Gong He nodded and replied, "But bounty hunters are not limited to who you are. You can become a bounty hunter if you can meet the requirements, but every bounty hunter needs to complete it every once in a while according to different grades, otherwise it will be in danger of losing the qualification of bounty hunters and paying a sum to the bounty hunter organization every once in a while."

"It doesn’t matter because we don’t need to pick you up. If you fail, you can continue to perform or give up. You don’t need to report to the branch. Others don’t know that the bounty hunter organization records your success case. It doesn’t record whether you fail or how many times you fail, and we are generally dangerous. Failure mostly means death." Gong He shook his head and explained.
"These are all aimed at hunting emperors, bounty hunters and gods. They are all high-level, and they must be very well organized. For such a huge organization as bounty hunters, if they are too strict, they can attract too many monks to join them, and they don’t have the energy to supervise it. Anyway, if they don’t reach the level of hunting emperors, it won’t have much impact on the giant root of bounty hunters. The high-level roots don’t care about ordinary bounty hunters," Gong He said otherwise.
"Almost every mainland in the underworld has a bounty hunter branch, and most of them also have a blood moon branch in the blood moon city, which can be easily found."
Xiao Lingyu smiled and shook his head and said, "I didn’t mean to release some questions to clarify the situation of this organization. By the way, do you usually find out for yourself and accept it for you?"
"Do you have to go to the branch to release it?" Xiao Lingyu seems very carefully asked again.
"Be sure to pay in the division first? What if no bounty hunter has been able to complete it? " Xiao Lingyu then asked
"Bounty hunters are such a huge organization that they must have been in existence for several years. In many ways, there should be no loopholes," said Zhu Jin.
When Gong He heard this, his eyes suddenly lit up and asked, "Don’t you kill me?"
"Ha-ha, I told you, Gong Hefu’s deadly fate can’t have ended up dead on the spot the first time he came out to execute it. As a result, God still looks after me very much," Gong He said with a smile.
"Hey, hey, people will always make progress. How can they become great talents if they don’t come out and have a long experience?" Gong He argued quickly.
"Your idea has been thought of by many bounty hunters, and many people have indeed joined some organizations like Mountain Thief. I entered the business too short to find a suitable team, but it is also risky to find other non-bounty hunters to join. Maybe after the completion, they will be killed by the partners, especially the organizations like Mountain Thief, which are easy to see and benefit. Generally, bounty hunters will not join others," Gong He said naively.
"Yes, yes, yes, I know that most mountain thieves are very righteous!" Gong He hurriedly chimed in for fear of angering these mountain thieves and losing his life.
"You protect me?"
If it weren’t for Xiao Lingyu in Gonghe, he wouldn’t have been captured alive, and he didn’t need the protection of this group of mountain thieves. After all, the vast majority of these mountain thieves are much worse than him. Besides Xiao Lingyu, Cang Ju can also let him see more.
"Haha, Gong He left home for more than 300 years and found a new home. There are so many affectionate brothers!" Gong He first flipped a mind and then laughed and replied.
Then Zhu Jin, on behalf of the robbery group, reached an agreement with Gong He. Both of them were souls and vowed never to betray each other.
"Our goal is … to become a bandit group that scares the monks in the underworld or forces of all sizes and sweeps through the underworld and grabs whoever they want!" A simple-minded bandit leader solemnly shouted
Chapter 32 Don’t you dare hit me
? Chapter 32 Don’t you dare hit me
"Our goal is … to become a bandit group that scares the monks in the underworld or forces of all sizes and sweeps through the underworld and grabs whoever they want!" A simple-minded bandit leader solemnly shouted
Gong He was stunned and then shouted, "My goal is to become a hunting emperor, not a hunting god!"
Chapter 33 Severe punishment
? Chapter 33 Severe punishment
"Hum! Live! "
By his master Fang Yu face a green red alternating cold hum a drink a way.
Xiao Lingyu is still moving forward and doesn’t want to slobber with these two people. These two people show that dogs see people as low as dogs.
"A mere troll is so presumptuous!"
How do you say Fang Yu also …
Chapter 34 fluke
? Chapter 34 fluke
Xiao Lingyu was very busy in the next few months, but he was busy but not tired. Now he is only in charge of more than 2,000 cubs. When he first arrived at the Royal Veterinary Hall, he could feed more than 3,000 cubs at one time.
Besides, it’s a reward. Wang Tai and Hao Ren have helped themselves and can’t be too stingy …
Chapter 35 Win or lose 1
? Chapter 35 Win or lose 1
After Wang Tai Hao Ren won, they all came to Xiao Lingyu’s side. Although they were all a little injured, their faces were smiling.
"Congratulations! I didn’t realize that you two guys were so fierce when you arrived at Taiwan!" Xiao Lingyu congratulations sample shout
"Ha ha we this way and you can’t …
Chapter 36 Win or lose 2
? [Please remember the domain name "w w w", or search in Baidu:]
There are 100,000 magic stones, that is, 1,000 magic stones, which is not a small sum for the monks who are not in the demon king period, especially for the East Pole demon Sect, which is a third-rate sect. Even if it is highly valued by the clan, it is difficult to take out so many magic stones. After all, it will consume a lot of magic stones in practice at ordinary times, and the clan will not let my brothers have too much savings. The fastest and best way is to do it is in the cat-flapping Chinese website ().
Demon brothers like Jiang Kui and Fang Yu can count on their master to give them extra magic stones or make contributions to the clan to get rewards. Jiang Kui’s honest and frank doesn’t like to please his elders, and there has been nothing important for him to make contributions. Plus, now that his master has closed the 100 thousand magic stones, he really stumped him.
Even though Fang Yu has always been exquisite and long-sleeved and won the favor of his master and knows how to please the elders of the clan, it is not easy to save enough magic stones.
"I don’t believe you show it to everyone first," Jiang Kui went on to say.
Everyone’s thoughts can sink into the bag, and they all gasped in a gasp, because there are more than 100 thousand pieces of magic stones in their thoughts.
"Haha, you have so many magic stones, but I don’t. Let’s change the bet!" Jiang Kui face suddenly changed back and laughed and said
"Who is willing to lend him this big black face to gamble? What’s worse, this kind of doubt will be lost." Miao Yan said in a fan.
No one is really willing to help Jiang Kui fill the magic stone.
Xiao Lingyu sounded in Jiang Kui’s ears.
"Ha ha, if you didn’t say that big talk just now, you can ignore him at this time, but now if you turn around and go away, even if you will be looked down upon in the future, I can lend you the magic stone" Xiao Lingyu said with a smile.
"Don’t be busy rejecting me first, it is conditional. If you win, you will earn more money and give me more magic stones; If you lose, you owe me a favor and have a chance to do me a favor. That’s it, right? " Xiao Lingyu continue to track
"Fang Yu, I’ve accepted your bet. You can rest assured that I’ll make up 100,000 Chinese magic stones before the fight. All my fellow disciples can prove it!" Jiang Kui then the earth shouted
"It’s as easy as you say!" Jiang Kui replied without thinking.
"Before the fight, you didn’t have enough magic stones to climb over my crotch and bark like a dog!" Fang Yu said with a smile that because of the lack of initiative, it is in our own hands.
Fang Yu smiled and nodded and said, "This suggestion suits me very well, or it’s considerate of Brother Jiang!"
Fang Yu then roared off, surrounded by a group of students.
"Will hold gas with him to Taiwan will he cried dad shouted niang" Xiao Lingyu said the words.
"Not now" Xiao Lingyu shook his head and said.