I don’t know how long I’ve been fighting, but I feel that fewer and fewer fairy bandits have escaped. At first, Chen Bing fled in droves. When they finished this batch, there was another batch that was quite overwhelmed. Slowly, fairy bandits became less and less, and it took a long time for a group of fugitives to rush out. In the future, there were not many people. Gu Sheng raised his hand. "Stop!" Someone sent a signal to ice cloud cannon. ice cloud cannon stopped bombarding after a while and waited for a while. No one rushed out of Beimangxing and waved his hand. "Go!" He took the lead in rushing to the hands of the North Mang Star, and the magic knife was black and shining. At the same time, he did not lead the army to rush two people from another direction to rush to the North Mang Star to sweep away the remaining fairy bandits.

Being able to attack the life-saving fairy bandits in this way is not underwhelming lot, so they are also very careful to keep a distance of ten feet between the 500 dark soldiers and the two men. Once they meet the new fairy bandits, they will all be killed, thus killing hundreds of fairy bandits. The number of fairy bandits in the North Mang star has been roughly calculated, and almost the page has been eliminated by the Ministry. However, Gu Sheng always has a heart disease and has not found the bandit. Geng Zhong Gusheng believes that such a habitual thief and bandit will never bombard Bei Mang in ice cloud like other fairy bandits. Rushing out of Beimang Star by hook or by crook, he is very cunning. He must have guessed that there would be an ambush outside. He would never be so reckless. Besides, it is not difficult for him to escape the dense bombardment of ice cloud artillery and get unscathed. So where is it hiding?
It is not suggested that "we transfer everyone to search Beimangxing carefully!" Gu Sheng Shen "Yin" waved his hand. "No, that’s exactly what he wants us to do. As soon as the outside blockade is lifted, his horse will take the opportunity to escape." No, he didn’t have any idea. "What shall we do?" Gu Sheng Shen "Yin"-"You order someone to search carefully first, and then think of a way if you still can’t find it." "Good" Gu Sheng orders a thousand dark soldiers to search around Beimang Star for three times, but there is still no sign of Geng Zhong, and even his four hands have not found it. "Are they hiding underground?" Gusheng smiled. "That’s very possible, but they can hide in the ground. We can’t drill into the ground to find them …" "What should we do?" The two were discussing that a secret soldier had come from outer space in a hurry. "What is it?" "I don’t know what I came for, but the army in the middle reaches of the position is rapidly" forcing "General Chen Bing to invite you to see it." Gu Sheng frowned. "Here we go again …" I didn’t say, "Do you think it might be them?" Gusheng nodded. "It seems that these people are haunting me. They want to fish in troubled waters." They didn’t nod. "It’s also possible that they want to win over Gengzhong-it’s a pity that they came late. Even if Gengzhong left, there’s nothing left." Gusheng nodded. "Let’s go." "What about these dark soldiers?" "It’s better to be careful to take many of them away." No one waved. "Retreat!"
Not long after Gusheng and Beimangxing left, the ground in a place slowly lit up with a light, and the light turned into an aperture. Five people emerged from the aperture. "Thanks to Brother’s careful study of soil evasion, otherwise we would really be dead this time!" These five people are Geng Zhong and his four closest friends. The man with purple robes and dark eyes is the "big brother" of the four people. Geng Zhong is spotless. Although he just emerged from the ground, he didn’t bring any Saturn. It can be seen that the soil evasion technique is very high, and it is by this trick that he has repeatedly escaped the pursuit of the official and the iron grating prison.
GengZhong looked at BeiMangXing a mess heartache unceasingly "more than 30 years of hard work destroyed! You are at odds with me! " The other four people also shouted together, "Brother, if you don’t take an oath, you won’t be alone!" "It’s not too late to avenge the eldest brother’s celestial world for a thousand years!" "Brother, let’s go while they deal with the enemy outside." Geng Zhong also nodded. "Okay, let’s go." "We can’t leave." A lazy stereo startled Geng Zhong. "Who is it!" The figure of Gu Sheng appeared in front of the five people. "I have been waiting for you here for a long time!" "Are you Gusheng?" Geng Zhong has never seen Gu Sheng Gu Sheng hum a "Hum how bold to call me by my name!" GengZhong surprised "is it really you! Aren’t you already gone? Is it true that there are enemies outside? " Gusheng shook his head. "It’s true-I didn’t expect anyone to save you, you villain! But it’s easy for someone to deal with the enemy outside. You should be lucky that I came to arrest you personally. "
"Hum!" Gengzhong sneer at a body with a jerk to a heavy try uncomfortable soil evasion, which failed. He is still on the ground. "Just soil evasion also wants to escape from the bottom of the town?" I can seal you to the ground forever with a soil sealing technique, but I want to catch you alive this time. "Geng Zhong and lost face shouted," You want to catch the five of us alone! " Gu Sheng disdains to say, "I’m too lazy to deal with you." "Ha ha ha ….." Geng Zhong burst into laughter. "Gu Sheng, don’t, I don’t know your details. It’s only been 40 years since you came to the celestial world that you achieved the position of the immortal emperor by relying on the PLO fairy Lord. Are you really your natural enemy of fairy work? Today, since God has given me this opportunity, the five of us will be the first in this celestial world to kidnap the immortal brothers for me! "
The fourth volume Fairy Mountain Chapter two hundred and thirty-four God chalcedony
? Section two hundred and ten God chalcedony
With a loud dragon "singing" golden light, a pupil roared out, and six African-American paws "shot" out to deal with five people, and an extra Geng Zhong and five people frightened their fairy wares in front of them. Seeing the golden color, African-American paws crossed those fairy wares, banging and ringing, and five people flew away, but they didn’t know how to fight hard. Although the joint strength of five people may not be really worse than that of seven dragons, they rushed over unceremoniously. That’s why they failed. How can a pupil roar repeatedly? The five heads stick out together and bite at five people, and five people are forced to retreat again. I didn’t expect that the pupil’s African claws were already waiting for them. Five people screamed and released their own life fairy wares in an attempt to stop the pupil from attacking "Ping Ping". Two of them were hit by a pupil’s huge African claws. Two people flew out in the chest like a broken kite. The ancient rose and shook hands and played jade chains. In the middle, the two immortals were separated.
