Xiao asked that his right hand touched a piece of bluestone, and he almost bumped his head. It was through this bluestone that he finally stopped completely.

It hurts like hell all over my body, and I have lost consciousness in some places, but Xiao asked as if I didn’t know how to make myself feel. I finally turned over and lay on my back.
Just lying in the forest, you can see the stars, the moon and the flowing clouds through the sparse trees …
Xiao asked, panting and coughing …
Then he suddenly laughed, even though he was so hurt and tired, he laughed so hard.
This is me, a man who acts honestly.
No matter how powerful you are, I’ll see if my heart approves of it, even if you want to impose something minor on me.
If you don’t recognize me, you won’t retreat half a step. Even if it’s easy to retreat half a step, it will cost a lot!
At that moment, Xiao Wen turned out to be laughing more and more and more carefree …
It was in this smile that he finally realized what kind of road he had been walking …
It turned out that he never wanted to be a mortal, so that Lu Gen was not a mortal and could walk …
It turns out that he has always been a proud man, but this kind of pride is so deep in his bones that he didn’t even realize it …
Sanctify! !
Become a god! ! !
Not héng rén! ! ! !
How can you walk like a mortal? ! ! !
Xiao asked that the soul power in the depths of the cranial cavity soared and the soul root also lit up with a glimmer of light, corresponding to the changes of his soul.
Chapter three hundred for nine GongYue
Since he learned to cultivate the mind at a glance, Xiao Wen has become a bottleneck in cultivating the mind. He has mastered a lot of mineral materials and fairy wares to supplement his knowledge of the world.
However, this epiphany finally brought him back to the most conventional route of the celestial world, that is, to realize it in his own mind
Maybe after a flash, he still took the route of self-cultivation at a glance, but this epiphany made his soul and soul root undergo some qualitative changes and reconfirmed some direction.
After cultivating his mind, he will not only walk fast but also be more determined! That sense of direction and firmness is what this epiphany brought him!
Ordinary people may not value this kind of thing, but they care about the most intuitive strength, but Nan Yunqing has long told Xiao Wen that after reaching that high level, everyone will find that it is not a superb fairy method or fate to decide how far a person goes on the road of practice, but his own heart!
But at this moment, Xiao Wen is weak, hurt and sore, but his heart is more fulfilling.
Although I haven’t seen Nan Yunqing yet, I haven’t heard from Nan Yunqing, but he feels closer to her.
This kind of closeness is not the kind of closeness when I sat close to the east of Mingfeng earlier, but another kind of closeness in life.
After a long time, Xiao asked that he struggled to sit up straight and then started to sit up.
After returning to the stone painting, he couldn’t help but have another wry smile. The flashing rainbow dun is really powerful, but what he has paid for changing the flashing rainbow dun is really a lot, that is, the original stone painting power has been extended to a considerable range.
After spending so much on stone painting at one time, it will be much slower to recover than at one time, and even he can’t estimate when it will be as good as ever.
I thought I could do more business with that powerful man, but now I’m afraid I have to postpone it.
There is no good fairy at hand, but the eye-refining device is the second most urgent thing, or healing and recovering …
After he escaped, he also sold fairy materials to buy things to quit, but because Se was in a hurry all the way, he didn’t even have some medicine at this time. While meditating and recuperating, Xiao Wen wondered that he must find a nearby city to buy some medicine at dawn.
Once in Wan Li, even those people who are bound by God Union can’t measure his position again by any means, can they? Xiao Wen became more and more relaxed during meditation and simply thought about something else.
Probably no one would have thought that he was quite embarrassed but full of gratitude …
He is grateful to the stone painting, to Nan Yunqing for giving him the Zi Ming Mo Wu Zhen Jing, and to him for being born with a deep foundation to practice the ghost road. Otherwise, would he have escaped from such a situation today?
Then there is a faint regret that there is no foundation, but the foundation is a stepping stone to Dan Dao. Without foundation, Dan Dao will be rejected …
In fact, the theory says that Godsworn Dandao’s health is the strongest in this world. When they are injured, it is much easier than the other six, so they can cure themselves, buy medicines and ask doctors for money.
At this time, Xiao Wen’s lack of medicine is that the body is quite uncomfortable, and this feeling is still strong.
According to Xun Yu, all ascending people have an opportunity to add a base by their own choice, so should he consider adding a base when the time comes? In this way, if you have a secluded body, you can’t cultivate the seven roads of the celestial realm without him.
"Shout …"
Take a long breath. Xiao Wen opened his eyes and then got up and walked slowly in the mountains.
At the moment, he has been very clear that the injury caused by consuming the deep and remote source power can not be raised well by meditation. Suo Xing decided to put it aside first or plan one action after another first.
Looking for Nan Yunqing is sure to find her, even if he didn’t promise Xun Yu that he should go to her because of his friendship with Nan Yunqing.
But now this state is definitely not possible, and finding Nan Yunqing will also drag Nan Yunqing down.
Less need to heal the injury first and then go with a certain strength.
Come to think of it, he seems to have let everything go. Is it worth it? After all, they are friends. Have they talked deeply?
But that’s actually a secular view. Xiao asked clearly that he didn’t put everything in Nan Yunqing’s heart …