"Sima Yu words to find no news early don’t stop for a moment! And notify the presidential palace immediately! Need their help! "

"It’s the president’s confidence to do it!"
Di du Liang Jia
It’s almost early in the morning, Liang Jiayou still has a light on in his bedroom. Liang Juanbang stretched himself and yawned to see if the alarm clock was ready to rest. He is only seven years old, but he is already like a small child.
Since the day he was received from Liang’s family, his elders told him that he was burdened with the revival of Liang’s family. Liang’s family used to be one of the four people in the imperial city, but now this scenery is long gone. A child doesn’t understand this until the elders have made a plan for him, and he must go step by step.
He has no choice but to listen.
Liang juanbang packed up and was about to lie down
Suddenly, the door was knocked vigorously, and Liang Juanbang’s sleepiness disappeared. I don’t know what the elders were busy with. They went over and knocked on the door.
"Why is it so slow?"
Outside the door, the Liang family came in holding the sack and went straight to the bed, throwing the sack on the bed.
Liang juanbang looked blankly and didn’t know what had happened and dared not ask.
"Hum!" The man took a look at Liang Juanbang and took out a knife from his boots to cut the sack. From the sack, he showed a round head. Liang Juanbang glanced at it and didn’t see it clearly. It seemed to be a child.
"Come here!" The man waved to Liang Juanbang.
Liang juanbang tied his hands and walked over.
"From now on this girl is with you! Look at her and don’t let her run away! " The man sternly told Liang Juanbang, "Don’t tell me you can’t keep an eye on a little girl now."
Liang Juanbang blankly nodded "know, know"
The man gave Liang Juanbang a hard stare and got out of the door. The door was smashed by him.
Liang Juanbang was afraid and nervous, swallowed saliva and went to the bed to pull the sack to see what the child looked like inside, but when he pulled the sack, the child’s face spread with silk and bounced up in shock!
"Ah …"
Liang Juanbang scared and exclaimed that this child … turned out to be Han Chengyi’s daughter! He knows her! He has seen it twice, although it was twice, but he was so impressed early that he couldn’t forget it if he wanted to.
What, she’s here? What did Liang Jia tie her up for? What does Liang Jia and Han Jiashi have in a little girl in Chou He? What do they want to do about early? Although she was an arrogant young lady early, she gave him an excellent impression during her two contacts with Liang Juanbang.
Liang Juanbang was terrified. On the first day he came to Liang’s home, he was told by his elders that Han’s family was Liang’s sworn enemy … What good results could there be if he was caught early?
But he is a child. How can he save her?
Liang Juanbang was so flustered that he tied himself to the rope early, adjusted a comfortable posture for her and slept soundly with his eyes closed early, unaware of his dangerous situation at the moment.
Suddenly, I didn’t know what I dreamed early, and I cried when my eyes were closed and my mouth was flat. "Whoa, whoa …"
Liang Juanbang zheng what is this situation? Okay, okay, why are you crying?
"Don’t cry, don’t cry!" Liang Juanbang a small child went around and picked her up early, patting her back in the house and coaxing "Don’t cry! Brother is here. Brother tries to protect you from bullying you! Don’t cry! "
In the slight shaking of Liang Juanbang, he gradually settled down early and fell asleep quietly on his little brother’s shoulder.
Liang Juanbang had a cold sweat and put him in bed early. This is his bed, and there is also a bed in this room. He also wants to sleep.
Liang Juanbang moved in early and climbed again for fear of crowding her. Liang Juanbang fell asleep with his pen straight against the edge of the bed, giving up most of his position to see her sprawling position early. He couldn’t help but close his eyes with a smile and go to sleep.
The next morning, Liang Juanbang opened his eyes and saw the face of early meat doodle.
I woke up early and was staring at him curiously with my jaw propped up, which was different from Liang Juanbang. After all, she had no impression of Liang Juanbang early.
Seeing Liang Juanbang open his eyes and grin early, "Little brother, you are awake!"