The remaining three people, including Geng Zhong, all knew that they would never win again. They ran in different directions and quickly escaped from their protege Yi Long Xiao. Suddenly, they saw that the body became bigger than a huge cloud, and the whole day was shrouded in it. How could Geng Zhong run without the North Mang star ending up in its body? Just one claw left, and Gu Sheng had been waiting for a long time. A few five people were tied up one by one and could not move. The protege was very proud in the sky. Suddenly, the clouds rolled and the thunder roared and flashed. Kerala was drilling around in the clouds. Geng Zhong was tied up with fairy ropes, but he was not angry. "Gusheng, you dirty dog have nothing. Do you want to dominate the celestial world by a beast?" As soon as his protege heard that someone called him a "beast", he immediately became furious and split his mouth with a flash. In the "click" and "shoot", there was a loud bang on the ground around Gengzhong, which was even heavier. The flash shock flew more than ten feet away and left a big hole in the ground. Gu Sheng disdained, "You can’t even beat your protege. Why are you challenging me?"
GengZhong know protege buhaore dare not words provocation protege shouted at gusheng "don’t you worse than it? I don’t believe it. You went in and out of the celestial "milk" and you did it by flattery. The immortal emperor can be a former ancients and a latecomer. You have lost your face in the celestial world! " Gu Sheng smiled. "You don’t provoke me. Although I despise your means, I decided to give you another chance." Geng Zhong was overjoyed. "Really!" "Say a word!" "It’s hard to catch up!" As soon as Gusheng’s voice fell, the five people tied the fairy rope "sou" and shrank back. Gusheng waved to the five people "Come on!" Geng Zhongyi drank "!" He took the lead in leaping into the wind, and behind him, there was a gorgeous and colorful brilliance. In the brilliance, there was a faint flash of a sword. Gengzhong rushed to Gusheng’s side and drank a cold light behind him. It was a few tiny like flying knives, and one flying knife was like a wild goose feather. Gusheng smiled and the third layer of bones came out. No matter how dense Gengzhong’s attack was, he could not break through this layer of defense. Gengzhong’s trick was far more than that. He secretly released a red "color" in his hand. Very vicious hidden weapons is also notorious in the celestial world. The name "Broken Rhinoceros Pill" is very powerful. After the Big Bang, more than 30 kinds of poisonous needles can be ejected. Each kind of poisonous needle is specially refined, and even Immortal Yuan can’t stop Geng Zhong from seeing the ancient third layer of bones. Although the defense is strong, there is a big gap.
In order to attract Gu Sheng’s attention, Geng Zhongyi drank "Everybody together!" The other four people rushed together and put dozens of fairy devices with "color" light to boost the ancient pressure together to "ping ……" A series of dense rings rose in the pressure of all people but were not affected at all. On the contrary, the third layer of bones continued to expand outward and the scope was enlarged again. Those fairy device roots could not cause difficulties to his defense. The broken rhinoceros pill also exploded together in the ancient rise and a big drink! Lotus flower flashed and Geng Zhong laughed. "I don’t think you’ve finished this time …" Before he finished his words, he felt an evil wind coming over his body, and suddenly he felt numb and itchy, as if several ants had got in. The other four people were surprised. "What’s wrong with you, big brother? Are you okay?" Gusheng has blown over like a tornado, and there was a ghostly cry in the place where it passed. Four people were easily subdued. Gusheng clapped his hands and didn’t even have a fairy. He was cold and horizontal. "Why do you still want to challenge me?" The third layer of bones suddenly closed as if they had written a balloon "sou" and indented into the ancient body. Ancient body rose slowly with both hands and walked beside Gengzhong, laughing and saying "Yin" and "Yin". "What does Gengzhong taste like in hidden weapons? Did you plot against many people? Today, I can taste this taste myself, which is a retribution. "It turns out that Geng Zhong’s small movements have not escaped Gu Sheng’s eyes. He is now practicing five Hua Xian gods to cultivate one fairy god into five. Although it is just a little small, it is far from the real five Hua Xian gods. However, it has made him sharp in his knowledge. Everything in many battlefields can’t escape his eyes. When Geng Zhong raised his hand, he knew that Gu Sheng had already prepared a fairy wind to blow back those tiny poisonous needles when the broken rhinoceros pills exploded. It is also the broken rhinoceros pills that are vicious. Those poisonous needles are hard to distinguish. Even Geng Zhong himself didn’t see the evil wind.
