and that’s why Master stopped them!
What’s more, the magic statue has not really been destroyed? The seal in this tower of Babel is the real magic statue?