This man just released Qi Qi oppression to help him resist Du Kang, whether or not this intention is enough.

Since the other party is unwilling to discover his identity, he is also happy to cooperate.
Chen Shaobai in nearly one hundred quenching high-level monks eerily watching and chatting with many friends to share the magical power of past exchanges.
Talking and laughing, there are ghosts and gods, and mortal swordsmen are like this.
Although the identity and seniority of the wind tower of Babel seem to be repaired, it is not suitable to mix with these young players and leave this group of young people after Chen Shaobai confessed a few words.
After a wick sweet Chen Shaobai suddenly felt a quiver in my heart and a huge idea slowly handed out a kind breath to myself and I froze.
"What happened to Shaobai/Xiaobai?"
Ye Haoran and Dianji asked at the same time, and then the two men laughed at each other and threw the gap between Buddhism, Taoism and magic to the outside of the cloud.
"Chen Shaobai is like a magnet. It is all bound and fettered by the etiquette of the world. In his words, it is’ birds of a feather flock together’?"
I thought of myself and Ma Fengzi, Ma Jiajia’s brother and sister, who were disguised and hidden, and then looked at Ye Haoran and Dian Jimi Qilin, and thought of other aspects.
She faintly felt a general trend gradually gathering Chen Shaobai-perhaps Chen Shaobai grabbed the rhythm of heaven and tried to do something.
This layer of feeling is not clear, even vague, so Mi Qilin gave up with a smile after thinking for a while.
"I’ll be back when my predecessors call me."
After explaining the reason, Chen Shaobai stepped into the spiral jade steps.
Step by step, the scene changes again
Qin Tianjian triple has nothijīng to do with ordinary people and things. J and ng are finely carved, with thick aura, fairy fog and exotic flowers and plants.
It’s like a secluded place of original ecological small pastoral wonders.
Shortly after stepping into this place, Chen Shaobai felt that he was practicing mana, and J: ng entered a little abdomen, which was bright and dazzling, and extremely active and uplifting, bringing together massive reiki.
Rich as white fog, aura drills into the whole body along the pores, and together with faith, it transforms mana into a whirlpool in Chen Shaobai’s whole body.
Just as Chen Shaobai was enjoying himself, a somewhat similar male Yan Xi appeared in front of him.
"The pavilion is also a kingdom figure. How can you care about this little fairy aura?"
Although it is just a word, it has set off waves in Chen Shaobai’s heart like a deep-water bomb.
The world of life is more precious than Tao. Those who have this great magical power can almost live forever. If his tender kingdom in Tannabao Cave is exposed, it will be more than just a Du Kang.
In the Yuan world, purgatory, rebirth and death, all the great supernatural beings who realize heaven and earth will come to him like sharks smelling fishy smell and devour him without bones left.
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Chapter two hundred and ninety Knowledge is power
Chapter 210 Knowledge is power
"If the world is exposed, the consequences will be unimaginable. We must find a way to deal with the past!"
Although the heart thinks like this, but Chen Shaobai doesn’t move, Se doesn’t show the slightest horror flaw.
Now that we have faced the great avatar, it is impossible to escape from the root. It is better for make a fool of oneself to pretend to be inscrutable and be a god stick
"It’s hard to get something good from him."
With this in mind, Chen Shaobai laughed some wild.
However, seeing him so self-possessed, hūn Qiu confirmed himself more and more, guessing that he was smiling and trying to show his goodwill.
Also see hūn autumn as moving Chen Shaobai felt a faint wave behind him, and something seemed to shift from shape to position.
He didn’t have j and jīng divine power to scan and listen to the magical power to bless Erli, so he presented all the forms in his mind.
At first glance, a purple and gold rattan chair engraved with the tiger’s head of Se Ming looks like everything, but all its spiritual strength is sealed in this chair, which seems to contain all kinds of mysterious luck.