Gu Sheng said, "Don’t worry, you still have me, and I won’t let you die so soon." He stretched out his hand and pointed out a fairy yuan "shooting" into Geng Zhong-ti to save his life. Gu Sheng emerged from the clouds with five flying students, yelling at Gu Sheng and taking credit for it. Gu Sheng smiled and waved at him. "Good pupil, come here." What kind of reward did Gu Sheng have? He was kind enough to let him pull a cart, but he quickly flew up, only to find that Gu Sheng grabbed its dragon horn and twisted his ass. Throw the five pieces of fertilizer in the back and yell at the keeper to show his dissatisfaction. Gu Sheng sat in it and said to himself, "No wonder those military commanders don’t want to take a bus and like to have a mount so imposing-good, good! Students drive! "
Pupils protested that they were not moving, but fell lower and lower, almost falling to the ground. Gu Shengyi angrily scolded, "Your skin itches, doesn’t it?" Without the protection of Dragon Fox and South Light Cloud, the poor protege can rise from ancient times to fish, and it flies with a moan and grievance. The dragon misses Dragon Fox and South Light Cloud very much, and earnestly hopes that they will come to the celestial world to save themselves from the hot water! Puppet camel ancient rose to fly to the star, a war is near the end.
Ice cloud cannon blue "color" light is still flashing, but the beautiful ice blue "color" meteor is a deadly weapon, and it blows the invading enemy camp in three or two directions, and the dark soldiers are not commanded to fight the enemy from all sides. Suddenly, the enemy is abandoned and defeated, and the desperate flight has not made the pursuit, because he has to block the North Mang star to prevent Geng Zhong and others from escaping. However, the ice cloud cannon "shot" far away, which still caused a lot of trouble to the fleeing enemy. When it came back, ice cloud cannon had already escaped.
"Wei" Gu Sheng said, "There is no need to chase the squad back to the DPRK!" This great victory was a great boost to morale. The dark soldiers happily returned to West Xiang Xing Road with Gu Sheng. Gu Sheng asked, "Are these people coming this time?" Didn’t nod "yes, judging from the style of armor and weapons, it should be them." Gusheng’s mouth "dew" gave a smile. "Well, I’ll give them to you." Did you give them to me? What should I do? " Gu Sheng said, "Do you think of some way to get rid of them?" He did not ask, "But I don’t even know who they are. How to get rid of them? Besides, it’s easy for them to escape in that way and want to completely destroy them! " Gu Sheng said, "It depends on your plan. You don’t need to know who they are. You just need to be able to find them and destroy them. And if they want to escape, then you should try to find out where they fled." Gusheng smiled and patted him on the shoulder. "You’re getting smarter and smarter. It’s not the misty rain peak …"
Gusheng returned to West Xiang Xing to wipe out the "chaos" bandits. Everything was handed over to someone from Yinghua Xingshui who sent a gift to thank Gusheng for eradicating the immortal world that had been endangering their business ethics. Except Gusheng, other places in the celestial world seemed to be very calm. At this time, there was an unexpected news that fried the pot and made Gusheng, who was plagued by the country, unable to help but get involved.
The news was first heard by Sable from Luan Jinfeng, and it soon spread throughout the original northern worship of the immortal emperor in West Xiang Xing. A chalcedony was recently discovered. This chalcedony is like a thousand-year-old ginseng and a thousand-year-old knotweed to the immortals, but it is the most important raw material for refining the extremely immortal elixir. Jin Xiu, the master of the first elixir in the celestial world, has spoken. Whoever sends this chalcedony to his "Huairentang" to help him refine a furnace of "wonderful marrow elixir" will put this furnace of Dan "medicine". Knowing that this wonderful marrow Dan can rise for 500 years is more powerful than luring all the immortals in the celestial world. It happened that the place where the chalcedony appeared is very dangerous. This star field is said to be a wild star field left over from the epoch of eternity. The original gods fought here, and everything is "chaotic". The immortals will never get involved easily, so if you want to find the chalcedony, you must weigh your own weight in advance.
However, there are still many people who are not afraid of death and have flocked to the wandering star domain. Although Gu Sheng has some enchantments, they can’t, but Dragon Fox and Zhu Zhao are coming soon. They just entered the celestial world, and their immortal skills are low. They can’t protect them all day long. This wonderful marrow has been multiplied for 500 years, and two pills are a thousand years’ skill. In the celestial world, it can be regarded as average strength. It seems that everyone needs six pills to increase their skill for 3,000 years.
Not all these things can be managed without worrying about themselves. It’s better to take a trip to the wandering star field during this period. Gusheng made up his mind and left West Xiang Xing without leaving a letter.
Gu Sheng disguised himself as a businessman. Hu "messed up" and stuffed some things in his ring to rush goods and went straight to the north to worship the immortal emperor’s territory. He knew that one immortal emperor had entered another immortal emperor’s territory without saying hello, which was "aggression". He didn’t want to make the immortal emperor misunderstand and feel troublesome, so it was better to remain anonymous. This time, the immortal emperor’s territory was very lively. Many immortals could be seen at the border, but apparently they all went to worship the chalcedony. Gu Sheng didn’t know what it was like. How dangerous it is to wander in the star field-people and money die, birds eat food and die in the celestial world. Immortality means that everything is full of moral cultivation. Immortality is average, even if the fairy Lord appreciates you in the celestial world, it is difficult to move.
