Xiao Zhong also spoke frankly at the moment of life and death in the deliberation hall.

Shen Suer is also a casual question and confirmation. It’s better not to express your wrong feelings. It’s like that, if you don’t say it, others will know what the knot is, but you won’t know what it is. Section 477 It’s safest to avoid my bedroom.
Thank you for your words of thanks just now. Shen Suer actually waited until now.
Raise your hand and work hard
It’s a big risk. This rescue is a gamble.
Like just now, if you are not witty enough to cover up the queen’s escape from the palace, it is not a light crime.
At that time, Shen Suer never thought that the two guards wouldn’t sell Xiaozhong’s account, and suddenly they would come to ask to see it. From this small place, you can see how powerful the emperor’s grandmother is.
I am willing to bear the sound of never being calm and not being frivolous and false.
Well, Shen Suer was shocked and took a look at Xiao Zhong. I appreciate General Xiao, but he is quick-witted and generous. It would be a pity to be a friend like you.
That’s true. She really thinks so.
Now she has one more friend, one more road and one more chance to live. Well, it seems that Mu Jing will not die. She is too worried and exaggerates.
Are you and I friends? Xiao Zhong’s eyes flashed, and then he disappeared, restoring the calm of the lake, leaving a trace of wind blowing ripples.
Do you think I am a friend? Cong jane doe doesn’t directly admit that she will take the initiative and throw it back. She doesn’t want to be sentimental and say that when the other party is a friend, the other party doesn’t mean this. That kind of embarrassment can be imagined.
Xiaozhongxiao smiled heartily.
Half an hour, he gathered up and calmly said that you are a benefactor. A faint sentence seems to be saying that I can afford the highs?
That’s really annoying.
Inquire puzzled
Well, I’m your benefactor. How can you repay me? Try to see how far the ancient people will report for gratitude. At that time, she didn’t have any good intentions when saving people. She had to repay them. Haha.
How do you want to repay?
You can be my sidekick.
Xiao Zhongmei’s eyes are light, showing how embarrassed he was just now.
When she runs away with her classes, section 478. It’s safest to avoid my bedroom
Just now, I asked Shen Suer to blurt it out, but it was not an expression.
After fleeing for a long time, she lost sight of the fact that a person didn’t even have the ability to protect herself, that is, fortunately, she escaped from the capital on the road. It is also dangerous. She needs a partner, a strong partner who can protect herself and protect her. She can also escape her partner by force as she was found at the ferry.
What you said is true. His eyes are full of interest. It will be more serious than he thought after fooling around.
Of course it’s true.
Think about what will happen if I take you with me in the eyes of outsiders
Partner Shen Suer frowned just now. She was thinking about it. He has already helped her once. It’s an accomplice. If you think about it carefully, it seems that it’s not that time. If Mujing finds out that Xiao Zhong helped him escape Xiao Jiake, he will be in danger again.
It’s been a toss-up. It’s really not easy for Xiao’s family to regenerate anything.
Then Xiaozhong chuckled and shook his head. It’s not an accomplice. It’s not the biggest crime.
What also hesitated a head.
When she was particularly curious, Xiao Zhongcai leisurely said two words to elope.
Shen Suer is cold.
Maximum suspicion and maximum possibility
According to people’s divination nature, they will definitely want to go in this direction, and it is hard to argue if they catch it and deny it.
How can I put it?
At present, it is, er, necessary to say that Shen Suer’s worry is not that he has been caught and charged with eloping with a man, but that men have rushed together to recall ancient thoughts, as if eloping is the most important thing in life, which is a matter of lifelong reputation.
It happened that ancient people regarded reputation as the same as life.
Shen Suer has nothing to say. She just doesn’t want to go back to the palace. The only small worry is whether the elopement event is big or not. If caught, it will bring trouble to some koos. Section 479 Avoiding my bedroom is the safest.
Alas, she sighed faintly. What would happen if she caught you?
Put to death by dismembering the body
I was shocked. The situation is really serious. I said quickly, forget it. Forget it. No, I’ll find someone else if you run away.
I was surprised to find someone else.
Well, I’m not afraid to die without noticing something wrong