Associated with the abnormal performance of Han Xin ‘er’s previous column, even though Gu Xianer didn’t say that he had actually guessed it!

"Master! Is everything she said true? "
Before Liu Fei mouth Korea xin son arms xiaoxiao is suddenly opened his eyes and a face of complex to Korea xin son asked.
"I …"
Looking at Xiaoxiao’s complicated and expectant eyes, Han Xin ‘er was not silent for a long time before he sighed heavily "Alas …"
"Let it be! You have grown up, and it’s time to tell you your story … "
"That’s right! What your uncle said is true! Pure Yin is your biological father and I am your mother! "
Han Xin ‘er is full of sadness but full of limitations. "In those days …"
From Han Xin ‘er’s narration, Lu Fei finally knew the cause and effect of the incident …
In other words, Chun Yin was still a fledgling Taoist, and he just finished his training. Dan and Lu Fei were different, and Chun Yin received the orthodox Taoist education from childhood.
Therefore, just after a little success in practice, he decided to cut off all the monsters in the sky and correct the right path.
And Han Xin-er, like Xiao Xiao, had just transformed from a fox into a human form, so she secretly ran away from the mountain while her master was unprepared! I just bumped into the pure yin who is determined to cut the demon and get rid of the demon!
When they first met, they fought. Unfortunately, the pure yin was no match for Han Xin ‘er! After several rounds, Han Xin-er was badly beaten and dying!
Han Xin-er was young and kind-hearted. Instead of taking the opportunity to kill the little Taoist priest, she took him captive to a cave and cured his body injury.
Open maoshan taoist was beaten into such a miserable state by a small fox, which was different from a great shame for a fledgling pure yin at that time!
When he returns to Maoshan, he will make a determined effort, and he will go to the mountains to find Han Xin ‘er for a fight every now and then!
In the long run, the two became familiar with the pure yin cultivation day by day. Finally, one day after two months, he successfully defeated Han Xiner!
If put aside two months ago, Chun Yin was afraid that she would not hesitate to destroy Han Xin ‘er, a fox! But after all, people’s hearts are long, and where can they get their hands on pure yin at this time?
This time, he also released Han Xin-er and gave her the healing pills he carried with him …
Although he defeated Han Xin-er, it seems that it has become a part of his life that the tie will come to the front of the two of them.
The same is true for Han Xiner! Keep a fox fairy at home
Unconsciously, they fell in love …
It’s not a good time for the two of them. Finally, Master Chun Yin knows about it! Since ancient times, good and evil have been at odds with each other. How can he stand the combination of his lover and a little fox?
During a secret tryst between Chun Yin and Han Xin-er, his master followed him secretly. If Chun Yin hadn’t threatened Han Xin-er, he would have been killed by the head of Maoshan at that time!
Chunyin had already emerged at that time and had become the leader of the younger generation in Maoshan. She was forced by Nai Lao to finally let Han Xin-er go! But it forcibly erased all the memories of Pure Yin and Han Xin ‘er!
Of course, what Han Xin-er didn’t know was that this memory had been restored as early as when Pure Yin broke through Du Jie!
At that time, the real magic war was on the verge of pure yin, and it was urgent to improve your strength! So he naturally turned back and sealed that memory!
Of course, Chunyin didn’t know that Han Xin-er was pregnant when he and Han Xin-er split up!
[31] from
? "You … are you really my mother?"
After listening to Han Xin ‘er’s account of Xiaoxiao’s eyes flashing red, it seemed that he couldn’t believe it, so he couldn’t help but ask Han Xin ‘er again.
"child! I’m sorry you … "
Han Xin-er’s eyes are also red for decades, and she has been living with her daughter day and night but can’t recognize each other. What could be more cruel for a mother? Come and row while handsome.
Suddenly Xiaoxiaomeng hugged Han Xin ‘er and wept bitterly. "Blare … Xiaoxiao has a mother! Xiaoxiao didn’t jump out of a crack in the stone! "
"Ha ha …"
See mother and daughter Joseph Liu Fei corners of the mouth can’t help but with a knowing smile at the same time, the in the mind can’t help secretly muttered, "I didn’t know that the original master also had such an affair ….. I also he and other ox nose road …"
Thought of the master Liu Fei suddenly face a change, although very don’t have the heart to disturb just know Xiaoxiao and Han Xin son, but he still mouth "predecessors! Can you tell me something about the deity? What does he have with the magic statue? "
"This …"
Han Xin-er, a deity, couldn’t help but stare at Gu Xian-er once again. "You do a good job!"
"Hum! Elder martial sister, you can’t say that! "
Hear Han Xin son blame Gu Xianer but can’t help sneering and then don’t envy, "you are a family reunion now! What about me! "
"You can give everything to your lover, and so can I!"
The words sound just fell and Gu Xianer was already rushing straight towards the ruins of the Babel. The speed was simply surprising. Almost when Han Xin-er just wanted to stop it, a bright golden light broke out from the ruins!
A loud noise and nine different Yan Guangzhu have gone straight into the sky!
"Not good! It was Kyubi no Youko Tianyaohu who left the demon body in those days! "
"Protect Xiaoxiao!"
Han Xin-er’s face changed dramatically, and Xiao Xiao was quickly handed over to Liu Fei, who raised his hand and surged out of the demon force, and then suppressed it in the direction of the light beam!
"I depend! It turns out that there is really a golden body shell of the fox family! "
Liu Fei’s face changed as well, and without hesitation, he quickly retreated to the distance with Xiaoxiao and little darling, which made his eyes look at the battlefield!
Maybe it’s because Han Xin-er ate the three-turn elixir. At this time, her strength has even reached the realm of Du Jie, and she has the blood of Kyubi no Youko Fox. Once she moves, it’s really horrible!
A horrible tail is simply overwhelming. It just crushes the virtual by gently pumping it forward!
However, Gu Xianer is also not a vegetarian! Although it is a remnant soul, it seems to be extremely horrible during its lifetime. At this time, it has occupied a golden body shell of the fox family, which is even more fierce!
Although you can’t compare with the real golden master, you can’t fall in the wind when you attack Han Xin ‘er crazily!
Plus, the two of them are classmates and sisters. She also knows Han Xin ‘er’s methods very well! At that time, even Du Jie’s Han Xin ‘er couldn’t resist her!
"XianEr turn back! Don’t be stubborn again! "
Han Xin-er’s face was livid, and she wouldn’t do anything to her school sister if she didn’t have to! But if Gu Xianer makes a mistake again and again, then she can also put righteousness above family interests!
"Hum! Back to shore? Easy to say! Anyway, I’ve already died once, and even if I’m desperate, I want to see Botong come to the earth again! Ha ha … "
If Gu Xianer looks crazy and violent, there is a need to go straight to the sky, but it turns out to be instantaneous and swept away at the twelve lotus stands beside Xiaoxiao!
"Stop her!"
Han Xin ‘er was surprised and angry, so he yelled at Liu Fei.
"Don’t worry!"
Liu Fei hurriedly nodded his head. The words sound just fell and Shennongding instantly fell, and he suppressed the twelve lotus stands! At the same time, Wan Jian Guizong Large Array launched brazenly. Although the buried sword has been destroyed, this Wan Jian Guizong Large Array is still running.
In an instant, I counted the sword shadows again, and then I suppressed Gu Xianer by appearing fierce!