Worship the saints and immortals, all the planets are jammed. Just after boarding a planet, they were stopped by the immortals. "What are you doing?" Gusheng "does small business" and "businessman?" Gusheng nodded and several immortals circled around him. "Do you know that the poll tax has gone up recently?" "How did it go up again?" Gusheng shook his head "I don’t know" and "a catty of jade crystal!" Ancient litres got a fright "what so much! I can’t earn so much on this trip … "This is not an ancient promotion, but it is really shocking. Generally, the poll tax and the star entry tax are only three kilograms. This jade crystal has grown dozens of times. A fairy official said," Forget it, I don’t think he is looking for chalcedony. Let’s accept it at the usual price. "The ancient promotion understands that the original worship of the holy fairy emperor can’t help but laugh in his heart. It’s a way to make money!
The fourth volume Fairy Mountain Chapter two hundred and thirty-five Xuansacred land
? Section two hundred and nineteen XuanShengJing
It is said that if you meet a fairy who collects poll tax again, you don’t have to pay the jade money. A quarrel in the street staggered by a "medicine" line attracted him to see a shadow flying out of the "medicine" line and thumping down to the ground. "Ouch …" The shadow turned out to be a little old man with half a foot. "Go!" The two men went back to do business after drinking and scolding for a while. The old man wobbled and shook his head. "What is stealing the old man for you? You don’t know the goods." Gu Sheng felt funny. The old man seemed to have been mixed up in the celestial world for a long time. Gu Sheng said that he was not very familiar with the celestial things alone. He didn’t even know what the chalcedony was like. It was better to pull him with the "old man". Gu Sheng saw the old man leaving and called an old man to turn around. "Well, is your name old man?" Gusheng saluted "exactly". The old man was a little happy to see his politeness. "Or do you know how to be polite until you respect the old and don’t look down on people like those guys?" Gusheng laughed. "The old man is a master and must care about these laity?" The old man nodded again and again. "That’s right. That’s right. It’s not their general knowledge." He looked at Gusheng. "Who are you looking for me?" Gu Sheng said, "I do small business, but I don’t like what they do. I wonder if the old man is familiar with everything here?" The old man said, "Look where you asked me. I am still familiar with the five immortals. I don’t often go to these places."
Gusheng andao seems to have found the right person himself. He smiled and said, "Why don’t we have a drink when the old man meets you?" When the old man’s eyes lit up, he did not refuse "easy to go!" The old man is really familiar with this place. He took the nearest road and went to the most expensive restaurant on the planet. A nine-story-corner high-rise building rises from the ground, and 972 eaves are hung with 19 squares of lanterns. I don’t know what magic tricks the lantern has made. The characters are lifelike like real people’s performances. At this time, the whole pavilion has just entered the night, and people are very busy. The old man said to Gu Sheng, "There is also a wine in this neighborhood that can still be imported. I’ll take you to taste it." Gu Sheng went in with him and had his own warm reception. He picked a table, ordered dining tables, pushed cups and set lights back and forth. The little old man has
It’s also a few cups of little old men who have made a general drunkard’s "Mao" disease and dragged Gu Sheng to be brothers. "Little brother, I don’t know your name yet?" Gu Sheng smiled modestly. "The younger generation’s surname is … Long Mingsheng." "Long Sheng’s younger brother, my father, my name is Daohao Yuxiu, and I’m a master of Dan Dao. If you need anything, I can refine it even if it’s a medicine that has grown for thousands of years!" Gu Sheng listened to the name, how so familiar it was when he said "Master Dandao". He just smiled and remembered it-Jin Xiu’s real master of Dandao, Huairentang, saw Gu Sheng laughing at Yu Xiu’s anger and said, "Why do you look down on me? Do not believe that I am a master of Dandao? " Gusheng quickly waved his hand and raised a glass of wine. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,no." He gulped into the jade repair and laughed, patting Gu Sheng’s back and saying, "Ok, ok! Now, like you, there are not many younger generations. Come and have a drink with you! " He also drank a glass of wine-Gu Sheng’s glass didn’t respond. Yu Xiu has reached the limit. This glass of wine has gone away, and his eyes are a little out of control. He just can’t decide where he wants to see. He said to Gu Sheng, "Little brother, don’t panic and shake my eyes." Gu Sheng smiled and asked for another glass of wine. "I propose a toast to you!" "good!" Jade repair is to the net, took the glass and tried it several times before touching it with Gusheng and sending it to the mouth to drink it off-then it was like Gusheng’s wish that he fell to the ground.
Gusheng smiled and shook his head, shouldered him, paid the bill, and went out to his heart and said, "You old man is also in a big fight. Do you know that an immortal emperor is carrying you behind his back? Gusheng wants to find an inn to settle the old man himself, but he has to rest. Unexpectedly, when the night wind blows halfway, the old man wakes up again and cries," Little brother! " Gusheng casually asked him, "What’s the matter?" "Do you-do you know that there is … chalcedony recently?" Gusheng heart move low said "the whole celestial who doesn’t know? Jin Xiu said that whoever sent the chalcedony to Huairentang to help him make a furnace of wonderful marrow pills will give him half of it! " "Bah!" The little old man suddenly spat out Gu Sheng’s eyebrows and frowned until he was drunk and didn’t care about him. I didn’t think that the old man would brag about it. "How could he be so brazen and ashamed of Dan Shi?" Since the chalcedony is an elixir refined by others, it is natural to return it to others. He not only withheld half of it himself, but also shamelessly said that he gave it to others-it is really cheeky to get home! " Gu Sheng said, "I think there are other precious" medicine "materials besides the chalcedony, which of course cannot be owned by the owner of the chalcedony." Jade Xiu snorted coldly. "What precious" medicine "materials? The main "medicine" material of Miaosui Dan is the sacred chalcedony, and the others are some official "medicines". It’s just to help any "medicine" shop to buy Jin Xiu to deceive the world and the people in the celestial world, but it’s a pity that there is still me! " He seems to be disgusted with that Jin Xiu, accusing Jin Xiu of wanting to devalue him.
