"Smile, Uncle A Le, why do you always smile so much all day? Where do you get so many worries?" Alasha said grumpily.

"Ha ha, this is my secret. Look at Hailar’s old battalion commander with white hair, and then look at black and yellow. Is Uncle A Le very handsome?" Old A Le said, moving his arms and bulging his muscles.
"Uh-huh" Alasha snorted. "But compared with me, Hailar’s old battalion commander is more mature and more intelligent." Alasha smiled and said.
"What? White hair? His mother is his Dexing … er … Forget it. I don’t care about this little girl with you. You have no vision. "Old A Le said that Hailar was very proud with a smile.
"Girl has something for you to help" A Le said directly.
"What’s so serious? Do you want to come to me with Hailar’s old battalion commander? " Allah sand asked curiously.
"Er … what’s the matter? This matter involves the future development of our orcs. It can be said that Alasha has a heavy responsibility." Old A Le said in a low voice.
"Don’t, don’t, although I am the first master in our clan, don’t put such a heavy burden on us. Let’s talk about something first. If I can do it, I will definitely try my best to do it. But if I can’t, I can’t barely carry it up. We orcs can continue to rely on ourselves, not by force, but by knowing how big things they are." Alasha hurriedly waved his hand and said in a panic.
"Well, in fact, it’s not much." Old A Le hurriedly said that he had stretched out his hand and put it on her shoulder and laughed to make it clear.
"What? You mean you want me to sell my sex? " Alasha looked extremely surprised. "This is impossible, even if I am willing, but he can’t do it. We are so different." Alasha said, pointing to the height and size, Alasha is indeed one-third bigger than Liao Jinghua. Even if something happens, we should consider a height-to-weight ratio.
"Don’t be so ugly. We Alasha is so cute. Just be nice to him at ordinary times." Old A Le hurriedly said, "I really don’t know what you think in your little girl’s head all day. Oh, Alasha wants to be a man when she grows up." Old A Le laughed.
"Come on, A Le, don’t be an old man." Hailar said with a frown that old A Le was not angry and smiled and retreated behind Hailar. He had already made things clear and the rest was Hailar.
"Allah Shah Ale has said everything. Can you do it? I won’t force you if you don’t do it, but you are the most suitable person. "Hailar said with some naivety."
"Why not just pretend to be gentle? When the orcs are gentle, I’ll be the first one. Maybe it will be popular later." Alasha smiled and said, "Alas, it’s not too difficult to live, but it’s a little difficult to pretend to be gentle."
"The future of the orcs depends on you," Hailar said, slapping Alasha’s shoulders heavily, and his face changed slightly. Although the old man is getting older, his strength seems to have not diminished at all.
"No problem," said Alasha, enduring shoulder pain.
Liao Jinghua found a very strange thing in the past two days, that is, Alasha built a simple house outside his room and got him something to eat every day, but to tell the truth, Alasha’s craft was really not so good that the meat was burnt and bitter, but looking at Alasha’s picture, Liao Jinghua almost had to eat it with a flattering smile.
Outside the house again, the meat was burnt, and Liao Jinghua nai got up from the house. He really didn’t want to move. These days, he has been studying the green thing that trapped Yuan Ying. After several days and nights, he has made a breakthrough in Fanli to help Yuan Ying. There is also a little activity, but the breakthrough is increasing. But the thought of eating those charred foods again has forced Liao Jinghua to temporarily break through and go out impatiently.
"Alasha doesn’t need me to get food every day, but I can take care of myself." Liao Jinghua said and squatted down beside Alasha, smiled and took her hand and looked at the dark thing. Liao Jinghua actually associated this thing with meat.
"I’ll get it again," Liao Jinghua said, looking at the wooden tray behind Alasha, holding a large piece of pink tender meat, reaching out and taking out a finger-like thick wooden sign, and moving his finger, a small virtual shadow knife appeared. At this time, Liao Jinghua could only support such a big virtual shadow knife.
Brush a few times with your heart. A large wooden plate of meat was cut into strips as thick as eggs, and the meat strips were strung on the wooden sign frame until the fire was roasted. From time to time, the spices were scattered, and in a short time, more than a dozen strings of meat gave off a charming aroma.
"Wow, you bake so well. How?" Alasha wiped the saliva flowing out of her lips and exclaimed.
"It’s good to try more often." Liao Jinghua smiled and stretched out his hand to send a bunch of grilled kebabs to Alasha. Alasha almost robbed three people and swallowed a bunch of meat and then greedily stared at Liao Jinghua’s other kebabs.
A dozen large kebabs ended up in Liao Jinghua’s mouth with only two strings. In the end, even Alasha felt embarrassed. She twisted her hands and didn’t know what to say. Alasha still had some grievances. However, since then, she found that this magical thing seems to be as big as nothing he didn’t know. Alasha dragged a whole sheep as a creature. Liao Jinghua shook his head and smiled wryly. The virtual shadow knife was much bigger than it was a few days ago. Alasha still had some questions, but she had to trouble others to do it after eating something he didn’t know, and this day of her life.
