At this time, Xia Qi dared not go out and stopped him even if he went to dig the grave of your ancestors. Only when Tianxing and others came back.

Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Tianmen large array
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Tianmen large array
"Who dares to break into my forbidden area? !”
Xia Qi rushed into the back of Tianmen Sect like a light, but many mountain patrol brothers didn’t find it. When Xia Qi arrived at the rest place of many ancestors of Tianmen Sect in the back of the mountain, he was discovered by a monk who was guarding this place as a baby.
A figure rose from the back of the hill, but it was a middle-aged female monk with a cold face and a murderous look, holding a sword, and it was shocking to look at it.
Xia Qi threw themselves into a palm and took a big broken handprint, which forced people to take the female monk by surprise and turned back again and again.
"F * * king! It’s a suicide to dare to break into the forbidden area of Tianmen Sect! "
The middle-aged female monk was surprised to retreat, but immediately found out that Xia Qi really repaired her mouth with a hint of sneer and shouted at Xia Qi.
The sword hummed in the hands of the female monk, and suddenly the waves rolled towards Xia Qi!
"The unstoppable momentum of the surging waves has shattered all forces, and this sword tactic is a disgrace in front of me!"
The female monk attacked the fierce waves, but Xia Qi didn’t care about a sneer, and this sword tactic was approved like garbage.
"Powerful magic ape palm!"
Xia Qi directly took a shot with one hand, and there was no skill, and there was a force to violently suppress it with the strength of crushing everything.
This surging wave is not as endless as the real wave, and everything is unstoppable. When Xia Qi’s outrageous palm fell, the waves flew and collapsed again and again
Female repair also looked back at Xia Qi indecision.
Xia Qixiu is humble, but the means of display is really higher than an attack, which is extremely powerful.
"This little friend, which big sect apprentice are you? I sent you a grudge in Tianmen, so you’re going to break into the forbidden area of Tianmen Sect? " Female repair no longer begin but asked Xia Qikou
Xia Qi’s great power in Juexue is that there are many laws of Tianmen Sect, and she wonders which sect Xia Qi may be.
"Ha ha ….. you Tianmen pie is not looking for me? I just killed your young master Xia Qi! "
Xia Qibao’s famous name is arrogant
"That was you! Killing the young master’s head has ordered you to be killed at all costs, and you will personally dig the grave of your ancestor Danzong. I didn’t expect you to be so arrogant and dare to send the door to die! "
Female shave slightly zheng, but immediately to react to murder.
"This is your own door to die for me!"
The female practitioner once again shot a sword like a rainbow and looked at it with a sense of beauty, but it made people feel palpitations and a sense of suffocation.
"Dare to touch my ancestral grave of Danzong, and today I will dig your ancestral grave of Tianmen Sect!"
Xia Qi drinks and deceives himself.
Crack heavenly sword female repair sword collision ringing buzz sounded two people back at the same time!
However, when Xia Qi stepped back, it was the light of the hexagrams that flashed out. Suddenly, she turned into a swamp and retreated. The woman corrected herself and fell into the swamp and was trapped in the mire.
"dragon catcher!"
The golden palm print swept away and quickly grabbed it toward the female repair!
The woman turned pale and frightened, but she struggled hard, but for a short time, she broke free from the shackles of the swamp and watched the giant palm come crashing!
In the distance, all the shoulders were broken. Seven elders gasped at this scene and felt glad at the same time.
Xia Qigen is not like a monk in the golden elixir period. With the scruples of the ice armor, the ordinary monk in the infant period is not an opponent!
When the Seven Elders saw Xia Qi’s fierce power, Hehegen didn’t rescue the elder of the same Sect, and the female disciple meant to hide in the distance and wait and see, and at the same time send a message to Tianxing and others again.
By this time, he really believed that Xia Qizhen dared to dig the tomb of the founder of Tianmen Sect!
The dragon catcher finally swept away, and the golden handprint could capture heaven and earth, as if everything could escape its control. In the frightened eyes of the female practitioner, the dragon catcher seized it hard.
"Please let me go, I am willing to serve you!"
The nun was terrified. She felt that the captured dragon hand had caught the real body, and the lamb to be slaughtered was immediately frightened to beg for mercy.
Xia Qizhen Yuan’s dragon catcher shrank violently and was captured. Among them, the female xiu immediately splashed her flesh and blood and died directly. Even Yuan Ying was crushed!
Killing female xiu Xia Qi also sighed slightly in my heart.
If there is a monk who begged for mercy like this on weekdays, he will definitely spend energy to control the soul, and he will listen to himself from now on.
But at this time, it is not possible.
His purpose is to attract Tianxing and others to come back and rescue Dan Yuan, and we can’t delay it at any time. We can only kill this woman directly.
Seeing this bloody violence in the distance without mercy and cruelty, the Seven Elders are even more frightened and far from approaching, urging Tianxing and others to come back quickly.
"Star Star, I want you to regret what you have done!"
Xia qi cold eyes looked at the hills pieces of tombs.
More than a dozen mausoleums have been built luxuriously, occupying a hill, and there is a solemn atmosphere that makes people feel heavy. This is the resting place of the fathers of Tianmen Sect.
"The sword leads to punishment!"
Xia Qi’s sword hangs and triggers the thunder of the sky. In an instant, dozens of knives thundered, rolled down, shattered, destroyed, withered and decayed, and violently descended!
Thunder, lightning, rolling and falling. Although there are some prohibitions, how can we resist such attacks?
A series of thunder and thunder fell, and the tombs were destroyed. In an instant, it was quiet and beautiful, and the back of Tianmen Sect was already a mess, which shocked the whole Tianmen Sect.
"ah! Bastard! You will die if you dare to destroy the ancestral grave! "
"Let’s work together to extract this person’s soul and make him suffer all the pain in the world!"
Tianmen sent brothers to see that the graves of the ancestors of Houshan were completely destroyed, and many bones were exposed. Suddenly, their eyes were red and angry.
"Tianmen war annihilates everything!"
At the peak of the digital elixir period, hundreds of Tianmen brothers took the lead, and they all wrapped this back hill like a net, just like tight encirclement, and everything was inevitable.
Feel the head strong horse really yuan fluctuation Xia Qi is also in the heart in a surprised.
This kind of attack is far beyond the attack of the monks on the first and second floors in Yuan Babies!
"My ancestors’ graves have been completely destroyed by me, and there are so many Tianmen brothers who have seen Tianxing and others absolutely get the news that Master Zun Dan Yuan should be able to lift the crisis. I need to leave immediately or run away!"
Xia Qi thought rotation no longer stays with split heavenly sword in hand, as if the sword were one, and he shot away.
Firm but gentle as a net covers this sky, even a moth can’t escape and cover Xia Qi in it.