Scholars despise each other. If this jade repair is also an alchemist, it is not difficult to understand that jade repair suddenly cried, "Don’t you believe it? Well, I’ll tell you that the raw materials of Miaosui Dan include water rhinoceros horn, Luo Lanshi, Jinshui and Hongshansha in addition to the sacred chalcedony-can you buy all the medicines? " I don’t know anything about these things. How do we know if what he said is true or not? How do precious formulas such as Miao Sui Dan leak? Gu Sheng decided that this jade repair was a drunken braggart, while perfunctory him, he found an inn to settle down the jade repair and asked for a room to sleep peacefully. Jade repair next door made a fuss all night and didn’t know what to say, but even the ancient "fan" paste with thunder in his ear could fall asleep.
The next morning, Gu Sheng got up refreshed and went out to find Yu Xiu. He wanted to ask him to go to the wandering star field together, but only to see the bed next door and attract the shopkeeper to inquire about it. He didn’t know that he left early in the morning and didn’t say where to leave the room. He had to pay for it. Gu Sheng’s "sex" didn’t care so much. Anyway, the money for a night’s room was only a few pounds of jade crystal. Gu Sheng walked out of the inn to prepare to leave this planet for wandering star field.
Wandering star field is in the northern territory of Xuansheng Xiandi. Besides the five immortals, there are also large expanses of stars in the northern celestial world. Generally, immortals don’t go there often. After all, it’s not easy to go back and forth because they can’t expose their immortal status. They can’t take a cloud car and fly hard for a few days. Why isn’t there any firm specializing in long-distance passenger transport? This is a business opportunity. For example, we can temporarily add a long-distance cloud car to the wandering star field now, just in Gusheng’s continuous thinking of "chaos". After more than a month, he finally came to Taixing, the main nebula of Xuansheng Xiandi. When he arrived here, it means that the long journey is over half, and he will be able to reach the wandering star in another month and a half. This time, Yuntai Star is particularly prosperous and goes to the wandering star to find the chalcedony fairy. Most people have to settle down again, except because it is a necessary place. I got the necessary supplies and news from here. I came back from the wandering star field. The news is here for the first time. I know that the ancient rise and fall fell on a street in Yuntai Star. I showed the jade money three times before I came to the end. It seems that this thing is really something. Fortunately, it was not thrown away at that time.
When I walked to the door of a shop, there was a fragrant smell coming from Gusheng. I looked up at Zuixianlou and thought that I hadn’t eaten for a long time. When I smelled the fragrance, I couldn’t help but move my index finger. He walked into the restaurant, which was full of excitement. Many diners were talking about it. It seems that this place is really a scattered place. He found a table and asked for a table of food by himself. Several tables next to him were solitary and there were groups of people whispering. Some people were noisy. Gusheng saw someone sweeping him from the corner of his eye, and he ignored so many others. People eat by themselves. There are two men and a woman sitting at the back table. One man looks at him from time to time and then says something to the other two. When Gusheng is full and ready to check out, the man who has been watching him at the back table comes over. "This brother is invited!" Gusheng looked at him. "Call me?" "Exactly." Gusheng deliberately played dumb. "What can I do for you?" The man was very friendly and smiled. "Brother, we are brother and sister. The three of us think that brother is a hero, so we want to make friends. I wonder if brother will be willing to come over and talk?" Looking back, Gu Sheng suddenly froze for a while. The man in the remaining two people in the table was only a deep sapphire "color" robe. He was handsome-but this and Gu Sheng didn’t attract Gu Sheng’s attention. One side was a woman and the other was masked with a fine gauze, but a pair of eyes were as touching as two bays of spring water. Although it was a glimpse, although the girl had no feelings in her eyes, Gu Sheng could still imagine that such a pair of moving eyes would be as touching as a new moon when she smiled.
Gusheng thought in his heart that Sable had enough headaches, but he didn’t want to have anything to do with other girls. Although he was not narcissistic, he wouldn’t recognize that all women couldn’t help themselves when they saw him. However, everything always happens in contact. If there is no contact, nothing will happen, so he decided to be careful. Gusheng smiled at Nahan and shook his head apologetically and said, "I’m really sorry that I can’t delay leaving now because there is something urgent!" He got up and was ready to go, but Han stopped him and looked around at the novel. "Brother is also a chalcedony, right?" Don’t you know that the wandering star field is more dangerous than many people have already died? If you want to enter the wandering star field safely, you must go hand in hand? " Gusheng looked at them again, and the three of them guessed that they might not be brothers and sisters, but they also walked together as chalcedony guests. But Gusheng shook his head, "I’m not interested in chalcedony." Of course, he was more interested in refining elixir with chalcedony than chalcedony.
The Han looked regretful and said, "If you change your mind and we live in Bei ‘an Inn, you can come to see us." Gusheng turned around and gave a hand. "Thank you!" He refused the good pleasure of others, and he felt a little sorry, but Dragon and Fox had better be conservative.