Brush the knife shadow. The big sheep was broken down, and the belly was completely taken out and cleaned. Liao Jinghua hung the huge belly in the fire and filled it with clear water. He chopped up the mutton and put it into the water, then added seasoning, and so on.
"How can this be? Will burn the tripe "Alasha looked at Liao Jinghua and cooked the food well. He couldn’t help crying. The distant orcs poked around here and looked at the aroma of the food, which dispelled their hostility to Liao Jinghua, the fix true person, but the old battalion commander and those elders had strict orders and Alasha did not dare to come over.
"Don’t worry, it won’t scorch the outermost layer of the mutton tripe because there is water in the mutton tripe." Liao Jinghua said that after a while, the water in the mutton tripe burned and rolled, and a smell of cooked meat floated out of the mutton tripe, but the taste of pot stew was different. This trick was learned by Liao Jinghua from his own experience. It is said that nomadic hunters in the north of Yunyang were short of pots, so they hunted their prey instead of pots, so they didn’t have a flavor. Liao Jinghua was familiar with eating naturally and cooked in this way at the beginning of the mountain.
"Is it cooked?" Allah sand don’t know is how many times to ask this sentence.
"Soon, soon," Liao Jinghua replied again. It takes at least half an hour to cook the cooked meat, but it’s less than half an hour now.
"It smells good," Alasha sighed, wondering how many times.
"Uh-huh" Liao Jinghua also don’t know how many times is the place with his head, he has some regret to make these food here.
"Allah sand ….." exclaimed in a thin body but moving is flexible than half a orc ran up and cried.
"What is it?" Allah sand looked at the little orc panic sample is not asked.
"Uh …" The orc looked at Liao Jinghua and swallowed it back.
"Say it quickly if you have something to say," said Alasha grumpily.
"Ada is injured outside and seems to be dying," the orc novel said.
"What? Ada is dying? " Alasha was shocked for a long time before she got up and ran to the camp, but soon she ran back again. She threw herself in Liao Jinghua and ran. The two of them just disappeared. Hula, a large group of orcs, rushed out around the fire to grab the meat that was not ripe in the lamb belly, and even screamed delicious.
"Bang …" Alasha kicked the door of a large flat-topped house and drilled into it. The door smelled fishy and came with a gentle moan.
"Where is Ada?" Alasha shouted.
"Here it is." The weak voice went out from several old orcs. Alasha didn’t care to respect the old man at this time, so he squeezed into the crowd, but Liao Jinghua was bitter. At this time, he was still caught in the armpit by Alasha, and his head and body were inevitable when he squeezed into the crowd. Some old people collided and squeezed his bones.
"What about Ada?" Allah sand grabbed lying to plank orc palm asked.
"Well, it won’t die for a while, but maybe I can wait here for death. You see, it hurts badly." Many young orcs who seemed young that year but were more pleasing to the eye than ordinary orcs said with a wry smile, pointing to a belly wound, the wound was deeply scratched, and the beast had a belly and tight abdominal muscles. A piece of thick large intestine was squeezed out from the wound, and thick and dirty smells came.
"sister, who is this?" Ada squeezed out a smile and said
"Yes, you save Ada, save my brother, save my brother, and you can do whatever you want me to do." Alasha remembered that Liao Jinghua hurriedly put Liao Jinghua on the ground and cried.
"sister, is he a true fixer?" Ada’s face sank with pain.
"Ada, you haven’t been here these days. You don’t know that he is not the same as those who fix the truth outside. He is from the mountain, not those hateful fix the truth." Alasha cried.
"Let me have a look first" Liao Jinghua said that although he didn’t blend these things, the orc was seriously injured. If he didn’t heal his words, he was afraid that he would die before long. from ruin was not Liao Jinghua’s style.
Ada opened her mouth to refuse, but when she saw Alasha crying, she swallowed her words and closed her eyes tightly.
"Can you really cure him?" An old orc asked Liao Jinghua. Looking back, he looked familiar. He must have seen him in Hailar.
"I don’t know how to try the general situation. Your people are injured. How will you heal? Is there any medicine? " Liao Jinghua asked her politely.
"medicine? What is it? I don’t know if our people are injured and waiting for a month or two to get better and die a little heavier, "said the old man sadly."
"There is no medicine? Is it waiting to die? " Liao Jinghua one leng didn’t expect the orcs here to heal so badly.
"Yeah, look at me. I hurt you that day. It’s been more than ten days." An orc came in with his legs turned and said that Liao Jinghua took one look at it and knew that it was crooked. There was another one next to him who knew that the orc was an old egg. Both of them were so injured. The thigh wound was a little white and swollen, and the roots were not treated.
"How can you prepare some water for me so quickly and Alasha? We just ate that kind of sheep, no matter what animals, the thinner their intestines or tendons are, the better. Do you have any wine here?" Liao Jinghua asked a series of questions to the orcs around him.
"ah? Hurry up and prepare for the intestines. "Alasha shouted to the orcs behind him. Naturally, there are orcs running out." What is wine? No "
"Come on, what’s the name of the poison in my body? Go to me and have wine to disinfect." Liao Jinghua said.