Liang Juanbang see her a face of ignorance know sample unknowingly some love nodded, holding her sat up early a chubby arm to his shoulder, laughing "little brother, who are you? Is it our guest? "
Liang Juanbang looked back at her. Did she not recognize her home here? His mind was so confused that he didn’t know what to say or do. He pulled his hand early and went to the bathroom.
"Little brother, why are you ignoring me?" Jumped out of bed early and followed him into the bathroom.
"Brother, will you play with me? How long will you stay in my house … "
Liang Juanbang suddenly turned around and glared at her and growled, "This is not your home. See clearly that this is my home!"
I was so scared by his roar that I retreated early. When I looked around her, I felt that it was quite strange here. Now I heard Liang Juanbang say that and I was afraid of it and began to cry.
"Whoa whoa … what is this place? I want to go home! Whoa whoa … "
She cried so hard that she was in a hurry. If I had known, I shouldn’t have told her!
"Hey, don’t cry!"
But now Liang Juanbang said that there is no crying early. "Whoa, whoa … I want to go home, go home! I want mom and dad … "
Liang Juanbang scratched his head in a hurry to wipe his tears early. "I can’t take you home if you don’t cry …"
"Whoa, whoa …" Early on, when I heard crying, I kept repeating that sentence. "I want to go home, go home! I want mom and dad … whoa … "
"Oh dear!" Liang Juanbang frowned. What can I do? It’s really a headache for children to cry!
The door was slammed and someone came in. It was Liang Jia’s old housekeeper, Liang Juanbang, who was always a little afraid of his fierce face and unsmiling. Liang Juanbang was in charge of everything.
"don’t make any noise"
The old housekeeper came in and glanced at the expressions of two children in the bathroom.
Liang Juanbang immediately looked at him respectfully and looked straight, still crying early, and quickly raised his hand to cover his mouth early to prevent her from crying.
The old housekeeper took an early look and said coldly, "You don’t have breakfast today."
I obviously don’t understand what this means early. She has been held in the palm of her hand since she was a child. No one has ever spoken to her so harshly and said that she has no food! And little brother. What’s covering her mouth?
Liang Juanbang looked down and couldn’t help pleading with the housekeeper early. "Uncle Butler, she is still young. Don’t be angry. Don’t let her eat!"
"Huh?" Butler’s eyes drooped slightly and asked, "Master, do you want to accompany her to eat together? I can wake you up. You have a lot of things to do. You can’t stand it without breakfast. "
"I …" Liang Juanbang was speechless. He was a young master in this family, but in fact he had no position.
"Master, you still have ten minutes. After ten minutes, you must dress up and appear in the restaurant. You will be late for school." The housekeeper glanced at the two children coldly and turned out of the door.
As soon as he left, he enlarged his cry early. Now the little girl is afraid and doesn’t know where she fell. She doesn’t know anyone here and doesn’t treat her as respectfully as her family.
"Little brother!"
Hold Liang Juanbang’s face covered with tears early. Liang Juanbang shook his head at her. "I can’t help but listen to Uncle Butler’s words … Don’t pull me. If I don’t go to Uncle Butler on time, I will punish me."
Although Liang Juanbang could not bear it, he also pushed it early.
He washed and dressed up and saw that she had shrunk at the foot of the bed early. She didn’t cry like just now, but changed to a little girl with a low sob, which made people feel unbearable.
Liang Juanbang frowned and pulled the door upstairs.
Liang Juanbang tried to ask the housekeeper at breakfast.
"Uncle Butler, what should I do with that little girl in my room?"
The housekeeper paused and said indifferently, "Young Master, you shouldn’t take care of me and advise you not to take care of yourself."
It was like this. As a result, Liang Juanbang got up after breakfast and walked out. When he passed the stairs, he glanced at it inadvertently. He was not worried … The housekeeper said that she would not be given food. I don’t know how she should cry again.
Chapter 59 Our early imprisonment
Han Chengyi, the master bedroom in the long summer, handed the soup bowl to Le Xuewei. "Light snow, you have a sip. You didn’t eat or drink since yesterday …"