Out of the restaurant, Gu Sheng remembered that the Chinese wandering star field was very dangerous and he had to go hand in hand. Gu Sheng didn’t care what was dangerous or not. In his view, it was just because of his poor personal strength. He didn’t sleep for dozens of days. He was going to rest today and have a good rest in Yuntai Star. Since he was no longer in a hurry, he wandered around Yuntai Star only to meet those three people at noon! That Han and that man and a woman want to make full preparations before going to the wandering star field. They went to a fairy shop. They should have bought some fairy equipment. Gu Sheng just happened to see that Han rushed at him. Gu Sheng also smiled at Gu Sheng. Just when he turned around, he heard that it had become a shop and a noise. A voice shouted, "Let me go. Let me go. I’m not here to steal medicine …" Gu Sheng said that it wouldn’t be so clever. A black shadow flew out and heard an old man fall to the ground. Who else would it be if he didn’t claim to be the first Dandao master in the celestial world?
The fourth volume Fairy Mountain Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Please come again.
? Section two hundred and ninety Please come again.
Yu Xiu looked up and saw Gu Sheng suddenly seem to have grabbed a lifeline and tugged at him and said, "Do me a favor, Golden Cicada-I’ve been looking for it for a long time before I found it. Don’t let others buy the jade elixir. All I need is this auxiliary medicine!" Gusheng saw his one eye and didn’t move. Jade Xiu plopped down and knelt down for him. "Little brother, I beg you. My generation will have this chance to refine the jade elixir. Please help me!" Gusheng one leng didn’t expect him to be so disrespectful that he knelt down to repair jade in public and quickly said, "Little brother, I’ll explain something to you later, even if it’s my old man, please!" He was about to kowtow to Gu Sheng. Gu Sheng quickly stopped him. "Okay, okay, I promise you, you can go in with me to buy something." Yu Xiu was overjoyed and quickly got up and pulled him into the "medicine" line. As soon as he entered the store, the man suddenly blew his eyes. "You are always looking for a fight!" With that, he came up with his sleeves smoothed, and Gu Sheng reached out and stopped them. "I’ll pay for what he wants." "You?" Two people looked at an ancient rise. Now the ancient sage and immortal emperor is dressed as a peddler. What do you think? I don’t want to be a man who can take out hundreds of pounds of jade crystal. Some people said impatiently, "Do you know what this place is? We are the most expensive "medicine" shop in Yuntai Star, specializing in precious "medicine". Do you know that just "medicine" here costs hundreds of pounds of jade crystal-can you afford it if you pay for it? " Gu Sheng smiled. "Well, it should be affordable." The shop boy looked at him and didn’t believe it. This was a man coming from behind. He looked like a steward and said, "You are a guest when you come to the door. You two are not quick to treat others!"Two shopkeepers hurriedly agreed to a grumpily say to Gu Sheng, "Come with me if you want anything."
Yuxiu had already inquired about it, and he took the lead in coming to the front of a medicine box to drum up a look at these small medicine boxes. Jade Crystal has arranged a special array, which he has never touched before, presumably to guard against theft-it is no wonder that Yuxiu can’t steal "That’s it!" Yuxiu said that the shop assistant left a mouthful of "three thousand pounds of jade crystal" and the color of the ancient surface did not change. "Should we see the color of the goods?" The shop assistant hummed a little and muttered, "If you can afford it, it looks really …" His boss was reluctant to hit the "medicine" box and take out a semi-transparent jade box in which lay a golden "color" cicada that shone like Kim Joo-sung. Even in the jade box, it couldn’t stand its light! Jade repair exultation "is it, is it! Golden cicada slough from Linglong Star Domain is great, great … "He couldn’t help reaching for the clerk and jumping like he was stepped on his tail." Do you buy it or not? If I don’t buy it, I’ll put it back! " When he wakes up like this, Jade Repair is also an absolute certainty. The jade crystal is not a small number. Generally, wealthy businessmen may not be able to afford this price. Jade Repair doesn’t look like a person who can afford this price. He can’t help but feel disappointed that the golden cicada is getting farther and farther away from himself.
Gu Sheng asked him quietly, "Is this golden cicada really worth so much money?" Jade repair nodded. "Of course, this kind of" medicine "material is valuable-although their shop assistant is overbearing, the name of this" medicine "line is good, and the price is marked with a small number on the surface of the small" medicine ".This golden cicada slough surface is marked with two words. I looked at Jade Repair and nodded my head." Okay, I bought it. " You listen to me clearly, but it’s three thousand pounds and a jade crystal! " He specially emphasized the words "a god and a jade crystal" and Gu Sheng smiled faintly. "Don’t worry, I won’t listen to where the adult accounts are?" Seeing that he really wants to buy a jade repair, he was overjoyed and burst into laughter. It’s incredible to see that Gusheng’s big deal was somewhat puzzling. He took Gusheng to check out and never listened to it. Looking back, Gusheng always felt like a dream. It’s not every day that he didn’t touch a big deal of 3,000 kilograms of jade crystal. It was so inexplicable that he had been suspicious until Gusheng moved out of his own ring. But when Gusheng put 3,000 kilograms of jade crystal on the counter of the office, he still had some doubts quietly. "Of course it’s true. I’ve practiced my eyesight for hundreds of years!" The accountant gave him an unhappy stare.
When the shopkeeper came out of the cashier’s office, his attitude towards Gu Sheng was a 100-degree turn. When he went out, he lifted the curtain steps for Gu Sheng and woke up as if he had served his ancestors. He sent Gu Sheng to the "medicine" room, took out the golden cicada and said to Gu Sheng respectfully with his hands, "Master, you medicine!" Gusheng handed it to Yuxiu. "Come on, let’s go." Yuxiu ran out with his eyes shining with joy, and the shop gang sent Gusheng out to say goodbye. "Come again!" Gusheng eyebrows a wrinkly how so like YaoJie fujian?
This disgusting feeling made Gusheng feel uncomfortable, and he quickly shook his body and made up his mind that he would never come again. Yu Xiu ran quickly in front of him because of the happy transition, and he accidentally bumped into a person. He was happy and didn’t apologize, so he danced and continued to move forward. The person who was hit didn’t promise to reach out and grab Gusheng and get into trouble again! No way, he shook his head and walked away. Three people gathered around Jade to repair Jade until someone came to rob him of his golden cicada. He was holding his tongue and saying nothing. When he saw Gu Sheng, he pointed to him and said, "This is my nephew. What can I tell him?" As soon as those people turned around, both sides were stunned. One of the three people smiled and said, "What a coincidence to meet your brother again!" Gu Sheng is also one leng "What a coincidence …" It turned out that he met the two men and one woman in the Drunk Fairy Building and the young man frowned. "Your uncle ran faster without apologizing when he hit someone. If he didn’t know that he had stolen something from others, he ran away so fast when he was caught." Gu Sheng looked at him and said, "The things in his arms are precious, not that he stole something from others, but that he was afraid that others would steal something from him." That Han saw some of them. When it comes to drinking, Yu Xiu is the first to promise "good!" Gusheng smiled. "It’s time for me to make amends to you." The young man snorted. "Hum, that’s more like it!"Gu Sheng took a look at him. He didn’t like the young man staring at him mercilessly without weakness. Gu Sheng felt interesting in his heart. Look at him tightly beside the masked woman and you will know that he must care about this woman very much. No matter what they are, play a trick on him first. Then Gu Sheng smiled and said, "I heard that most veiled masked women are beautiful. Today, when I saw the girl’s eyes, I knew what I said was true!" Sure enough, the young man was furious. "How dare you flirt with Sister Frost!" He was about to pounce when he was angry, and Han quickly stopped him. "What did we say before your past came out, junior?" "Double sister?" The ancient litres of a word to listen to wrong couldn’t help but think of fu shuanghui a strange taste pan heart …
The woman seemed to be moved by Gu Sheng’s words for a long time before she simply said, "A glimpse of a leopard in a tube" and Gu Sheng Zheng "The girl’s words are very reasonable …" The woman said flatly, "If I let you see the appearance, I am afraid that you will not only be disappointed, but also hate me." Gu Sheng smiled, "How can …" His voice did not fall, but the veils on her face faded away-that veils were just a spell. Gu Sheng seems to have been hit hard in the chest with a heavy hammer, so she can’t help but take a step back. The veils of the female face have appeared again, blocking her ugly face like a salt-pressed mother. She has a pair of beautiful eyes, but now it’s just a taste to look at them again. Gu Sheng caresses her chest and laughs at herself. "Fortunately, she is not thinking about the girl, otherwise she will not be able to sleep all night!" The young man angrily pointed to Gu Sheng and said to Nahan, "Brother, did you see that he was flirting with Sister Frost just now? Now he has seen her true face, and he denied that he has no intention of Sister Frost-such a shameful person, you still want him to go to the wandering star field with us!"
The Han took a look at Gu Sheng and said, "I believe he is not such a person …" Gu Sheng said, "I don’t know what on earth are you going to wander the star field?" Han said, "Don’t you say that everyone is the chalcedony?" "So a few people want to improve their strength quickly?" Han shook his head. "It’s not that we want a marrow pill." "Want one?" Gu Sheng wondered, "How do you allocate one for the three of you?" The young man said grumpily, "Do you mean that the world is as selfish as you are? We want a magic marrow pill to get rid of the hag poison in Sister Shuang’s face! " Gu Sheng was stupefied. Unexpectedly, these people were so attached to each other. I couldn’t help feeling a little fond of them in my heart. The Han explained, "We also know that it is almost impossible to find the chalcedony with the strength of several of us. I want to form a team to find the chalcedony, and then send it to Huairentang to Mr. Jin Xiu to refine it. We promise to take one pill and never take more Christina Brothers to consider it in Haohao!" Young men are very dissatisfied with "brother!" "Listen to me!" Han is a little angry. That young man is not.
On hearing Jin Xiu’s name, Jade Xiu suddenly shouted, "God’s marrow Dan Gen is a deceptive thing, and the hag poison is not a big deal. If the three of you will recognize me as michel platini, I will poison his face!" The three men were so frightened that the old man blurted out wild words that they tried to solve the "medicine" all over again, but not "hag poison" as "nothing". They looked at Yu Xiu with a skeptical look and smiled "Why don’t you believe it?" That didn’t wait until my old man solved her face poison. It’s not too late for you to recognize me as michel platini. "The young man was the first to promise" Good! I promise you! " Yuxiu smiled. "My old man never saves people easily because the celestial world is full of ungrateful people who have saved them, but this time I want you to help me find the chalcedony, which is cheaper for you three."
Gu Sheng snorted, "You should detoxify first!" He was very dissatisfied with Yu Xiu’s leaving without saying goodbye, so his words were naturally not so polite. Yu Xiu seemed to have a fear or a sense of guilt for him, and he didn’t refute it. It was a quick laugh.
"You guys need this help if you want to detoxify." Yuxiu pointed to Gusheng. "What is this?" Jade Xiu said, "He is a rich man-this hag poison is not difficult to solve, but every medicine in the solution is expensive. My old man’s house is penniless and can rely on the rich man." The three men are somewhat difficult to break. "We have some savings. We just bought some fairy armor and spent it almost …" Gu Sheng looked at the young man deliberately playing tricks on him. "Money, this is no problem. I don’t know this." Gusheng sighed, although he played a trick on the young man, but in the eyes of the middleman, he already saw that he was completely nailed to the column of shame.
Gusheng Nai nodded. "Well, let’s buy medicine." Yuxiu walked back. Gusheng had a bad feeling. "Where to?" "That’s the medicine shop just now." "Where do you have to go?" "Didn’t I tell you that those" medicines "are precious? If they are the most precious, they will naturally go there." Gu Sheng just secretly vowed never to "come again" with a sad face, only to "come again" so soon!
The fourth volume Fairy Mountain Chapter two hundred and thirty-seven Incandescent wing skyfire
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"Ouch, there you go again!" Shopkeepers were greeted by Gu Sheng when he entered the door. Gu Sheng felt uncomfortable and pointed to Yu Xiu "to see what they wanted". Yu Xiu led the three men in. The road had already been introduced. The young man named Nan Yong was named Yuan Zun’s daughter, and Ling Yue’s frost. Yu Xiu read the 111 newspaper "Medicine" and the name "flying snake with silver horn and snake skin with seven inches". Two shopkeepers crawled and found him a special jade knife with silver horn and snake skin to cut a seven-inch long section. Flying snakes shed an inch, ten catties, seven inches, and seventy catties. "Jade repair gave a hand to Nan Yong and Yuan Zu at the back. With Gu Sheng’s letter, this time, the shop owner will no longer guard against jade repair like a thief. No matter what is ready, he will give it to him. He said again and again," Insert "the wing giant tiger tiger birthday San Qian." The shop owner quickly found out the jade knife, cut a small piece and put it in a small gold bar. "You can be full of pounds, but can I sue you?" The shop owner is now surprisingly good-tempered. "Your old man is absolutely relieved!" Mr. Accountant’s finger tap over there has been worked out. "San Qian’s birthday with giant wings is fifteen catties, and San Qian’s forty-five catties is one hundred and fifteen catties." Yu Xiu said, "It’s not over yet. What are you looking for?" Mr. Accountant went his own way. He was used to it. Nan Yong and Yuan Zu took the birthday with giant wings and pinched it in their hands and smelled a strange smell. "They quietly gathered around Yu Xiu." Jade gave him a white look. "It’s a tiger’s birthday, not a tiger’s courage!" "Tiger birthday? What is die hard? "Look at me, I’ll see if you’re not white or if Nan Yong is kind and doesn’t understand, so he quietly asked a shop owner, "What is this tiger birthday?" Shopkeepers freely said, "It’s tiger shit." Two people felt sick. Nan Yong specifically confessed, "This matter must not be known to Sister Frost …" Yuan Zu nodded.
"Green Verification Two Tablets" Two shopkeepers went to the medicine cabinet on the top floor to find a pack of green verification and took out two jade repairs. They didn’t trust themselves to carefully select two of the best ones. Two shopkeepers lost no time to kiss up. "It seems that you are always an expert. Most people know that green verification is green, but they don’t know that there is a little purple color in the real green, but they think it is a bad product!" Two people thumbs-up jade repair is very disdainful "of course …" Mr. Accountant’s running account over there also came out "Green check one grain of five hundred catties and two grains of one thousand catties! A total of 1,115 Jin in front! " Nan Yong said, "The doyen said that the" medicine "material here is very expensive, so it should be the fairy jade crystal to settle the account, right? More than a thousand Jin of fairy jade crystal is almost more than a hundred Jin of fairy jade crystal, which is really outrageous … "Sitting by the side, Mr. Accountant snorted" What fairy? All the’ medicine’ materials in our treasure house are settled by fairy jade crystal! " The two were shocked. "Shen Yujing!" Yuan Zu took out just wrapped green to verify the size of each soybean, but "such a small thing will cost five hundred pounds of jade crystal?" You might as well grab it! " Mr. Accountant snorted, "What do two yellow hairs know? This green verification is that you can’t take your life even if you give up sex! These "medicines" are hard to find. Just now, that gentleman bought a "medicine" blindly-3,000 kilograms of fairy jade "medicine" is precious because you understand it! "The two men were ridiculed for a long time and didn’t talk. It seems a little white to sit and drink tea. He didn’t choose "medicine" materials, but there were a group of shops around him to serve him like grandpa. They couldn’t help sighing in their hearts. Now, in the celestial world, this dragon victory is just a businessman with some money. No matter how immortal it is, it is even more respected than their painstaking practitioners!
Yuxiu has selected more than a dozen "medicine" materials, both cheap and expensive. Finally, he calculated the account, totaling 2,100 Jin of Shen Yujing. Mr. Accountant is frank to make his own decisions. "This gentleman has a total of 2,113 Jin of Shen Yujing’s regular customers, so is it fair to charge you 2,000 Jin of Shen Yujing?" Gu Sheng doesn’t mind nodding "OK". After paying the bill, the attitude of the three people towards him has changed significantly. Even Ling Yue Shuang feels embarrassed to take the initiative to thank him for spending so much money. "Thank you, Mr. Long, for your help. If Yue Shuang can restore Yan Da-en, it will be reported later!" Gu Sheng waved his hand and said, "Don’t mention it." No matter who it is, even if money is like dirt for no reason, you will still feel guilty in your heart. This is not secular, but it can better show a person’s kindness.